The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire

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The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire is a 2000 film and the seventh film in The Land Before Time series.


[shows planets in space and Petrie starts to narrate]

Petrie: Long, long time ago, when little blinky lights in big darkness even more shiny, when great night circle real smooth - not pockety like now. When whole world very different. Back then, there no 3-horn, no longneck - not even sharp-tooth! No, only 1 type animal, which fill sky with mighty screech and big flappy sound. This most smart, most brave and handsome creature to ever rule world. The fliers!
Cera: What?! Hold it right there! That's not even CLOSE to the way it happens.

[Littlefoot tells about the bright light he saw last night]

Littlefoot: It - it flew real low and it shined like the bright circle - only blue and it made a crackling sound, like, like fire in the trees.
Brown spiketail: Look here, nobody else saw this thing, how do you explain that?
Littlefoot: I - I don't know. I guess, everybody else was asleep. You believe me, don't you, grandpa?
Littlefoot's Grandpa: Of course I believe in you, Littlefoot - but er, erm...
Littlefoot: But what?
Littlefoot's Grandpa: Perhaps, you saw a flying rock that only seemed different. Perhaps, you were still a little sleepy. Or maybe it was something you saw in a dream - isn't that also possible?
Littlefoot: I - I guess so, only...
Rainbow Face #1: It's always like this, isn't it?
Rainbow Face #2: Yes, if they don't see it with their own eyes, it doesn't exist... What limited thinking.

Cera's Dad: Quiet!!! You're not from around here, are you?
Rainbow Face #2: You might say that.
Cera's Dad: Then let me tell you, how things work in these parts.
Rainbow Face #1: Oh, please do.
Rainbow Face #2: This should be *fasinating*.
Cera's Dad: 1st: a flying rock is a flying rock. 2nd: fire can't be cold. And 3rd: there is nothing beyond the mysterious beyond!
Rainbow Face #1: You sure?
Cera's Dad: Yes, and I'm sure I don't want any ratty rainbow faces, filling our young ones' heads with rubbish!

Sarah and the twins run away from Little Foot hahaha! Do you see how big and good I am? all of a sudden she stopped at a edge of a cliff oh no run! However she slips.aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh no Sarah and the twins are in trouble! Petrie fly high maybe you could see them don't worry Petrie find them! He flies around then discovers Sarah and the twins don't worry we'll rescue you! Scrambling for a hold help us help us!! The twins slip from Sarah's tail!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Gotcha! Littlefoot to the rescue what about Sarah? Sarah Falls then grabs onto a branch then she feels a crack! the branch is starting to break! Remember, Sarah Don't Look Down! what?! She looks down at the bottom, is a river. I told her never to look down! Sarah cannot hold the branch any longer slowly, she slips! No!!!! But at that moment, two dinosaur feet hold her it is Sarah's father! All the dinosaurs give a sigh of relief. Thank you Daddy you're welcome you shouldn't have never have gotten killed! Sorry Daddy that's okay Sarah next time, be careful all right little foot sees a shooting Rock with fire its the stone of cold fire! we must follow it!

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