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The Invisibles is a drama from the BBC following the adventures of two retired crooks, returning to the UK after time spent abroad.

Series 1[edit]

Episode 1[edit]

[The two Invisibles, Maurice and Syd, are climbing over the fence into a large property. Maurice is giving Syd a boost.]
Maurice: Argh
Syd: What?
Maurice: I think you might've put a little weight on in the intervening years.
Syd: It's my shoes. They've got very heavy soles.

Syd: You never lose it.

[Syd and Maurice are sitting in front of a very complex looking alarm system.]
Syd: Don't worry, there isn't a car I can't drive, or an alarm I can't silence. It always comes down to two wires, without fail.
Maurice: But which two?
Syd: That's where all the years of experience come from Maurice.
Maurice: Well go on then, cut it!
Syd: All right! Eeney meeney miney...
Maurice: NO!
[The system cuts out; Syd cut the right wire]
Syd: I can do this with me eyes shut. See that's where you and me are different Maurice. You always expect the worst where...
Maurice:'re a pathalogical optimist.

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