The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night

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The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night is a 2007 video game and the second game in the "Legend of Spyro" trilogy.


(First lines)
Cynder: My master returns.
Spyro: We're too late!

Spyro: She is just like me.
Sparx: We've got to get out of here...NOW!
Spyro: I can't leave her behind...I've got to save her.
Sparx: What?! Save the beast that's been trying to kill us?!
Spyro: That wasn't her fault...she was being used by the Dark Master!
(Cynder, Spyro, and Sparx flies into a portal, few seconds later, Spyro grab Cynder and escaped safely)
Spyro: Now we can go!
Ominous voice: S-S-S-Spyro...S-S-S-Spyro...

Sparx: S-S-S-Spyro... Hey, Spyro! Some night, huh? Beautiful.
Spyro: What is it you want, Sparx?
Sparx: Huh. Why do I have to want something? I'm just ready to begin the best day ever now that the evil-psycho-she-dragon is gone.
Spyro: What!? Cynder? What do you mean, Sparx?
Sparx: Whoa! Calm down, big fella. Gosh. you're awfully tense. Hmm, haven't been sleeping much? you should listen to Volteer tell of his stories. That'll put anyone to sleep.
Spyro: Sparx, what happened?
Sparx: Okay, you ready? I get up to get some fresh air...since I don't sleep much myself these days with ah...the female-of-fright hanging about. Low and behold...there she was , sneaking out into a garden...Oooohhh. (shivering sound) She gives me the creeps dude. Hear my teeth. [teeth chatter]
Spyro: Come on. We have to find her. It's dangerous for her to be outside the Temple at night.
Sparx: It's dangerous for any of us to be outside at night. Besides, Ignitus said you have to wait til your powers return...[whisper] cause you're weak. [snickers]
Spyro: No time to argue. Come on.
Sparx: Ah, [cough] you'd be helpless without me. I better [cough] come with you.

Terrador: [deep baritone] Hmmmmmmmmph...
Spyro: [whispering] Quiet...we mustn't wake them.
Sparx: [shouting] What!? I can't hear you over all this snoring!
Cyril: (mumbling in his sleep) Yes of course...
Volteer: (mumbling in his sleep) In the truth of the matter...

Spyro: Cynder, what are you doing out here? It's dangerous.
Cynder: You shouldn't have followed me, Spyro.
Sparx: That's good enough for me. Let's go. See ya! Huh.
Cynder: Please, don't make this harder for me than it already is.
Spyro: I'm just trying to understand.
Cynder: I'm leaving, Spyro. I don't belong here. After all you've done, after all I've put you through, I can't stay.
Spyro: Cynder, nobody blames you for what happened.
Sparx: Huh, I do. Speak for yourself.
Spyro: Sparx.
Cynder: No. Sparx is right. And every day that goes by, I'm reminded of it. Spyro, your place is here. Your destiny is here. But mine is somewhere out there for me to find.
Spyro: Cynder, I don't want you to go.
Cynder: Goodbye, Spyro.
(Cynder leaves)
Sparx: Now, can we finally get some sleep around here? I've been only sort of half-sleeping, with one eye open for weeks now. alternating eyes of course. It lessons the strain, but I tell ya, It's taken a toll. Hey, was this twitch always there? Spyro? You okay, buddy?
(Spyro passes out)
Sparx: Hey... I want to sleep too, but I didn't mean NOW! Let's at least get inside... it's... it's dark out man... and I don't like it. Hello? Anybody home? Yoohoo!??

Spyro: Hello? Is anyone there?
The Chronicler: Do not be frightened, young dragon. You are not alone.
Spyro: Who are you? What is this place?
The Chronicler: I have summoned you here so that you might be warned. The Celestial Moons are counting down and time is running out.
(some voices; whispering and reversing)
Spyro: Make it stop!

Spyro: How did that happen?
The Chronicler: The purple dragon can wield many abilities that others cannot, including time itself. Learn to master this ability and you will be able to see things almost before they happen. But...use this gift sparingly, only when circumstances demand. Manipulation of time is not to be done without the utmost care.

The Chronicler: You seem to have abandoned your true calling. It is your destiny to harness the powers of the elements. Yet, you possess not.
Spyro: I haven't been able to use my abilities for some time now.
The Chronicler: Yes. Right now, your powers lay dormant within you. Let's see if we might not awaken them. Clear your mind, Spyro. and feel the fire that flows through your veins. Allow it's heat to consume you, and breathe with it. Now, rise up, and release the firestorm with you!
(Spyro uses a Fire fury)
The Chronicler: Excellent, Spyro. You're a natural. But now that a primal fire rages inside you, show me you have command of it.

