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The Jackal is a 1997 action thriller film, loosely based on the 1973 film The Day of The Jackal. It was directed by Michael Caton-Jones, and stars Bruce Willis, Richard Gere, Sidney Poiter and Diane Venora.

Terek Murad[edit]

  • [after splitting an associate's head with an axe] I loved this man like a brother. He was a dear friend and partner to me... so I took no joy in that. But if I can do this to someone I love, imagine what I can do with someone I hate! So, the FBI declares war on us. Then WAR IT IS!


T. I. Witherspoon: Look, we know that certain gang elements in this prison want you dead.
Declan Mulqueen: An entire government wants me dead, mister... yet here I am.
T.I. Witherspoon: Alright, smartass, let's cut the bullshit. You cooperate, and we'll get you transferred to a minimum security facility. That's our deal, and it's your only chance to ever walk out of this goddamn place in one piece. That's a one-time over, now take it or leave it.
Declan Mulqueen: Stuff it, then. As many fuckin' times as you like. [to Koslova, cheerfully] Pardon the language. I've been in prison.

Declan Mulqueen: Ms. Koslova, is it?
Valentina Koslova: Mm-hmm.
Declan Mulqueen: And what would your first name be?
Valentina Koslova: Major. Major Koslova.

Declan Mulqueen: A man like this doesn't make mistakes.
Valentina Koslova: No? They always make one somewhere. Isn't that how you were caught?
Carter Preston: Ouch.

Carter Preston: Major Koslova ends the debate about women in combat as far as I'm concerned.
Declan Mulqueen: How's that?
Carter Preston: When she saved my life and took out Terek's brother, she did it knowing she'd be drawing a death sentence down on her neck. But when we offered to set her up some place else when this is over, you know what she said? "The good guys don't hide."
Declan Mulqueen: Fierce woman.
Carter Preston: In that country, under that system... staggering.

Valentina Koslova: [about Isabella Zancona] She's Basque, isn't she?
Declan Mulqueen: Aye.
Valentina Koslova: They say Basques live by the vendetta. If they hate someone it's to the death. It's the same when they love.

Director Donald Brown: We'll get this guy. We've got our best people on this, and they'll find him. [laughs] That's if he doesn't get his dick in a wringer like most of these clowns.
[Declan frowns and shakes his head]
Director Donald Brown: Is something the matter, Mr. Mulqueen?
Declan Mulqueen: Excuse me, sir. But this man is no clown. He knows all your moves, back to front. Right now, you've got a name; that's all you've got. So the Jackal's got a target: YOU. He's got a timetable. And as to making mistakes, he's spent twenty years in a trade that doesn't forgive error. And he's prevailed. You think he's the one who's up against it? [shakes his head] It's the other way around.

Declan Mulqueen: Preston, what about letting me have a gun?
Carter Preston: Are you kidding? If the right people knew I was letting you walk around without cuffs, I'd get forced retirement!

Ian Lamont: Motherfucking motherfucker... that motherfucker is state of the art! Dude, I knew it was going to be big. I didn't know it was going to be the fuckin' prototype cannon. It's a fuckin' motrol... Damn! Some hairy looking rounds.
The Jackal: Made from depleted uranium. Go through anything. Once they get inside they just spall.
Ian Lamont: Hell yeah. They spall, yeah. They get in there and they just... [imitates spalling noise] That rocks. Look at the friggin' lens on that thing...
The Jackal: Don't touch that.
Ian Lamont: It's got like a 2000 mile zoom lens. That thing is kick ass. Dude, is this thing a prototype, or what? I bet you it cost you a shitload. That rocks. Man, you rock. Do you know what I'm saying? Rock! Fuckin' thing kicks ass. Oh, yeah. Bring on the spall, baby. I can't wait to see the shit...
The Jackal: Lamont. Close your mouth.
[The Jackal test-fires the gun, it is slightly off]
Ian Lamont: Well... it took out the target.
The Jackal': No, it's at least three millimeters. Well, Lamont. I'm gonna have to speed-test it now.
Ian Lamont: Yes. Yes. Speed-test.
The Jackal: So... run.
Ian Lamont: [confused] What do you mean?
The Jackal: I mean run. [icily] Now!

[The Jackal has just mortally wounded Valentina]
The Jackal: [points to her wound] Press here. Hard.
[Valentina does so, and moans in pain]
The Jackal: Ah. See, that's bad. The blood's almost black. That means the bullet is in your liver. I'd say you've got about 20 minutes to live. If the pain gets to be too much, take your hand away, and you'll be dead in five minutes.
Valentina Koslova: [fiercely] When Declan kills you, you think of me, okay?
The Jackal: [smiles] Sure, I'll do that.
[He suddenly grabs her head and whispers cruelly in her ear]
The Jackal: If you see Declan before you die, tell him that he can't protect his women.

Carter Preston: I wonder if we'll ever know who the hell he really was.
Declan Mulqueen: We know all we need to. He was evil, he's dead, and he's gone. Nothing more matters.

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