The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock

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The Land Before Time 6: The Secret of Saurus Rock is a 1998 film and the sixth film in the series of animated films called The Land Before Time about five dinosaurs who live in the Great Valley.

Grandpa Longneck[edit]

  • [opening narration] Since the very beginning of our world, there have been wonderful stories about how life began. There are tales of how the Bright Circle gave birth to the lesser lights of the dark time, which watch over us as we sleep. And many ways of explaining how our world itself was formed. And how the first strange, incredible creatures came to walk upon the land.
  • [closing narration] And so another myth was born. It would change with each retelling. [chuckles] And even now, who knows where this one will end?


  • Who needs them anyway? I'm a lone dinosaur! I don't need anyone! Gee, I wonder if all the other lone dinosaurs talked out loud to themselves like this? (thinks over it for a second) They must! I-it would be too quiet otherwise.
  • [in the sharptooth's mouth, trying to knock out a tooth] Good thing there's a breeze in here... Wait a second. I'm inside a dead sharptooth. Why would there be a breeze? [terrified] Unless it's... breathing. But if it's breathing, that means... IT'S ALIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!


Littlefoot: I just figured out who Doc is!
Cera: What's the big mystery? He's a squinty-eyed old longneck with no friends.
Petrie: Me could have tell you that.
Littlefoot: No, he's the Lone Dinosaur!
Ducky: That is what Cera said. He is a lone dinosaur.
Littlefoot: Not a lone dinosaur - the Lone Dinosaur!
Cera: Are you crazy?
Littlefoot: You should talk to him! He's been to the Great Valley before, he's got this mysterious scar, he can do fancy tricks with his tail - and we know he's a hero, 'cause he saved me!
Cera: Well, I've saved you lots of times. Does that make me the Lone Threehorn?
(Everyone bursts out laughing)

Cera: I can still remember the day when Dinah said her first words... or was it Dana? "Shiny peepeye no-no". Whatever that means.
Ducky: It is simple. That means "the Bright Circle is shining in my eyes and it hurts".
Cera: Huh? How do you know that?
Ducky: I am also a twin. 13 of us hatched at the same time.
Cera: Really? Well... what does "No-no Grampy three-dee grr" mean?
Ducky: That means "Don't make Grandpa Three-Horn mad".
Cera: Are you sure about that one?
Ducky: No, but it is good advice just the same.

Cera: I'm also the one who is not going to save you the next time if you run away again! Got it?!
Dinah & Dana: Uh-huh. Yeah.
Cera: And not a word about our misadventure to Grandpa Threehorn!
Dinah & Dana: Uh-uh. No.
Cera: Because you don't want to see Grandpa Threehorn when he's mad! (Sharptooth appears from behind her and walks closer) When Grandpa Threehorn gets mad, he's even scarier than… than…!
Littlefoot: A SHARPTOOTH!
Cera: Grandpa Threehorn can be scarier than a Sharptooth sometimes. Maybe.
Ducky: No, Cera! (she points to the sharptooth behind Cera) He's really, really behind you!
Cera: (scoffs) Don't you put that old gag on me!
Petrie: (shudders)
Sharptooth: (roars)
(everyone else backs away)
Cera: Aw, come on, Ducky. Nice try. You almost sound like a Sharptooth. (Sharptooth stops and his drool falls on Cera's head) Hey, is it starting to rain? (looks up and sees Sharptooth, then screams) AAAH! SHARPTOOTH DROOLED!
Everyone: (screams as they run)
(As Cera is running.)
Cera: YUCK! It spat on me!
Petrie: It pick its teeth with you if you no hurry!

Littlefoot: Hey, Doc, you believe in bad luck?
Doc: Seen too much of it not to.
Littlefoot: Say you're having a lot of bad luck - what can you do about it?
Doc: Change what you can, accept what you can't.
Littlefoot: You can change luck? Really? How?
Doc: Well, if there's a problem, try to fix it. If you can't, sometimes you just have to move on.
Littlefoot: Oh... What if- What if you don't want to move on?
Doc: Then you're asking the wrong longneck, kid. I'm a loner. That's the way I've always lived. This Valley's nice, but there are others just as nice out there somewhere. I've always done it my way. Moving on, looking for someplace a little better.
Littlefoot: Don't you ever get... lonesome?
Doc: Sometimes. Sometimes I feel a bit crowded, too. My footsteps were planted on the wandering trail long ago. I'm too old to change now.
[Grandpa Longneck watches them talking, and sighs sadly]

Lambeosaurus: I agree with Threehorn here. Life was good on this valley, just fine! And then HE shows up and everything falls apart.
Mrs. Maia: That's right!
Adult #1: Our luck has turned!
Adult #2: It's the stranger's fault!
Adult #3: He's bad luck!
Grandpa Longneck: Please, everyone - you're being unfair!
Mr. 3-horn: Understand me, Longneck. Personally, I don't have anything against the fellow. He may be quite fine. Apparently he saved your boy, and--
Littlefoot: [angrily] That's right! He did!
Grandpa Longneck: Littlefoot?
Littlefoot: Doc did save my life! He's a real life hero - the only one I've ever met!
Mr. 3-horn: Calm down, son, I only meant that--
Littlefoot: Doc is the bravest and the... the best longneck there ever was!
[Littlefoot's grandparents look at each other awkwardly]
Mr. 3-horn: I never said he wasn't, Littlefoot. All I'm saying is, he brought bad luck to the Valley.
Littlefoot: [tearing up] He didn't! He didn't!
Grandma Longneck: [calmy, comforting Littlefoot] Alright, Littlefoot. Alright. Shh. [Littlefoot walk back to his Grandma, and he cries]

Grandpa Longneck: [panting] Now which way?
Cera: You mean you don't know the way to Saurus Rock?!
Grandpa Longneck: To tell you the truth, I've never been there.
Cera: But you knew so much about it! What it looks like, and how it got there, and everything!
Ducky: You did, you did! Yep, yep, yep.
Grandpa Longneck: Well... those were only stories my grandpa told me when I was a youngster. And right now, I wish I'd never told them to you kids.

Littlefoot: Guys! You came for me!
Cera: Don't we always?

Littlefoot: Doc! Don't go too far! You never know when we might need... a hero!
Doc: [looking at Grandpa Longneck] You already got a hero, kid.

Littlefoot: How's that look, Grandpa?
Grandpa Longneck: Ha, ha. It looks wonderful, Littlefoot.
Littlefoot: Now maybe the time of bad luck will finally be over.
Grandpa Longneck: Oh, Littlefoot. I told you, that was all just a bedtime story. There's no--
Littlefoot: I know, I know, there's no such thing as bad luck. But there's no harm in making sure.
Grandpa Longneck: I suppose not. Let's go home.
Littlefoot: [as they leave] Grandpa?
Grandpa Longneck: Yes, Littlefoot?
Littlefoot: Thanks for being my hero.
[Littlefoot's Grandpa smiles and rears his head down to nuzzle Littlefoot]


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