The Chronicler: You have done well... and now it is time for you to return. But be careful, Spyro, the enemy approaches.
Spyro: Wait! you still haven't told me who you are!
The Chronicler: You shall know me as the Chronicler. Seek me out...

Sparx: Hello? Hello, hello, hello? Anyone home? Hello, hello?
Spyro: (he wakes up) Something is happening Sparx. I can't explain it.
Sparx: No kidding. while you were catatonic, this whole place has been hooting and howling. Listen.
Spyro: [whispering] What is that?
(A bomb drops and explosion)
Spyro: What's happening?
(Some Shadow Wings are flying in a sky; A bomb explosion, some rocks to make temple door blocked)
Spyro: The temple is under attack! The others are still sleeping, we need to get back!
Sparx: Are you crazy? you wanna run towards the danger?
Spyro: We're going to have to find another way in. Come on!
Sparx: Ugh! I like you better when you were sleepin'.

Ape: The purple dragon!
Sparx: Hey! Ugly ape guy! Oohh ooh ooh. Now that we've exchanged pleasantries, can we fight? Or at least you two can fight and I'll watch.

Spyro: Ignitus!
Ignitus: Get down here, young dragon. We need your help.
Assassin: [muffled] Focus your attention on the purple dragon!

Sparx: (terrified) You're on your own with this one fella.
Spyro: This one? How is that different than the last one? Or the one before that?
Assassin: [muffled] Prepare to die!
Spyro: Huh?
Sparx: He said something about preparing to die... either that, or he wants you to repair a pie. Yeah.

Assassin: (still Incomprehensible) You haven't seen the last of me.
Sparx: I'm just going to assume you said it was great meeting you and have a nice day...In which case we thank you!
Ignitus: Is everyone alright? Where's Cynder?

Spyro: See anything, Ignitus?
Ignitus: No...I can't see where Cynder has gone...just darkness.
Sparx: Wait. Cynder...darkness...aren't they the same thing?
Ignitus: (looking into the pool of visions) What's this? Something is coming to focus. (the pool reflects an image of Spyro near a giant tree) This is peculiar. I see the base of the great tree...Amidst a lake of mist and gloom.
Spyro: (excited) A tree! I've seen that tree!... In my dreams... (somber) only they usually feel like more nightmares.
Ignitus: Young've been keeping secrets. What is it you these dreams of yours?
Spyro: I'm sorry, Ignitus...I thought they would go away...but they only get worse.
Ignitus: Relax, Spyro. Think.
Spyro: I keep seeing...a mountain draped in shadow...A face of stone beneath two moons...and darkness.
Terrador: The mountain of Malefor.
Sparx: (looking around) I only one that thought that was weird?
Spyro: ...There was another... but it was more like I was seeing into the past and the future all at once. And there was a voice...calling himself the Chronicler. That's when I saw the tree.
Terrador: Impossible.
Sparx: (still looking around) Yeah, no kidding...there isn't even a storm.
Cyril: The Chronicler?
Sparx: What? Don't encourage him.
Volteer: I don't believe it, either. I'm not heard that name in ages.
Ignitus: Nor has anyone. But there is no way that Spyro could have known. This is fascinating.
Spyro: Who is the Chronicler?
Ignitus: The an ancient dragon of immeasurable wisdom. Though I've only heard stories. In fact I've had my doubts as to legitimacy of the tales. Yet, now I am left to wonder...
Terrador: As are we all. But if it is true, it is unsettling that the reemergence of the Chronicler would coincide with an attack on the temple...not to mention these other visions that Spyro is having.
Ignitus: Yes...very. Tales of the Chronicler are often interwoven with tales of doom.
Sparx: Oh goodie! I was afraid we might have to spend the rest of the night without anymore doom.

