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The Last of Us Part II is an action-adventure survival horror video game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is the sequel to The Last of Us and was released for the Playstation 4 in June 2020.


  • [First lines]
Joel: [Cleaning a guitar] I don't know what happened. I was supposed to take her to the Fireflies and walk away. You go halfway across the country with someone... She needed her immunity to mean somethin'. Maybe I was starting to buy into that whole... cure business. Maybe I just wanted to do right by her. And then we made it. We found the Fireflies. And because of her... They were actually going to make a cure. The only catch... it would kill her.
[Flashback of Joel breaking into the operation room]
Joel: Sweet Jesus.
Nurse: Doctor?
Surgeon: What are you doing in here? [Grabs a scalpel] I won't let you take her. This is our future, think of all the lives we'll save.
Tommy: Jesus Christ, Joel. What'd you do?
Joel: I saved her.
[After killing the surgeon, Joel goes to get Ellie off the operating table]
Joel: C'mon, baby girl. I gotcha. I gotcha.
[The alarms go off]
Firefly: Cover the exits! Don't let him get away!
Joel: Oh shit. [Exits the hospital with Ellie]
Tommy: Goddamn. That's... That's a lot. What does Ellie know?
Joel: I told her they just ran some tests. I told her... her immunity meant nothin'.
Tommy: And she believed you?
Joel: Didn't say otherwise.
Tommy: [Standing up] We should head back.
[Tommy and Joel both get up to leave]

Abby: [Walking over to Owen] Hey.
Owen: Hi. What were you dreaming about?
Abby: Was I talking?
Owen: You were doing your teeth grinding thing.
Abby: Where've you been?
Owen: Grab your gear. I wanna show you something.
Abby: What?
Owen: Trust me.

Ellie: Hey! He's got that videotape thing.
Dina: Huh. [Inspects the tapes] "Dong of the Wolf". "Smash Brandi's Cootch".
Ellie: Are these--?
Dina: It's porn.
Ellie: Interesting taste, Eugene.

Dina: [Looking at a jar full of joints] Oh! There we go.
Ellie: You think it's still good?
Dina: Does weed go bad?
Ellie: Mm-mmm. Let's find out. [Tries to open the jar]
Dina: You having a hard time?
Ellie: No, I got it. Fuck.
Dina: Give me that. [Takes the jar from Ellie]
Ellie: Oh, yeah, like you're going to get it.
Dina: [Tries and fails to open the jar] Okay. It's...
Ellie: Yeah.
Dina: Fuck it. [Smashes the jar on the floor]
Ellie: What the fuck is wrong with you?
Dina: I got it open, didn't I?
Ellie: [Sighs]
[Ellie sniffs one of the joints]
Ellie: Smells good. [Gives Dina the joint]
[Dina sticks the joint in her mouth]
Dina: I mean... [Takes out her lighter] We're gonna be stuck here a while, right? [Lights the joint]
Ellie: Totally trapped.
Dina: Can I ask you a question?
Ellie: I don't know, can you?
Dina: Scale of one to ten. One being like absolute trash, and ten being life-altering... how would you rate our kiss from last night?
Ellie: Why are we still talking about this? You said it was a mistake.
Dina: Did I say that?
Ellie: What are you doing?
Dina: I asked you to rate our kiss.
Ellie: I don't know.
Dina: I'd give it a six.
Ellie: A six! Wow.
Dina: Like a solid six.
Ellie: Okay.
Dina: There were a lot of people around.
Ellie: Yeah, but, six?
Dina: Oh, what? I mean, now I really want to know how you'd rate it.
Ellie: I don't think you do.

