The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire

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The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire is a 2000 film and the seventh film in The Land Before Time series.


[shows planets in space and Petrie starts to narrate]

Petrie: Long, long time ago, when little blinky lights in big darkness even more shiny, when great night circle real smooth - not pockety like now. When whole world very different. Back then, there no 3-horn, no longneck - not even sharp-tooth! No, only 1 type animal, which fill sky with mighty screech and big flappy sound. This most smart, most brave and handsome creature to ever rule world. The fliers!
Cera: What?! Hold it right there! That's not even CLOSE to the way it happens.

[Littlefoot tells about the bright light he saw last night]

Littlefoot: It - it flew real low and it shined like the bright circle - only blue and it made a crackling sound, like, like fire in the trees.
Brown spiketail: Look here, nobody else saw this thing, how do you explain that?
Littlefoot: I - I don't know. I guess, everybody else was asleep. You believe me, don't you, grandpa?
Littlefoot's Grandpa: Of course I believe in you, Littlefoot - but er, erm...
Littlefoot: But what?
Littlefoot's Grandpa: Perhaps, you saw a flying rock that only seemed different. Perhaps, you were still a little sleepy. Or maybe it was something you saw in a dream - isn't that also possible?
Littlefoot: I - I guess so, only...
Rainbow Face #1: It's always like this, isn't it?
Rainbow Face #2: Yes, if they don't see it with their own eyes, it doesn't exist... What limited thinking.

Cera's Dad: Quiet!!! You're not from around here, are you?
Rainbow Face #2: You might say that.
Cera's Dad: Then let me tell you, how things work in these parts.
Rainbow Face #1: Oh, please do.
Rainbow Face #2: This should be *fasinating*.
Cera's Dad: 1st: a flying rock is a flying rock. 2nd: fire can't be cold. And 3rd: there is nothing beyond the mysterious beyond!
Rainbow Face #1: You sure?
Cera's Dad: Yes, and I'm sure I don't want any ratty rainbow faces, filling our young ones' heads with rubbish!

[Pterano, Sierra and Rinkus hold Ducky hostage on a cliff]
Ducky: You are not very good at landing, are you?
Sierra: Pipe down or I'll--
Pterano: Sierra! Show a little self-control, will you!
Sierra: Self-control, my tailbone! I've been puttin' up with that whiny little voice since we took off! [imitates Ducky] "No, no, no!" "Yep, yep, yep!" [normal voice] It's drivin' me NUTS, NUTS, NUTS!!!
Rinkus: Look, no one is coming after us. Maybe we could leave our guest here and be on our way, yes?
Ducky: Oh, I would not do that if I were you. No, no, no.
Rinkus: Leave you behind?
Ducky: No, stand on that edge. [the edge where Rinkus stands on gives way and he falls down] Told him.

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