Volteer: It was only matter of time, Ignitus. We've all felt it. A great evil is on the horizon.
Ignitus: Perhaps, but we mustn't rush to judgment. This evening has brought about many unexplained things.
Cyril: We may not have time, Ignitus. The celestial moons are almost at the eclipse, this we know for certain. We must prepare for the worst. The Night of Eternal Darkess draws nigh.
Sparx: If "nigh" means soon, I'm outta here.
Terrador: Your Instincts, though faint of heart, are true. We are no longer safe here. This recent attack is likely the first of many. The forces of the Ape King know of Spyro's existence and will not rest until they witness his demise.
Sparx: [mimicking Terrador] Demise... [chuckles]...Hate to be you. What? you guys need to lighten up.
Ignitus: I'm afraid Terrador is right. As uncertain as things are, none of us can remain idle as our worst fears unfold before us.
Sparx: Exactly! We need a good hiding place.
Ignitus: Volteer, you and Cyril must go to the mainland to learn what news you can. Terrador, make haste to the Shattered Vale and warn the inhabitants of that region that darkness is spreading in Malefor. I shall stay back and search for Cynder. These are dangerous times for a dragon to be wandering about. May our ancestors look after us and keep us these dark times.
Spyro: What should I do, Ignitus?
Ignitus: Young dragon, you must travel by another path and seek out the tree form your dream. If the stories of the Chronicler are true, there may be hope for us yet...and I think I know where to begin.

Ignitus: There is an Ancient Grove within the forest at the end of the Silver River. It is a secret place, untouched by civilization. The waters there are poisonous, as well as the creatures who are nurtured by it...but you shouldn't encounter any real danger. Trust your Instincts. I shall be waiting for you here at the temple when your task is complete.

Sparx: Oh yes, lovely. He always sends us to the nicest places.
Spyro: Come on, Sparx, it's not that bad.
(visions and beasts hiding in the woods; howling and growls)
Sparx: (terrified) Well sure, if you ignore all the evil beasts and visions of doom and eternal darkness, which sounds lovely by the way, oh, and the fact the we now get to frolic through the magical creepy forest in search of some stupid tree! What's not for love?
Spyro: you're psyched. Let's go.

Spyro: What are we doing here? I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to be looking for. I think we're lost.
Sparx: Hey! Have you tried these yet? Hmm... they're delish. (he munches on some butterflies) Mmmm...come on, try some.
Spyro: Sparx! Don't eat that... you don't even know what it is.
Sparx: [belching] Nonsense. They're perfectly edible.
Skavenger (Tuhekar): Alright, maggots! Time to spread out! Don't bother snaring anything smaller than a scurvy wing. Skabb only wants prize fight this time. And double the bounty for the one who captures Arborick!
Spyro: Hey, this isn't right. Ignitus said this place was uninhabited. We must have taken a wrong turn.
Sparx: [Spyro passes out] All those in favor of turning back?
Skavenger (Tuhekar): Aye! It came from over there. Go see what it be.
Sparx: Oh, [burps] Not now.
(Sparx burps in massively)
Sparx: (sheepish) Uh... So... Uh... How is everyone today?
Skavenger (Azear): Hah hah! Little bug isn't much bigger than a bog-rat!
Sparx: Hey! Who you callin' a bug you crazy eyed, mangy drool mutt? ...Uh-oh.
Skavenger (Tuhekar): Get him!
Sparx: Mommy!

Spyro: It's cold here...Chronicler? Are you there? I've done what you've asked of me, But I'm afraid I'm lost.
The Chronicler: As long as the spirits of the ancestors are with you, you are never lost. Calm yourself, Spyro. and cool your thoughts. Do not let your fire control you. There are other elements at play here. The power of ice also moves through you, just as the chilled winds whip through your wings. Let it...expand!
(Spyro uses an Ice fury)
The Chronicler: I knew you'd remember. Life seeks out balance, young dragon. And one who can master fire and ice is truly powerful in the shifting face of danger.

Spyro: Okay. Now what? What is it you want me to do? I think I'm entitled to know what's happening.
The Chronicler: You already know what is happening... of the great evil that is awakening. But there is more that you must understand.

(a vision of the Mountain of Malefor appears)
Spyro: I've seen this place before. It frightens me.
The Chronicler: This is an evil place Spyro. It is called the Mountain of Malefor... asylum to the wandering phantoms and lost spirits of those who had turned to darkness. But to the spirits themselves and the black hearted, it goes by another name...
Gaul: The Well of Souls.

Spyro: (he wakes up) Sparx? Sparx? Sparx, where are you?
Sparx: [panting] Uhh! Spyro! I'm outta shape.
Skavenger (Tuhekar): What have we here? Arrr first catch of the day!

