The Last Bounty Hunter

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The Last Bounty Hunter is a live-action laserdisc video game released by American Laser Games in 1994.

Saloon Girl[edit]

  • Say aren't you that famous bounty hunter the whole towns a buzzin' about? So you're gonna take on those 4 vicious outlaws? Well ya got guts!
  • (after you send a guy through a table) Ah, We were going to re-model anyway!

Gen. Clinton Briggs[edit]

  • You're the new bounty hunter right? Well come on, use that gun!
  • You crazy enough to take on El Loco? Here. Take this! [after the player defeats El Loco]
  • You bagged Handsome Harry. Here's a bag of cash!
  • Looks like you was nastier than Nasty Dan! Here you go!
  • You caught the Kid! Here's your allowance!

Handsome Harry[edit]

  • I gave up being a lawyer and became a killer. Figured I'd get into a more respectable line of work. I'm Handsome Harry.
  • I'm way too good looking for Jail!
  • You don't want me! I'm unarmed!

Nasty Dan[edit]

  • Like robbin' and killin' was something to be ashamed of!
  • You know i've killed over 50 bounty hunters Just like you! Before I even knew it was aginst the Law
  • You're closer... (puts a cigar in his mouth) But no cigar!
  • :[After being captured] Ooooh I may be captured, but I can still be VERY nasty!

El Loco[edit]

  • In this cantina the tequila always comes with a little drop.... ME!
  • You want tequila? El Loco will be happy to KILL YA!

The Cactus Kid[edit]

  • Bounty Hunter, I got an awesome bullet right here, with your name on it! How do you spell... Stupid?
  • You're getting closer, Bounty Hunter. What d'ya got, a deathwish?
  • I'm The Kid and these are my toys (pulls his guns) Let's play!
Cactus Kid: You ain't seen the last of The Kid!
Arresting officer: Oh grow up!

The Doctor[edit]

  • I've got to practice? YOU need to!
  • (in the arcade version when you're out of lives) I can't do nothing for ya, unless you're willing to pay!
  • Hey, Poor Bronkoust has just busted everyone out of Jail!

The Undertaker[edit]

  • Have you considered our layaway plan?
  • Good thing you're such a lousey shot. Otherwise we'd have never met!


Thin Sheriff: We don't need you around here, Bounty Hunter...(gets shot) ..of course I could be wrong!
Fat Sheriff: JAIL BREAK! Time for me to go!
Fat Sheriff: Looks like trouble, I'm out of here!
Chinese Girl: In Chinatown if you end up stiff, its not from too much starch!
Mexican Civilian: AY! Late for Church again!?
Gambling Man: (After you shoot a man though a poker table) Aw! I was winnin' that hand!
Showgirl: Oh, well; we were gonna remodel anyway.

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