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The Land Before Time is an American animated television series, based on The Land Before Time film series created by Judy Freudberg and Tony Geiss. It was developed for television by Ford Riley for Cartoon Network and was produced by Universal Animation Studios and Amblin Television (Amblin Entertainment produced the first film), and premiered on YTV in Canada for a test on January 5, 2007 and premiered on Cartoon Network in the United States on March 5, 2007.


The Cave of Many Voices [1.1][edit]

Ducky: [imitating Ruby] Hello my friends, my friends hello!

Ruby: Well, at least the Secret Caverns keep us safe from Red Claw. Which is good since I told your parents I'd keep us safe from Red Claw.

Ducky: Ruby, when you talked big everyone listened. If I could talk big everyone would listen to me too that would be good.

Ruby: Well, at least the Secret Caverns keep us safe from Red Claw. Which is good since I told your parents I'd keep us safe from Red Claw.

The Mysterious Tooth Crisis [1.2][edit]

Ducky: Ruby! We have been looking for you, yep yep, yep.
Ruby: I'm right here. Of course, I'm always here, since here is always where I am.

Littlefoot: [about Chomper's tooth] Does it hurt?
Chomper: No. DO YOU THINK IT WILL??!!

The Star Day Celebration [1.3][edit]

Ruby: I may not be with my family, but I sure do feel at home!

The Canyon of Shiny Stones [1.4][edit]

Ducky: Just cause the smokey mountains shakes like Cera, doesn't mean that it's scary like Cera. [Cera looks at her coldly] You know what I mean.

Ruby: Wow, the smokey mountain is really smokey!
Ducky: I have heard that it is also called the booming mountain.
Petrie: It... booms?!

The Great Log-Running Game [1.5][edit]

Tria: Remember Topsy, you used to be young once, too.
Topsy: I was? Huh.

Chomper: This game is fun, especially since I'm going to win!
Ruby: Don't count your hatchlings before they hatch, Chomper!

The Brave Longneck Scheme [1.6][edit]

Cera: [after everyone ran around laughing] Guys, you are supposed to be scared. And Chomper, you are supposed to be scary.

Littlefoot: ♪ Well, it's not fair! ♪
♪ He can't be her best friend. ♪
Cera: ♪ I don't care! ♪
♪ The stories he's telling are phony. ♪
♪ Rhett is telling her lies. ♪
Littlefoot: ♪ Rhett says he's brave. ♪
♪ The scarer of Sharpteeth. ♪
Cera: ♪ There's no way, ♪
♪ That he'd ever dare to get near one. ♪
Littlefoot: ♪ That he'd grab his mighty tail.. and run! ♪
Cera: ♪ But even if his stories all are lies, ♪
♪ How do we try to convince ♪
♪ Ali otherwise. ♪
Littlefoot: ♪ He'll still deceive. ♪
Cera: ♪ She'll believe ♪
Littlefoot and Cera: ♪ We need a plan. ♪

Petrie: [about Chomper] He hungry! Me scared!
Ducky: I am even more scarededed!

The Meadow of Jumping Waters [1.7][edit]

Chomper: What's that smell?
Ruby: I can't smell anything. But your smeller does smell more smells then mine.

Cera: Any scaredy-eggs can go back home.
Petrie: Me go!

( Little Foot Cera ducky Petrie and Chomper are trying to escape a rock avalanche)

Little Foot: everyone watch out!

The Days of Rising Waters [1.8][edit]

Petrie: Skywater, skywater, skywater! When it stopped?
Mama Flyer: Oh, not for a while, Petrie. The days of rising waters have just started.
Petrie: Me... Me... Me snuggling stick.
Mama Flyer: Now, now... Don't worry, kids. We'll be safe here in our nest.
[A thunder cause a fire on a tree right on top of the rock where Petrie's family lives]
Mama Flyer: KIDS! FLY! NOW!
Petrie: Our home!! No!!