Sparx: Is that your dumb tree? It's beautiful. Can we go now?
Spyro: This feels like the right place, but... I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do here.
Sparx: Wonderful, I'm going to go wait over there... you know, give you a few minutes. Maybe there was a lily pad you forgot to sing on or a rainbow you can talk to...
Spyro: Hello? I'm here! Give me a sign or...something.
(A tree collapse, A tree sentinel named Arborick. he's getting up; roars)
Sparx: Uh, it's my turn to pass out. You're on your own, buddy. (he passes out)
Spyro: Oh brother.
(Arborick roars)

Sparx: (exasperated) What the...!? Oh, you killed it. We came all this way so you could kill it? [mockingly] Spyro... I am the mighty treeee...calling you from across the voiiiiid. Journey hither and vanquish meee.
Spyro: Yeah. I don't think I was supposed to do that. Wait! You don't suppose that was the Chronicler.
Scratch: Alas...(Skabb appears)...The purple dragon who's been wandering lost in the Ancient Grove. You've been quite a nuisance to us.
(Skabb grumbles)
Sparx: Whoa! What's with the gurgling nitwit?
Sniff: If I were you, I'd shut my mouth. I ain't going to say it again!
Spyro: Sparx, maybe you should stay out of this one.
Scratch: Yes, mind yourself. To answer your earlier question...No! That isn't the Chronicler, whoever that is...that was Arborick and he was going to be main attraction in our tournament...and now it's ruined.
Spyro: Gosh. I really feel bad about that.
Scratch: Oh really, no need for remorse...You'll do just fine.
Sparx: What does he mean by that?

Sparx: [singing] Swing low, sweet chariot. Coming for to carry me home. wawawawawa...
Spyro: Sparx. must you do that?
Sparx: Well maybe I do must I do that! And you know, it might be just crazy enough for work. [singing] Come on, Spyro. Put that sorrow behind you and clap your hands with me. Let the joy come pouring down, rain on me and you. Hmph, hmph, hmph. Can't you feel it? Hmph... Can't you just feel the love in room tonight? Hmph, hmph.
Spyro: (excited) Mole-Yair?!
Mole-Yair: Spyro? Is that really you, old friend?
Spyro: It's me. Where are we? Can you get us out?
Mole-Yair: [whispering] You are on Skabb's ship, and will likely be made to compete in the arena fights, like the other prisoners. I, too, am prisoner here, as are many of my kinsmen. But we moles are too frail to make for worthwhile entertainment, so we are made to serve grog to these scavengers.
Spyro: Mole-Yair, you have to get us out.
Mole-Yair: Shhh! We'll talk later. Someone is coming.
Scratch: I trust your living quarters are to your liking?
Sparx: I dunno. My roommate could be more fun though.
Sniff: I thought I told you to be quiet, fool! And you... get ready to fight. It's hurtin' time baby!
Sparx: I really, I mean more than really, hate those birds.

Scratch: Fiends and felons! Scoundrels and swindlers! Welcome... to the first event of the evening! Tonight, we bring to you a very special battle, sure to quence your thirst for brutality!
Sniff: Enough of this jibba jabba! Let's bring on the pain!
Scratch: Introducing...a creature both rare and powerful...A creature of might and magic! Prepare yourselves...and feats your eyes...on Spyro...THE DRAGON!!!
Sparx: Wow! If we weren't about to die, I'd say this is pretty neat.
Skavenger: Ohhh, he's no dragon! just a whelpling!
Spyro: I've got a bad feeling about this.
Sparx: Ah, that's a butterflies in your stomach. Trust me, I know.
Scratch: And his opponent...You've seen them before, and loved them! We offer you, none other than the twins of terror themselves, the Blundertails!

Sparx: Great crowd, huh? I wonder if I can get 'em to do the wave...
Scratch: Well done. Well done indeed. Step forward, little dragon, and receive your glory.
(Spyro passes out)
Sniff: You waiting for someone to move for you boy? Don't just stand there...this ain't no puppet show!
Sparx: Oh, no! Not again! Don't worry! There's nothing to see here! It's all under control! And allow me to entertain you with the healing power of love while you wait. Um...umm... uh [singing] swing lowwww...I don't hear you, come on! [sings] Swing low, sweet--What's the matter you all?
Skavenger: You stink!

