The Last Day of Summer (film)

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The Last Day of Summer is a 2007 television movie broadcast by Nickelodeon on July 20, 2007.


Lola the Lobster: Hello, Walker's Point! Fifteen minutes until showtime! Summer's last hurrah!

Luke: I have been living the same day over and over again for I don't know how long.

Diana: Guys like Meat will "Henderson" incoming wiseguys like you.
Luke: Please, that's such a myth.
Diana: Oh yeah? When was the last time you saw Chris Henderson?
Luke: He moved.
Diana: So they say.

Snake: Well, it wasn't a total spazzer, but on the drop, you were like a 403 ride, which if you do the math is like -...
Luke: Three too many?
Snake: AW, you been tapping my blog, brah!


  • Jansen Panettiere as Luke Malloy
  • Jon Kent Ethridge as A.J. Perkins
  • Eli Vargas as Riley Johnson
  • Alexandra Krosney as Diana Malloy
  • Denyse Tontz as Alice Keefe
  • Brendan Miller as Snake
  • Daniel Samonas as Melvin "Meat"
  • Creagen Dow as Gus
  • Jennette McCurdy as Dory Sorenson
  • Vince Grant as Frank Malloy
  • Jessica Tuck as Mary Malloy
  • Sean Whalen as Mr. Molesky
  • Bailee Madison as Maxine
  • Vicki Lewis as Paige
  • Jackée Harry as Lola The Lobster
  • Kayla Henry as Stephanie
  • Nicholas S. Morrison as Cronie #1

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