Peachtree: Sky water, Sky water, skywater! When it stops? Petrie's mother: it'll stop after the rain settles after all, the sky water comes down once an hour! (The siblings shiver from the wind) Mama, mama! Cold cold! (Petrie is cold too) hmmmmm..... me want sticky stick. (Petrie grabs a stick to keep warm the siblings join in Petrie) Thank you for letting us j-j-j-j-join Petrie. brrrrrrr............... Oh now now dears we will be safe here inside our nest. (Suddenly the mudslide is so slick that it starts coming down a rocky ledge!) It's coming for us! Kids! fly! now! Wait for me! (Coughing) Quick over here! Peachtree!!!! Help Mama! (Petrie's mother is so worried about her Son that she cannot bear this anymore as Petrie goes over the mudslide, Petrie's mother comes to the rescue she catches Peachtree and Carries him to safety) Are you all right baby? (Coughing) I am just a little muddy. Our home!! Me save it! No Peachtree it's too dangerous. (The mudslide crashes over the nest the mudslide goes down down down with the nest and the nest is gone) nooo! Quick babies we need to find some shelter before this gets even worse. But, Mama, our home! Forget about it go down here! (Petrie's family's Swoop down to a place in the distance which is not muddy) We made it just in time Mama. (But Petrie is still sad) We lost our home. There there Petrie it's not your fault that you were left behind. Yep you got us your mama and our leftover sticky sticks! Wait how did those get here? Me want to know. They are part of our nest. When the mudslide came, I grabbed those sticks so that they will not be washed away. How about we build a fort so that we could not be cold? Me like that! (Then Littlefoot Ruby and Chomper come) Wow! Look at the tan mudslide! It smells. P-U! It stinks just like red claw. Hey look there's Petrie and his family! Hi Petrie. Hi guys. eeek! Mama, sharptooth scary! I'm not scary I'm friendly. Oh look at his skin! He can be our friend. Peachtree you do not look so happy. We moved into a shelter and me try to keep up but me was covered in mud but mama saved me and then home was destroyed. Too bad. How about you come and move with us? My home is the warmer and far from the mudslide. Gee thanks! Okay now let's start packing up our sticks and bring our food. There is soft beds nice foods and berries for you to munch on! Thank you little foot thank you Ruby thank you Chomper! Now let's start walking!

Escape from the Mysterious Beyond [1.9][edit]

Ducky: [to Thud] I'm sorry; you are in pain. [Thud snaps at her] But I am not sorry you can't get to me and eat me, no, no, no.

Thud: Why would anyone save a little biter like you?
Chomper: For the last time... I'm not LITTLE!

The Hidden Canyon [1.10][edit]

Ruby: Chomper wait! How am I supposed to watch you if I can't see you!?

The Legend of the Story Speaker [1.11][edit]

littlefoot: so Grandpa what happened after the T-Rex stampede?
Grandpa Longneck: why I jumped out of it of course.
Chomper: and what did you do next?
Grandpa Longneck: well with the help from my grandson, I was able to defeat the T-Rexes for good.
Archie: I did not Dad!

The Bright Circle Celebration [1.12][edit]

The Lonely Journey [1.13][edit]

Mama Iguanodon: Come along children, It's not safe to play with sharp teeth.

The Missing Fast-Water Adventure [1.14][edit]

The Spooky Nighttime Adventure [1.15][edit]

Petrie: [panicked] GAAAAH!! "Ask parents?!" What if parents say "yes?"

Mr. Thicknose: Seeing Hidden Runner is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!
Petrie: But what if he eat us?
Mr. Thicknose: Then it really will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Mr. Thicknose: Hidden Runner has been around for generations. Even since I was a hatchling!
Chomper: You were a hatchling?

