The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island

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The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island is a 1997 animated film directed by Roy Allen Smith.


  • When the bright circle rose today, the Great Valley was a paradise. And now, the great night circle looks down on a wasteland.


Ducky: I do not like swarming leaf gobblers. Oh, no, no, no.

Cera's Father: As much as I don't like to agree with the long neck, I'm afraid he's right.

Cera: I don't want to live with a bunch of three-horns. They're too bossy.

Petrie: Okay, Petrie go...
[he's grasped onto a tree so hard his claws are embedded in the trunk]
Petrie: ...but first, Petrie need help!

Cera: I don't see...aaaaaaaaaaah!
Littlefoot: Cera!
Cera: [looks like to the Shark calls, "Swimming Sharptooth" in the name] Swimming Sharptooth! Aaaaaaaaah!

Petrie: Friends no fight. Petrie not like!

Ducky: I will miss Cera, Littlefoot and Petrie.
Petrie: Me no miss Ducky. Me no miss Spike neither.
Ducky: Maybe I will not miss you either! Hmph!
Petrie: Shh! Nobody have to miss nobody. Littlefoot has a plan! Come on!

Petrie: Me hope they find us before something else does.
Ducky: Something else? Like what?
[they fall into a giant footprint]
Petrie: Like whatever made this!

Ducky: Spike, pay attention. You're supposed to be sad like the rest of us!

Cera: This is like waiting for your hatch day. It never seems to get any closer.

Ducky: I do not mind finding food. I do not want to be food.

Ducky: I am so hungry, my tummy is rumbling.
Petrie: Me hear it.
Ducky: That is not my tummy. That is an...Earthshake!

Littlefoot: [as everyone's hiding under a rock from the sharp tooth] I don't think he can reach us.
Ducky: [the sharp tooth lifts the rock] I do not agree.

Cera's Father: This is all your fault, long-neck! My daughter is gone, and I blame that boy of yours!
Grandpa: Littlefoot? Why?
Cera's Father: Because... well, I have to blame somebody, don't I?

Littlefoot: [as Petrie is covering his eyes, perched on a branch] Petrie, what are you doing up there?
Petrie: Me try to stay as far away from big water as me can.

Littlefoot: At least we're safe from the swimming sharp tooth.
Cera: [Distant roar of a sharptooth on the island] Yeah, I'd much rather be eaten by the one that walks.

Littlefoot: So, you like it here?
Chomper: It's okay. There's not much food.
Cera: Till now!

Chomper: [about his parents] I'm sure they'll like you.
Cera: How? Rare, medium, or well done?

Cera: He's a sharp tooth! We're not his family! We're his diet!

Littlefoot: Chomper?
Chomper: Yup. It's me!
All: [Everyone glad] Chomper!

Chomper: And now I'm all grown up!

Chomper: I don't think it's safe for you guys to be here. My dad can smell you.
Petrie: Us smell bad?
Chomper: No, uh... He thinks you smell good.
Petrie: That's even worser!

Littlefoot: What did she tell you?
Chomper: She told me not to play with my food.

Littlefoot: Ducky? Where'd she go?
Cera: [to Chomper] You didn't have a mid-morning snack when we weren't watching, did you?

Elsie: If you're going to be seasick, please let Aunt Elsie know so she could duck?

Elsie: So I was swimming along minding my own business when I saw this very distinguished old long neck on the beach.
Littlefoot: That's my grandpa.
Elsie: Is he now? So that's where you get your good looks!

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