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The Karnak Hates Everything Show,or "KHES", is a web/sprite comic produced by Karnak, who doubles as the comic's main character. The story, which happens between the comic's odd but copious fillers, chronicle the adventures of Karnak and his various cohorts.


  • Oh, butterpumpkins.
  • Hey, kids! Uncle Ohm says "Sin is in!"
  • Did somebody order a DEAD MANATEE!?
  • Oh hold on, I'm sorry. It's just I was up all night, murdering your wife.
  • Wheel doesn't grease itself.
  • You killed Captain Clown.... YOU KILLED CAPTAIN CLOWN!!
  • Souls of the damned! I realize you are all condemned to eternally experiencing the utmost levels of pain, but I have good news!... I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico!
  • Oh, never fucking mind. I'm gonna go poke Jack the Ripper with a pointy stick.
  • When Karnella's your ace in the hole, you're not just scraping the bottom of the barrel, you've thrown the barrel away.
  • Bring the whole family to meet our mascot, Rapist the Clown!

Karnak's comments[edit]

  • I'd like to watch a zebra walk by a white picket fence at night. That'd be nuts.
  • Being a vampire would suck.
  • Ha ha! Res!
  • I babyproofed my house recently. Now there's no way in hell a baby's getting in here.
  • Someone needs to just tell John Goodman, "Mr.Goodman, please. It's a menu. Not a to-do list."
  • If someone answered my phone call with "Where you at?" I'd have to ask them "Where you at?" So I could hunt them down, and kill them.
  • "Do you like to work with your hands?" As if I have a choice.
  • The fire department could increase their numbers by about 2 million per year if they recruited directly from elementary school.

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