The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour Specials

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The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and The Fairly OddParents crossover specials

Jimmy Timmy Power Hour[edit]

Timmy Turner: [using Jimmy's Hypno Beam] You think you're- Mighty Mom!
Judy Neutron: [under hypnosis] Quickly spinning around, Judy Neutron transforms herself into... MIGHTY MOM!!! Super powered hero of domestic order! My hyper domestic senses detect dirt, danger, and dirt! Vacuum cleaner powered flight: activate! Hoosh! [runs off, bumping into something and breaking it and she puffs up] I'll clean that up.

Jimmy Neutron: Nobody gives Jimmy Neutron an F!

[Timmy wishes for himself and Jimmy to go home; they meet up with each other and shake hands.]
Jimmy: Jimmy Neutron, boy genius.
Timmy: Timmy Turner, uh...boy!
Jimmy: Thanks for saving my dog.
Timmy: Thanks for saving my... uh...
Jimmy: Fairy programs?
[Both change back to their usual 2D/3D forms.]
Timmy: Sure, fairy programs. Sorry I was such a jerk.
Jimmy: No problem. We geniuses have to stick together.
Timmy: Uh, between you and me, I'm not really all that smart.
Jimmy: I know, I kind of figured that out when I saw all the F's.
Cindy: [Sticks her head out the Retroville portal and gasps] I'll never forget you, Timmy Turner! Never! Wait for me! WAIT FOR ME!!!
Jimmy: Cindy, I know you've been through a lot the past few hours, but, um... GET OUT OF MY LAB!!!

When Nerds Collide[edit]

Professor Calamitous: [combined with Jorgen, in Retroville] Oh joy! Having a magical collaberator has allowed my to accomplish every item on my new to-do list. I've terroized the inhabitants with prehistoric creatures, imprisoned Jimmy's loved ones in carbonite, and made this sandwich to nourish my strapping new body.
Jorgen: This sandwich is unacceptable! Sourdough is the lowest form of bread.
Professor Calamitous: [sternly] You'll eat it and you'll like it.
Jorgen: This- indignity- will be avenged! [eats sandwich] Mmm, spicy mustard.
Cindy: [thinking Jimmy and Timmy are dead] The two boys I love are gone, and now you'll probably do something to me!
Professor Calamitous: Ah, a gentleman would never harm a lady. Besides, I need you so you can witness this. [poofs up a giant bomb] I call it my Big Bang Bomb! It has an explosion so powerful, it will rip the very fabric of time! The Earth will revert to its original state, allowing me to remake it in my own glorious image. [laughs evilly]
Jorgen: You madman! [pause] Could you please pass the pickle relish?

[Chip Skylark's "My Shiny Teeth and Me" song plays in a multi-dimensinal Friday the 13th dance between Retroville and Dimmsdale]
Cindy: I'm having a great time, Neutron.
Jimmy: Me too, Cindy. I'm glad you could spend the dance time with me.
Timmy: Mind if I cut in?
[Timmy pulls Cindy into Dimsdale]
Jimmy: Hey! The upbeat groovy dances were mine!
Dimsdale Libby: I can't belive we're jamming at the first ever multi-dimensinal dance party!
Sheen: (Switches between Retroville and Dimsdale) Yeah, look! I'm flat! I'm bulgy! I'm flat! I'm bulgy!
[Carl whispers in Retroville Wanda's ear. Wanda, shakingly, transforms professor calamitous into Judy Neutron]
Carl: (suavely) Hi, Mrs. Neutron!
Retroville Cosmo: Whoo, yeah!

The Jerkinators![edit]

Shirley: [captures Jimmy] You think you're so special; well, what if I took away what makes you so special, like your genius?
Jimmy: And how do you propose to do that?! {drains Jimmy's brainpower away while gripping him with his tentacles}
Shirley: Einstein's Theory of Relativity describes that energy equals mass times times the square root of the speed of light. The p in 'pneumonia' is silent, and all-day soccer rounds last about 22.3 hours. I AM a genius! {hurls Jimmy away}
Jimmy: Well, now you're in for it. I have my tools right here, so I can build something to- {notices a monster trucks ad} Monster Truck Rally! Oh no! My brainpower is almost gone. But who cares? The big trucks is gonna eat the little trucks!

Cindy: [to Shirley] What are going to do with them?
Shirley: Giving them a front row seat to the destruction of both of their universes! [casually] You have two days to live; enjoy yourselves and have a blast! Oh, and here's a portal in case you want to save yourselves and come hang with me. [poofs up a portal to his dimension]
Wanda: Oh no! He's going to destroy everything.
Cosmo: I wanna go home!
A.J.: I want to go back to the 21st Century; where I'll still have 200 years to live.
Sheen: I want to see the monster trucks! The big trucks is gonna eat the little trucks!
Chester: Sorry, dude. That's three days from now. The universe will be gone by then. [Sheen cries out in agony]
Shirley: Oops, almost forgot! [poofs the sign for Dimmsdale into his dimension, and laughs menacingly]

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