The Killer Inside Me (2010 film)

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The Killer Inside Me is a 2010 film about a West Texas deputy sheriff who is slowly unmasked as a psychotic killer.

Directed by Michael Winterbottom. Written by John Curran, based on The Killer Inside Me by Jim Thompson.

Lou Ford

  • [voiceover] Out here you say yes ma'am an no ma'am to anything with a skirt on. Out here if you catch a man with his pants down you apologize, even if you have to arrest him afterwards. Out here you're a man and a gentleman or you aren't anything at all. And god help you if you're not.
  • I got a foot on both sides of the fence. They were put there early, and they stayed put. I can't move. I can't jump. All I can do is wait until I split, right down the middle.
  • Nothing relieves tension like a good spanking!
  • Striking at people that way is almost as good as the other, the real way. The way I'd fought to forget—and had almost forgot—until I met her.

Sheriff Bob Maples

  • It's always lightest just before the dark.

Billy Boy Walker

  • A weed is a plant out of place. I find a hollyhock in my cornfield, and it's a weed. I find it in my yard, and it's a flower. You're in my yard.


Sheriff Bob Maples: Name of Joyce Lakeland. Lives about four or five miles out on Derrick Road past the old Branch place.
Lou Ford: Oh, I know the old Branch place. She a hustling lady, Bob?
Sheriff Bob Maples: Well, I guess so, but she's - she's been pretty decent about it.

Billy Boy Walker: You said you didn't want anyone else to get hurt. You meant it?
Lou Ford: I meant it. Can't hurt somebody who's already dead.