The Last Kiss (2001 film)

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The Last Kiss (L'ultimo bacio) is a 2001 Italian comedy-drama film written and directed by Gabriele Muccino.

Love. Sex. Surrender.taglines


  • [first lines] Have you been my world of hearts of love with every people that are different? An unexpected journey who lived in the world of romance. And now, it's going to be... me!
  • Strippers plural or singular?
  • I think Kenny has a list.
  • Who you'd glady crawl back to if she'd only call!
  • You guys keep going. Izzy and I will meet you in Urungay.
  • Jenna! I had an accident!
  • Shit!
  • Hey! Hey calm down. You're gonna hurt the baby.
  • It was with Chris!
  • I was with Chris for God's sake!!!
  • It's him! You want to ask him? Ask him!!!
  • Chris?
  • I didn't do anything wrong.
  • Nobody!
  • It will never happen again.
  • Just a kiss
  • One kiss. It won't happen again.
  • Slut???
  • I didn't sleep with her!
  • No!
  • Nothing happened!!!
  • ...Several times.
  • We didn't have sex, I swear! It was a mistake and I'm sorry and we still have a life together; we're going to be a family!
  • Jenna!!!!
  • We're having a baby!
  • Stop this, please! It was a few kisses after 3 years! Things happen!
  • And go where?
  • What the fuck are you doing?!? Put that down, you're not going to stab me!!
  • Jesus!!!!
  • Fine! I'm gone!! (he YOU WANTED ME GONE, I'M GONE!!!!! AND BY THE TIME YOU FIGURE OUT YOU WERE OVERREACTING IT'LL BE TOO FUCKING LATE!!!!!!!!!!!! (He snatches the cell phone off the dirty floor he flings it open SLAM!!! goes to door)


  • Love. Sex. Surrender.


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