Peachtree: (mumbling) oh no dinosaur.... I'm not afraid of a dinosaur... Please be brave Peachtree you can do this you can... (The screen Cuts in a dream with Petri flying around in this dream, he hears a dinosaur sleeping) Okay Peachtree be brave wings is your best friend every time you do this, you can go pass that dinosaur come on Peachtree you can do this! (But all that yelling make the dinosaur wake up) ROOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! HELLLLLLPPPPP! I don't want to be eaten by a big scary sharptooth! (The dinosaur SWATS Petrie's hiding Rock Place) I'm never going to be a rude and scary sharptooth! (Petrie flies away again but this time his wing had gotten sore peach tree falls into the dusty ground very weak but fine) But I'm never going to be a scary dinosaur! I'm good this time! pleaseeeeeee!! (But the dinosaur opens his big mouth to eat Peachtree) oh....NOOOO!!NO!NO!NO!NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! (This causes Peachtree to wake up from his nightmare screaming in Fright) (But he calms down gets up and runs to a sleeping Little Foot) Little foot Little Foot! I had a bad dream! I had a bad dream! What is the bad dream Petrie? I dreamed that I was flying and being chased by a big Sharp tooth and then he was going to eat me with his very big mouth! Now Petri don't talk about scary bad dreams it was all just a dream just go back to sleep. (Peachtree walks over to his mother's Nest so that he could fall asleep better his mother nuzzles Petri before he closes his eyes)

The Lone Dinosaur Returns [1.16][edit]

Cera: Everyone stay quiet. Chomper's life depends on it.
Chomper: IT IS?!!
Cera: Yes! [in a please-be-quiet sort of expression]

Petrie: We up so high. Doc not find us here.
Doc: Not find who where?
[Doc appears behind them]
Chomper: [gulps] You... found... me.

Stranger from the Mysterious Above [1.17][edit]

The Forbidden Friendship [1.18][edit]

Mr. Threehorn: Share our food? Are you crazy? There's not enough to go around as it is.
Spiketail Leader: Of course there is. You're just being selfish!
[Mr. Threehorn gasps at what the Spiketail Leader said. The adult dinosaurs chatter in agreement]
Spiketail Leader: [getting in Mr. Threehorn's face] I don't like your attitude.
Mr. Threehorn: Nobody asked you to like it.
Grandpa Longneck: [attempting to stop the Spiketail Leader and Mr. Threehorn's argument] Please, there's plenty of food, plenty for everyone.
Mr Threehorn: No, there's not and even if there were, I wouldn't want to share with this pack of... INTERLOPERS! [thuds the Spiketail Leader]
Spiketail Leader: [talking to Mr. Threehorn] Did you push me, huh, you trying to push me?
Mr. Threehorn: Oh, when I push you, you'll know it.
[Mr. Threehorn and the Spiketail Leader growl more until they both started fighting]
Tippy's Mother: Oh my.
Grandpa Longneck: Now, now. Break it up please, break it up.
Mr. Threehorn: Oh, okay.
Spiketail Leader:[strains and grunts while trying to get free] We're stuck.

The Amazing Threehorn Girl [1.19][edit]

Littlefoot: Seems like everywhere we go, more and more people want to hear about the amazing threehorn girl.
Ruby: I don't think she minds. After all, talking about Cera is one of Cera's favourite things to talk about!

The Big Longneck Test [1.20][edit]

Cera: How could Shorty have passed the leadership test?
Petrie: Maybe it test for bad leaders.

Chomper: Mmm, yellow buzzers! [eats the bees]
Shorty: That's disgusting!
Cera: You get used to it.

The Hermit of Black Rock [1.21][edit]

Guido: I'm afraid of caves, and I'm afraid of the dark. But most of all, I'm afraid... of being afraid!

Swooper: If wish I fit it. I'm in knows he'd what they used to be. I don't get many visitors round here. The name is Swooper. Now, I've lived here for a long, long time, but I'm eating so bad, you see. I'm not alone. This here is Cliff, and the tall one over on that goes by slip, and then the good look in the corner while that's Abby.
Guido: He has been here a long time.
[Swooper Laughs]
Petrie: Why you stay so long?
Swooper: Why? It... Because I'm blind.