Tommy: How long you all been here?
Manuel: Since yesterday.
Joel: Yesterday.
Manuel: Yep.
Joel: What are y'all doing out this way?
Jordan: Oh, just passing through. You two live nearby?
Tommy: We do. A few hours down the hill. Y'all should come back with us. Restock before you head out.
Mel: Appreciate it. I'm Mel, by the way.
Tommy: [Shakes Mel's hand] Tommy. This is my brother.
Joel: Joel.
[Everyone in the room suddenly goes quiet and looks at Joel]
Joel: Y'all act like you've heard of us or something.
Abby: That's 'cause they have. [Shoots Joel in the knee with her shotgun]
[Joel collapses to the floor]
Tommy: NO!
Owen: Get the other one!
[Tommy punches Nick, only for Jordan to restrain him. Nora knocks him out by hitting him in the head with her gun]
Owen: Nora? All clear?
Nora: He's out.
Abby: Put him against the wall.
Joel: Tommy.
[Manuel and Nick drag Joel over to the wall]
Joel: Get off me! Get off me! Aahh!
Manuel: ¡Puta Madre!
Abby: Joel Miller...
Joel: Who are you?
Abby: Guess.
Joel: Why don't you say whatever speech you've got rehearsed and get this over with.
Abby: [Gives her shotgun to Owen] Tourniquet his leg. Do it!
[Mel puts her gun down to tourniquet Joel's leg as Abby goes to grab a golf club]
Owen: Don't you fucking move!
[Mel begins to tourniquet Joel's leg]
Joel: [Grunting in pain] God damn it!
Abby: Clear out.
[Manny, Nick and Owen step away from Joel as Abby brandishes her golf club]
Abby: You stupid old man... You don't get to rush this. [Swings her golf club at Joel's head]

Tommy: Hey.
Ellie: Hey.
Tommy: Could I sit down, please?
Ellie: Yeah.
[Tommy enters Ellie's house as Ellie closes the door. The duo then sit on the couch together]
Tommy: [Puts his box of food on the table] Maria wants to make sure you're eating.
Ellie: She can't stop us.
Tommy: To have the guys that we would need... to do this smart... we'd be leaving Jackson vulnerable.
Ellie: So they just get to get away with this?
Tommy: Nobody wants that.
Ellie: Yeah, but that's what's happening.
Tommy: What if we get hit by hunters again?
Ellie: Is this you talking or is this her?
Tommy: It's a valid point.
Ellie: If it were you or me, Joel would be halfway to Seattle already.
Tommy: No, he wouldn't.
Ellie: He absolutely fucking would be--
Tommy: Well, we don't even know for certain that they're from Seattle.
Ellie: "Washington Liberation Front". That's what you said was on those patches.
Tommy: What if they stole those jackets?
Ellie: [Stands up] That's...
Tommy: What if the WLF moved?
Ellie: What are you doing? You know what? I'm leaving tomorrow. And if you want to come with me, great.
Tommy: You have no idea what you're walking into. You don't know how large that group is, how armed--
Ellie: I don't care. You can't talk me out of this.
Tommy: [Stands up] Give me a day to talk to Maria. Okay? Gotta be some folk she can spare.
Ellie: And if she won't budge?
Tommy: Well, I'll figure something out. One day. Please.
Ellie: Fine.
[Tommy and Ellie hug]
Tommy: Okay... Okay. [Leaves]

  • Ellie: Don't scream. Put that shit down.
[Nora puts her tray onto the desk]
Ellie: You remember me? Yeah. You remember me.
Nora: What do you want?
Ellie: Abby was here earlier. Where'd she go?
Nora: I don't know. You shoot me... the sound will have every soldier come running.
Ellie: You'll still be dead. Tell me where she went and I'll think about letting you go.
Nora: We could have killed you.
Ellie: Maybe you should have. Or maybe you should have stayed the fuck out of Jackson. Where's Abby?
Nora: You still hear his screams?
Ellie: What?
Nora: I hear them every night... Yeah. Yeah, that little bitch got what he deserved.
Ellie: [Enraged] You fucking cunt-
[Nora throws her tray at Ellie and escapes]
Nora: Help! Trespasser! Somebody! Please! Over here!

