The King and the Mockingbird

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The King and the Mockingbird (French: Le Roi et l'Oiseau, literally The King and the Bird) is a 1980 traditionally-animated film. It won the Prix Louis Delluc award in 1979, and is today regarded as a masterpiece of French animation.

Directed by Paul Grimault. Screenplay by Jacques Prévert and Paul Grimault. Based on "The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep" by Hans Christian Andersen. (English translation by E. Hakki.)

The Shepherdess[edit]

  • Ah! Never would I have believed that the sky could be so beautiful.


The Shepherdess: Who do you like?
The Chimney Sweep: Me? I love only you. And you?
The Shepherdess: Me too, I love only you! You are the nicest chimney sweeper I ever knew.
The Chimney Sweep: And you are the prettiest shepherdess I ever saw.
The Shepherdess: Have you seen many others?
The Chimney Sweep: No, nor have I ever dreamed of another.
The Statue: Believe in my long experience: I already said it to you both a hundred times, you are not made for one another. For starters you do not have the same colour. A shepherdess... and a chimney sweeper! It is out of the question! Out of the question!

The Shepherdess: The Earth is a nice place.
The Bird: That it is.

The Bird: Be careful children. Many will be after you. Do not panic! If things become complicated, call me. I'll come and help you!
The Shepherdess: But how will we call you?
The Bird: Just shout 'Bird'! And the bird will come!

The Blind: Hello, children. Who are you? Where are you from? Do you bring news? Does this world truly exist? Is it true that the Sun is shining?
The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep: [in unison] Yes, it is true. We can see it.
The Blind: How is it?
The Chimney Sweep: It shines. It is very yellow!
The Shepherdess: It is golden when it rises and any red when it sets.
The Chimney Sweep: We saw the Moon too. We can tell you what it's like!
The Shepherdess: The Bird explained it to us!
The Blind: 'The Bird'? They also saw a bird! I told you friends! We are saved! The world exists! The Sun is shining! And there are birds! Ah life is beautiful! We will all see that one day!

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