The Chronicler: You've come far, young dragon.
Spyro: What?! Ignitus said you would help, but you've only led me on a path to nowhere!
The Chronicler: Our path through life is not always the path we chose. Sometimes our paths are chosen for us... and it is our destiny to follow it. Wherever it may lead. Be steady, Spyro, and use the power of the earth to feel your way.
(Spyro uses an Earth fury)
The Chronicler: The power of earth and nature is the mighty one. For as the earth moves, so does everything in it. Be mindful as you wield it.

Spyro: I want to know what is happening. I've done what you've asked for me, and followed your path.
The Chronicler: Yes...But a time will come when you will have to choose your own path...and you are not ready. Open your eyes.

Spyro: Why are they going towards it?
The Chronicler: It is their calling. black hearted creatures of their world cannot resist it's temptation. The Well of Souls beckons them as the Night of Eternal Darkness approaches.
Spyro: What is the Night of Eternal Darkness?
The Chronicler: It is the night when the Celestial Moons come together in a great eclipse...that shrouds our world in darkness. The Well of Souls is a pinnacle of it's terrible shadow...stirring the spirits of a deceased from their eternal rest and permitted them to roam freely within the halls of the mountain...if only for a short while. And soon, the Night of Eternal Darkness will be upon us...Find the Celestial caves of the White Isle...

(Spyro reawakens to find himself back in his cell. Sniff enters)
Sniff: Get up, lazy fool! It's time to bruise, not time to snooze! know, I-I can't even look at you. You disgust me.
Sparx: Hey, you and me both pal-y.
Sniff: Don't touch me.

Scratch: Are you ready for more?! The without further ado...please give a hAAAArrrty Spyro the Dragon! And his opponent...needing little introduction...
Sniff: The captain of crunch...the prince of pain himself...
Scratch: The one and only...RAVAGE RIDER!!!

Sparx: (to Spyro) We totally rule. Maybe now we can ask for a room upgrade.

Sparx: Can we at least order some room service?
Spyro: Sparx, we need to get out of here. Something terrible is going to happen.
Sparx: I know. If I don't get some food, I am gonna freak out! (beat) I got it! Why don't you shoot some sparkly magic outta your face and blow the gate up?
Mole-Yair: Spyro, you are in danger. I have a message for you from another prisoner. Here, take it. (hands Spyro the note)
Sparx: Yahoo! Fan mail!
Spyro: (reading) "Dear friend... There are whispers going about the ship. Word of your captivity has traveled quickly. Many of the prisoners are uneasy. They say that the Ape King himself has placed a bounty on you... and all of the dragons. These are dark times. But know this, you have allies. I look forward to the day when we can meet. Hunter of Avalar."
Sparx: That was thoughtful. I particularly like the part about the dark times and the danger.
Skavenger: It's showtime.

Scratch: Guests of the arena! We have exciting news for you regarding one of you combatants...Shall we bring him out? There is a rumor about that this little purple dragon may be of great importance. What you say, dragon? What greatness can you offer?
Sniff: The only thing great you'll be showing GREAT PAIN!
Scratch: Bring out the Executioner!

Scratch: Well, well. It appears we are amongest greatness. This little dragon has defeated everything we've thrown at him. But fret not, oh faithful fans. Tonight... we have a special bonus match!
Sparx: Cool, a bonus match!
Scratch: Spyro the Dragon... versus... the former queen of conquer herself... Cynder!

Sparx: AHH!!! I told you she was evil. Hehe, look, my eye's twitching again.
Cynder: Just like old times, huh Spyro?
Spyro: Cynder, I'm not going to fight you.
Cynder: Relax. I'm just trying to put on a show for the crowd while we figure out what to do.
Sparx: Don't trust her. She wants to eat me!
Spyro: W...w-what's happening? [coughing]
Sparx: I want out...I want out...I want in...I want in!
Cynder: (Grabbed by a Dreadwing) Get away from me! Help!
Spyro: Cynder!!
Sparx: Spyro! This way! There's an opening!

Spyro: I think things just got more complicated.
Sparx: Good. I was afraid that escaping the burning ship would be too easy.

Spyro: Mole-Yair! The ship's under attack. We have to get off this thing!
Mole-Yair: (panicked) Spyro, please, my companions are still being held prisoner...and the chamber gates locked! We'll need to find a way to open them.
Spyro: Okay. Sit tight. I'll come back for you.

Spyro: Okay, Mole-Yair, you're safe. Get far away from here.
Mole-Yair: Merci, mon frere, thank you very much. I hope we can meet again...perhaps under better circumstances, hmm?
Spyro: Good luck, Mole-Yair.
Sparx: Hey! That guy just gave me an idea! Why don't WE get off the burning boat?!
Spyro: Not yet. We need a map to a place called the White Isle... and I think I know where we can find one.
Sparx: You know I hate you, right?

