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The Last Kiss is an American 2006 romantic comedy-drama film, which is based on the Italian film, L’ultimo bacio, directed by Italian Film Director, Gabriele Muccino. The plot is about a young couple and their friends struggling through adulthood issues, relationships, and commitments. Much of this film was filmed in Madison, Wisconsin.

We all make choices. What's yours?taglines


  • (first lines) This is the story how love take place, but not as anyone would happen. In those romances, the reason why it's going to be, Michael!
  • They're just friends!
  • It was a stupid thing!


Jenna: Tell me. Did you cheat with me, Micheal?
Michael: I kissed her.
Jenna: No!
Michael: It was one kiss and it meant to be absolutely nothing, baby! [rushes] I did such a stupid thing! [follows Jenna] It was a stupid thing! I'm so sorry!
Jenna: You make me sick, you SLUT!!\
Michael: Slut?
Jenna: "Kim?" You have a number programmed into your cell phone? Who is the whore?!
Michael: I didn't sleep with her!
Jenna: No! But I wanted to, right?!
Michael: No!!
Jenna: Is she prettier than me?!
Michael: NO!!!
Jenna: Liar?!
Michael: No, Jen!
Michael: What am I supposed to do now, huh? [Jenna pushes Michael into a lamp] What am I supposed to do now?!
Jenna: [Michael grabs Jenna felling angry] YOU RUINED EVERYTHING!!!!
Michael: Will you listen to me?! Nothing happened!!!
Jenna: You were out with another woman all night! I'm pregnant! Is that nothing to you?!
Michael: YES!! NO!!!!
Jenna: How many times you kiss her? Don't you dare lie to me!
Michael: Several times!
Jenna: Oh, gosh, you make me sick!
Michael: And go where?
Jenna: [she grabs a knife] GET OUT OF HERE!!! GO BACK TO KIM!!!!
Michael: What, are you gonna stab me, Jenna!
Jenna: [yells very loudly] GET OUT!!!!!
Michael: Are you out of you're mind?!?
Jenna: GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!
Jenna: GET OUT!!!!
Michael: [he yells out at Jenna loudly] WHY YOU!!!!!!!! WHY YOU!!!!!!!!! [he walks out of the house after the argument with Jenna, he flings it open and storms out of here]


  • We all make choices. What's yours?


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