The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock

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The Land Before Time 6: The Secret of Saurus Rock is a 1998 film and the sixth film in the series of animated films called The Land Before Time about five dinosaurs who live in the Great Valley.


Cera: And I can still remember the day when Dinah said her first words... or was it Dana? "Shiny peepeye no-no". Whatever that means.
Ducky: It is simple. That means "the bright circle is shining in my eyes and it hurts".
Cera: Huh? How do you know that?
Ducky: I am also a twin. Thirteen of us hatched at the same time.
Cera: Really? Well... what does "no-no Grampy three-dee grr" mean?
Ducky: That means "Do not make Grandpa Three-Horn mad".
Cera: Are you sure about that one?
Ducky: No, but it is good advice just the same.

Littlefoot: I think I know who Doc is!
Cera: What's to know? He's a squinty-eyed old Longneck with no friends.
Petrie: Me could have tell you that!
Littlefoot: No. He's the Lone Dinosaur!
Ducky: That is what Cera said; he is a lone dinosaur.
Littlefoot: Not a Lone Dinosaur! The Lone Dinosaur!

Cera: I'm also the one who is not going to save you the next time if you run away again! GOT IT!?
Dinah & Dana: Uh-huh. Yeah.
Cera: And not a word about our misadventure to Grandpa Threehorn!
Dinah & Dana: Uh-uh. No.
Cera: Because you don't want to see Grandpa Threehorn when he's mad! (Sharptooth appears from behind her and walks closer) When Grandpa Threehorn gets mad, he's even scarier than… than…!
Littlefoot: A Sharptooth!!!
Cera: Grandpa Threehorn can be scarier than a Sharptooth sometimes. Maybe.
Ducky: No, Cera! (she points to the sharptooth behind Cera) He's really, really behind you!
Cera: (scoffs) Don't you put that old gag on me!
Petrie: (shudders)
Sharptooth: (roars)
(everyone else backs away)
Cera: Aw come on, Ducky. Nice try. You almost sound like a Sharptooth. {Sharptooth stops and his drool falls on Cera's head} Hey, is it starting to rain? (looks up and sees Sharptooth, then screams) SHARPTOOTH DROOLED!
Everyone: (screams as they run)
(As Cera is running.)
Cera: YUCK! He just spit on me!
Petrie: He is going to pick his teeth with you if you don't hurry!

Lambeosaurus: I agree with Threehorn here. Life is good on this valley just FINE. And then HE shows up and everything falls apart.
Mrs. Maia: That's right.
Adult #1: Our luck has turned!
Adult #2: It's the stranger's fault!
Adult #3: He's bad luck!

Littlefoot: Who needs them anyway? I'm a lone dinosaur! I don't need anyone! Gee, I wonder if all the OTHER lone dinosaurs talked out loud to themselves like this? (Thinks over it for a second) They must! I-it would be too quiet otherwise.

Littlefoot: Guys! You came for me!
Cera: Don't we always?

Cera: Well, I've saved you lots of times. Does that make me the lone three-horn?
(everyone bursts out laughter)


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