Spyro: Whoa...Look at all this stuff.
Sparx: Oh sure...Take your time. Look around. It's not like we're about to plummet to our DEATHS in heap of FLAMMING ...
Spyro: Alright, You've made your point. Let's find the map.
Sparx: One step ahead of you buddy.
Scratch: Well...if it isn't the purple menace. We hope you weren't...thinking of leaving.
Sniff: Yeah! We've got a score to settle, CHUMP!
Sparx: Hey! Who are you calling chump!?
Sniff: You, fool! You!
Scratch: It's astounding...the amount of trouble you managed to cause.
Spyro: You've only brought it on yourselves.
Sniff: (to Skabb) You gonna let him talk to you that way, doodle-brain?
(Skabb grumbles)
Sniff: Shut up, fool! Fire the cannon!

Scratch: This is where we part ways.
Sniff: So long, CHUMPS!
Spyro: What the...? How is that even possible?
Sparx: We can't just let them get away. We're going after them, right? (beat) Wait...Did I just say out loud?

Sniff: SUCKA, you just don't know when to quit.
Sparx: Then you don't know us very well. I quit all the time...(Spyro glares at him) Sorry... I thought that was gonna sound cooler.

Sniff: That ain't nothin'. We don't need him to take out this punk! I pity the fool that messes with us! Welcome to the world of hurt!
(Sparx punches Sniff)
Sparx: Hooo-aah! That felt good!
(Scratch flying away from far away, Spyro and Sparx flying for searching to the Chronicler)
Sparx: Did...did you see me back there? I was like...BAM! and he was all...oof! An...Which reminds me...where are we going?
Spyro: I didn't get a very long look at the map, but... there's gotta be some sort of landmark.
Sparx: Sure. I'll just keep my eyes peeled for the flashing sign that says SPOOKY MOON TEMPLE.
(Spyro passes out, which he falls)
Sparx: Oh no. Please tell me you're just pulling over to go to the bathroom.

Spyro: (to himself) Somethings not right. (louder) W-Why is it so dark here? Can you hear me? Is anyone there? I wanna know what has happened to Cynder!?
The Chronicler: A flash of lightning is born of the sky and it's tempers, young dragon. You must learn to control your own emotions if you are to tame the free spirit of electricity. Surrender to it's erratic nature. Allow it's energy to charge through your body and anticipate it's movement...then unleash it...willingly.
(Spyro uses an Electricity fury)
The Chronicler: This power is accentuated by your impulsive nature. Trust your instincts, Spyro.

Spyro: (Trying to talk to The Chronicler) Okay, I've completed your test. What do I do next? How can I find you? Are you there?... Great, now the voice inside my head is ignoring me. Maybe I'll just take a peak.

Gaul: So... the traitor returns!
Cynder: You can't go through with this Gaul!
Gaul: [laughing evilly] Nothing can prevent this. We are merely here to welcome our Master back into the realm and join him at his side. But fear not Cynder... You've been such a faithful servant, I'm sure he'll take you back... And if not, you will have the honor of being the first to perish by his hand. Long have we waited! Long have we suffered! But soon, our Master will return... and his coming shall bring forth a new age of power for the Apes... and we shall have our revenge!

Sparx: Goodbye freaky little turtle monster! Goodbye, goodbye, thanks for everything!
Spyro: (he wakes up) What happened?
Sparx: Well, let's see... You've been hearing voices in your head and have led us all over the place... which has been great because we're having so much fun... and now we're stranded on an enchanted island and I just can't wait to see what happens next!
Spyro: (somber) Wait...I think we're here...
Sparx: Oh goodie.

Mysterious Voice: [Echoing] Sacred Threshold...Hallowed Ground...Pathways Unfold...Lost in Found...Prove your Worth with Quick Desire...Ice and Earth, Electric...Fire...
Sparx: What I'm hearing voices.
Spyro: What does that mean?
Sparx: How would I know? Wait! I'm having a thought! (pause) Nope, nope, yea...nope...never mind. I lost it. I got nothing.
Spyro: We must've missed something. Come on, let's look around.