  • Ellie: [Confronting Mel and Owen] Hands up.
[Mel and Owen slowly raise their hands]
Ellie: Where's Abby?
Owen: You're that girl from Jackson.
Ellie: Tell me where she went.
Mel: How do we know you won't kill us?
Owen: You give her what she wants and we're dead.
Ellie: You guys can survive this. I just need her.
Owen: Bullshit.
Ellie: [Produces a map, then points her gun at Mel] You. Come here. Fucking get over here!
[Mel steps forward]
Ellie: Point to where she is on this map. [Turns to Owen] And then you. It better fucking match up.
Mel: Okay--
Owen: What are you doing?
Mel: She's probably dead anyway!
Owen: It is not worth it.
Ellie: Stop!
Owen: We can talk about--
Ellie: Back the fuck up! [Turns to Mel] Point to where she is. Fucking point--!
[Owen rushes in to grab Ellie's gun, but Ellie punches him and shoots him in the chest]
Mel: Owen! [Rushes at Ellie with a knife]
[Ellie manage to overpower Mel and stab her in the neck]
Owen: [Struggling to stay alive] She-
Ellie: Tell me where Abby is.
Owen: She's...
Ellie: Where the fuck is that bitch?
Owen: (Inaudible) [He's actually saying "pregnant"]
Ellie: [Walks over to Mel] No, no, no...
[Ellie turns Mel's body over to see that she is indeed pregnant]
Ellie: Oh fuck... Oh fuck. [Begins hyperventilating]
[Tommy enters]
Tommy: Ellie! Ellie!
[Ellie points her gun at Tommy]
Tommy: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey...
Ellie: I'm sorry...
[Jesse enters]
Tommy: It's all right. Come on, let's go. Let's go. It's all right.
[The group leaves]

  • Jesse: How you doing?
Ellie: Fine.
Jesse: Ellie.
Ellie: Fine. [Sighs] Thanks for coming back for me.
Jesse: My friends' problems are my problems.
Ellie: [Scoffs] You're such a sap.
Jesse: All right. How about, my friends can't get out of their own damn way?
Ellie: That's better.
[Tommy grunts from the other room]
Ellie: Shit!
[Ellie and Jesse rush into the other room and Jesse is promptly shot]
Ellie: Jesse?
Abby: Stand up! [Points her gun at Tommy] Hands in the air or I shoot this one, too!
Tommy: Don't you do it, Ellie! Get out of here!
Abby: Stand up now!
Tommy: Don't you fucking dare--
Abby: Shut the fuck up! [Kicks Tommy]
Ellie: Fuck.
Abby: All right--
Ellie: Stop, stop! [Raises her hands]
Abby: Toss your weapon. Toss your weapon!
Ellie: Fuck! [Throws her gun away]
Tommy: No... no...
Ellie: I know why you killed Joel. He did what he did to save me. There's no cure because of me. I'm the one that you want. Just let him go.
Abby: You killed my friends... We let you both live and you wasted it! [Points her gun at Ellie]

Jerry: It's intertwined with the brain, there's no other option.
Marlene: There has to be some other way.
Jerry: There's no way to remove the specimen without destroying the host.
Marlene: [Horrified] The host? She is a child, not some petri dish.
Jerry: You think I don't... I'm aware of the situation.
Marlene: And you're okay with killing her?
Jerry: No, I'm okay with developing a vaccine that'll help save millions of lives. How many Fireflies have died for less?
Marlene: That was their choice. Are you asking me, or are you telling me this is how it's gonna be?
Jerry: I am begging you to buy in.
Marlene: And what if this was Abby?
Jerry: Look, everything that we've all been fighting for, all the sacrifices, all the horrific... all of that is justified with this one act.
Marlene: If this was your daughter, what would you do?
[Abby enters with a plate of food]
Jerry: Abby.
Abby: I brought you some dinner.
Jerry: Thank you, sweetheart. Look, Marlene--
Marlene: Do it.
Jerry: Thank you.
Marlene: I'm gonna go tell Joel.
Jerry: Why?
Marlene: He traveled across the country with her. He has a right to know. Good luck with your surgery. [Leaves]
Abby: You're doing the right thing.
Jerry: Yeah.
Abby: If it was me... I'd want you to do the surgery.

  • [Abby and Lev come across the dead body of Abby's dog, Alice]
Lev: Is that...?
[Abby picks up a pipe near Alice's corpse]
Abby: Stay behind me.

  • [Abby sees the dead bodies of Mel and Owen]
Abby: [Collapses to the floor and throws up] Fuck...
Lev: [Picks up Ellie's map that she dropped] Abby...
[Abby takes the map from Lev. It has the Pinnacle theater circled. Abby looks at Lev angrily]

  • [Abby is smashing Dinah's head on the floor of the theater]
Ellie: Stop. Stop!
[Abby puts her knife to Dinah's neck]
Ellie: She had nothing to do with this. She's pregnant.
Abby: Good. [Prepares to slit Dinah's throat]
Lev: Abby!
[Abby looks at Lev, then lets Dinah go]
Abby: Don't ever let me see you again. [Walks off] Come on.
[Lev follows Abby out of the theater]

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