Return to Hanging Rock [1.22][edit]

Ducky angrily:NOPE!NOPE!NOOOOOOOPPPPPPEEEEE!! Dinosaur chicken noodles? Tar pit sinking sand? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! That's not it! It's dinosaur Rumpelstiltskin So it's not Cinder Rumpelstiltskin? But it's part of the Hanging Rock map. Okay enough is enough. If you say it's a map, then we can give the cherry blossoms to my father before his wound gets too far. No Cinder Rumpelstiltskin is the story of a young girl who isn't supposed to speak to strangers...... Nothing about that Cinderella Rumpelstiltskin is the Federalist place we ever had! (Argument song beginning) Stupid dinosaur I hate being your friend, More than you say cherry blossoms, Then the more you have in your butt, The stupidest thing we have anything but friendssssssss! Peachtree: Petrie don't like that! This is boring, You're pouring More than you have, So leave me alone! Why don't you go someplace else?! Then I don't like Cinder Rumpelstiltskin More than you have a thorn in your freaking butt So leave me alone you big lug! More than you happy for a Prague! So the things that go this wayyyyyyyyyyy! Hey! Stop that! you are the stupidest thing I ever seen Leave me alone Ciara! Why don't you go someplace else?! Why are you sitting on me? ow! That's what you get for being a Prague! Leave me alone before I lose my temper! Pick that! no! you take that! you're responsible for this Cruise! my daddy want the cherry blossoms!! why the dingles of you being rude to me! okay take that! no! you take it back! hey! ouch! ow! OWWWWWWWWWWW!!! BE QUIET!!!! (Huffing and puffing) Okay what you say is true Little Foot what you say is true Sarah. So how do we get to Hanging Rock? We need to look out for a tar pit. And never to cross the very green and sticky sinking sand. Be careful of the swimming shark tooth. And remember never to fall off the cliff.

March of the Sand Creepers [1.23][edit]

Cera: He did that on purpose.
Scuttle: That I did.

Ducky: Maybe they are just looking for a safe way to live the Great Valley has always welcomed strangers. It would not be right to chase them away. No, no, no.
Grandpa Longneck: Well said, Ducky.
Topsy: Well, I will give them a few days but if things don't get better soon out they go.

Littlefoot: Let's get going.
Scuttle: Slow down. I need to make one small favor.
[Littlefoot looks irritated]
Scuttle: I want you to build me a nest, see.
Cera: [wide-eyed, angrily] WHAT?!
Scuttle: But not just any old nest...
Cera: [furious] That DOES IT! Of all the mean and nasty low-down creepy-crawlers!
Scuttle: [angrily] And you, lassie! You got a tongue as sharp as your horn and your heart twice as hard!
Cera: Sneaky!
Scuttle: Stubborn!
Cera: Liar!
Scuttle: Loudmouth!
Cera: You have to go to the Great Valley!
Scuttle: Why should I?
Cera': Because without the other Sand Creepers, WHO'S GONNA LISTEN TO YOUR DUMB STORIES?!
Scuttle: [taken back] Well, you've got me!

Search for the Sky Color Stones [1.24][edit]

Through the Eyes of a Spiketail [1.25][edit]

Spike: [in his mind] Sometimes I think Mr. Threehorn enjoys arguing.

The Great Egg Adventure [1.26][edit]

[last lines of the series]
Littlefoot: Thanks for your help, guys!
Nod: [laughs] Of course!
Mutt: Yeah, [laughs] sure!
Hyp: And to think... you guys wanted to just get rid of them.
[The Prehistoric Pals begin to laugh]
Littlefoot: [last line of the series] There you go! [laughs]
[The final episode ends with the Prehistoric Pals walk through the rocky plains as the camera zooms away from them. Then the scene fades to black as the series ends itself]

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