The Legend of Lobo

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The Legend of Lobo is a 1962 American film that follows the life and adventures of Lobo, a wolf born and raised in southwestern North America. Neither the time period nor the precise location are specified in the film, in part because the story is told as much from a wolf's point of view as from a human's. There is no dialogue in the film; the only interpretation is through a story-song composed and sung by the Sons of the Pioneers and the Sherman Brothers, and narration by Rex Allen. Filming took place in Sedona, Arizona.


Narrator: ♪ Across the lonely campfire when the wolves begin to call. ♪
♪ The riders tell the story of the bravest wolf of all. ♪
♪ The king of all the hunters, born to lead the rest. ♪
♪ His name became a legend across the great southwest. ♪
♪ Lobo Lobo your name will survive for no man could bring you in dead or alive! ♪


  • He ruled a savage empire!
  • King of the Wolfpack!


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