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The Land Unknown is a 1957 film about three men and a woman who crash-land in a deep crater in Antarctica, where they find a prehistoric world.

Directed by Virgil W. Vogel. Written by László Görög.
Behind a barrier of antarctic ice... a paradise of hidden terrors!  (taglines)

Cmdr. Harold Roberts[edit]

  • It is true that you can't live among beasts without becoming one. It is just as true that you can't live among human beings without becoming affected by their humanity.
  • We're not going to dig our way out of here through human flesh. Not Maggie's, Hunter's, not even yours.


Capt. Burnham: Of course, you're aware of the dangers of this trip?
Margaret 'Maggie' Hathaway: I am. I've read a great deal about Antarctica.
Capt. Burnham: I wasn't thinking of Antarctica, exactly. I was thinking more of your being alone with 800 men.
Margaret 'Maggie' Hathaway: I've read a great deal about men too. Don't forget, once I was alone with half a million of them for three months in Korea.
Capt. Burnham: In that case, Ms. Hathaway, I think you've had excellent basic training.

Cmdr. Harold Roberts: We'll find the wreck without your help.
Dr. Carl Hunter: Maybe you will if you aren't trampled to death first or eaten alive or die of starvation. Wait till the Antarctic night comes and for nine months the black air hangs round you like a rotten rag and your eyes are blinded from the dark and from your own sweat, and you lose each other - and you're alone - alone. Do you hear me? ...Always alone!

Margaret 'Maggie' Hathaway: Well, who'd stay home with the baby?
Cmdr. Harold Roberts: Sure, who'd stay... What baby?
Margaret 'Maggie' Hathaway: Ours, silly. Why by this time next year...


  • Behind a barrier of antarctic ice... a paradise of hidden terrors!
  • Lost and Terrorized in Prehistoric Time.


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