The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire

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The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire (in 77 minutes release in April 1, 2003.) is a 2000 film and the seventh film in The Land Before Time series. It is paired with The Road to El Dorado.


[first lines, as he shows planets in space and Petrie starts to narrate]
Petrie: Long, long time ago, when little blinky lights in big darkness even more shiny, when great night circle real smooth - not pockety like now. When whole world very different. Back then, there no threehorn, no longneck - not even sharptooth! No, only one type animal, which fill sky with mighty screech and big flappy sound. This most smart, most brave and handsome creature to ever rule world. The fliers!
Cera: *What?!* Hold it right there! That's not even *close* to the way it happens.

[Littlefoot tells about the bright light he saw last night]
Littlefoot: It - it flew real low and it shined like the bright circle - only blue and it made a crackling sound, like, like fire in the trees.
Brown spiketail: Look here, nobody else saw this thing, how do you explain that?
Littlefoot: I - I don't know. I guess, everybody was asleep. You believe me, don't you grandpa?
Grandpa: Of course I believe in you, Littlefoot - but er, erm...
Littlefoot: But what?
Grandpa: Perhaps the flying rock you was only seemed different. Perhaps you were still a little sleepy. Or maybe it was something you saw in a dream - isn't that also possible?
Littlefoot: I - I guess so, only...
Rainbow Face #1: It's always like this, isn't it?
Rainbow Face #2: Yes, if they don't see it with their own eyes, it doesn't exist... What limited thinking.

Cera's Dad: QUIET!!! [walks over to the Rainbow Faces before they can take any more steps] You're not from around here, are you?!
Rainbow Face #2: You might say that.
Cera's Dad: Then let me tell you how things work with these parts!
Rainbow Face #1: Oh, please do.
Rainbow Face #2: This should be *fasinating*.
Cera's Dad: First, a flying rock is a flying rock! Second, fire can't be cold! And third, there is nothing beyond the mysterious beyond!
Rainbow Face #1: You sure?
Cera's Dad: Yes! And I'm also sure I don't want any ranting rainbow faces, filling our young ones' heads with rubbish!
Littlefoot: Please? I know where it fell. We could go find it. And...!
Cera's Dad: No! The smoking mountains, they are far off in the Mysterious Island! It's totally off limits! There are sharpteeth and lava pits! And that's that! No.
Littlefoot: But...!
Grandpa: I'm sorry Littlefoot. But until the farwalkers leave the Great Valley, it might be better if we didn't make any more fuss about the Flying Rock. All right?
Littefoot: Yes, Grandpa.
Grandpa: Of course, you can always talk to me about it. I am curious about such things you know.

Cera: No, he's not okay. Because it's NOT okay in tellin' lie!
Cera: I think Pterano is trouble, someone those flyers they use with!
Cera: Ah, who cares, maybe is just go off rest of stupid old flyers!

Ducky's Mom: Look, those Flyers have taken my daughter, and I want her back before-- before-- [covers her eyes with her hands]
Petrie's Mom: Don't worry. My brother may be many bad things, but he would never let those others harm her.
Cera's Dad: Bah! We couldn't trust him before, and we can't trust him now! And why didn't somebody tell me Pterano was talking to the young ones?! [to Cera about what happened after no one told him that Pterano was talking to the children] Cera...?!
Cera: [to Cera's Dad] I thought you would be angry.
Cera's Dad: Angry? Angry? Oh, I'm not angry. I'm FURIOUS!!!
[they all run away]
Grandpa: You cannot blame the children, Mr. Threehorn. They didn't know Pterano was so dangerous. They weren't even with us when it all happened.

Cera's Dad: You're Pterano is guilty of wastin' flyers!
Petire: What happened, Pterano?
Pterano: That was influence.
Cera's Dad: My Petrie would never crying! You're Pterano is bad influence!
Cera: No, you've don't! Just don't want to Pterano is trouble with PETRIE!!
Cera's Dad: Cera, that's enough!
Littlefoot: Both for you, relax!

Littlefoot: If we found that Stone of Cold Fire, everyone could see it for themselves.

Cera: Where are we?
Littlefoot: I'm not sure, but I think we're in the base of Threehorn Peak.

Grandpa: [after the grown-ups have a meeting in the Great Valley and decide about Pterano's fate] Quite frankly, Pterano, your behavior is inexcusable! But in the light of the fact that you helped save the children, your punishment will be reduced.
Pterano: It will?
Grandpa: Yes. We have decided that you should be banished to the Mysterious Beyond until five of the cold times have passed.
Petrie: Five cold times?!! That is SO long!
Cera's Dad: Yes! And some of us think it must be a lot longer!
Pterano: Oh now, please? None of the far-walkers want anything to do with me? I'll be alone and defenseless in the Mysterious Beyond. Is that really fair?
All other grown-ups: YES!
Petrie: [to the other grown ups; trying to defend his uncle by pleading against the punishment] Oh, let him stay. He very sorry.
Petrie's Mom: [to Petrie] That may be, but it does not change what he did, and he must be responsible for that!
Petrie: But--
Pterano: Petrie, she is right. We must all be accountable for our actions. I'll be fine.
Petrie: [crying] I will miss you, uncle.
Pterano: Perhaps someday I shall return to the herd and prove I can be trustworthy. I know there's such I can tribute if given the chance. [they both hug each other] I should miss you too Petrie.
Cera's Dad: [begs Pterano to move on] NOW MOVE ON! YOU SCOOT! MOVE ON! SCOOT! [roaring]
Pterano: Then again... [flies away] ...there are others that I shan't miss at all.

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