Spyro: Hold on. I think we found it. [yelling] Hello? Is anyone there?
Sparx: (to Spyro) Hey! If there is...could know...not wake it up? Because...everything we've met so far has tried to kill us.
Mysterious Voice: Expose your heart to summon ghost...then face alone what you fear most.
Sparx: I knew it! This place want us dead! We should've turned back while we had a chance!
Spyro: I need to do this, Sparx.
Sparx: Yeah? Go ahead. Expose your heart and see what happens!
(Spyro was trying to walk into a portal, he was stopped by Sparx)
Sparx: Wait! Don't do it! You can't leave me behind in the wacky moon temple...with all the whispering walls and crawly thingies! They wanna make me part of their freak show!

Sparx: You go first...(Seeing a giant hourglass) Ooooh... what's this?... I think it's a magic wishing lamp. (whispering) Hello? Genie? You in there?
Spyro: This is incredible! The entire history of the dragon race... It looks like it's all here.
The Chronicler: (offscreen) It is. Well, most of it.
Sparx: (in awe) Did you hear that? It spoke to me!
The Chronicler: The records in this hall date back to the beginning of time... nearly.
Spyro: The Chronicler!
The Chronicler: Yes, Spyro... It is I... And I've been waiting for you.
Sparx: Oh, well... I hope we didn't keep you waiting too long. We got a little held up back there... with the uh... well, you know... RIDDLES OF DOOM!
The Chronicler: It was a necessary evil. I had to be sure, Spyro. (pause) I haven't had any visitors... in my solitude... for over a thousand years.
Sparx: Shocker! Try getting rid of the psychedelic dragon outside!
Spyro: You've been here for that long?
The Chronicler: Oh, yes. But I have my books...And I watch and wait...and listen for things to come...and then add them to the books of Time. You are also written in the books, though...many pages are still left incomplete.
Spyro: I am? Can I see?
The Chronicler: Of course you can. This one is yours. Look...

(Showing Spyro and Sparx into Spyro's Book. a picture of Gaul shows up)
The Chronicler: You've seen this hideous creature before...
Spyro: Why is he in my book?
The Chronicler: It was Gaul who led the raid of the temple the night of your birth... when Ignitus rescued your egg...
Spyro: ...And when they took Cynder's.
The Chronicler: Yes... that was most unfortunate. (shows a picture of toddler Sparx) Oh! And look... here is little Sparx.
Sparx: He-hey! Nobody needs to see that... ever.
Spyro: (interrupting) Wait. Can these books tell the future?
The Chronicler: In parts. Thought, just glimpses of the future really.
Spyro: Then I want to know what will happen to Cynder.
The Chronicler: Spyro, you don't und...
Spyro: (interrupting) Please! I must know.
The Chronicler: Very well...but hers is a darker tale. Spyro, you must understand, when she was taken by Gaul, she was poisoned and corrupted, made to do the Dark Master's bidding. Her entire life has been spent in shadow. She knows no other way. And when the Dark Master returns... she will concede. No one can resist the temptation... not even the strongest among us.
Spyro: I don't believe that.
The Chronicler: Spyro, let me tell you another story.
Sparx: Oooh, oooh, oooh! Can I pick the story this time?
The Chronicler: There was once a dragon, long ago, whose raw power was far greater than anyone had ever seen or... could imagine. At first, he mastered fire... which was odd because he was not a fire dragon. Then came ice and wind... and other abilities none not possible. Is this story sounding familiar?
Spyro: It was a purple dragon... like me.
The Chronicler: The first purple dragon... In the beginning, he was encouraged... and secrets of elemental mastery were passed onto him willingly by the elders. But his power... was limitless... it knew no boundary. He consumed... everything. When he would not stop, he was cast into exile. And from his new fortress within the mountain, he built an army... not of dragons, but of apes... and taught them to artificially harness the power of the gems... Our life force.
Spyro: You're talking about the Dark Master...
The Chronicler: Yes. And in his dark seclusion, the sheer weight of his malice cracked the very foundation of the mountain, splitting the earth, creating a pit of despair... Where the lost souls of this world could reside.
Spyro: The Well of Souls!
The Chronicler: ...created by the very beast who now seeks to escape it.

Spyro: B-but you said that the eclipse would only allow the spirits to escape for a short while!
The Chronicler: Yes, but if there was ever a spirit powerful enough...
Spyro: That how do we stop it?
The Chronicler: There is no stopping it. It has been written.
Spyro: Then why have you called us here? I don't understand.
The Chronicler: To ride out the storm...where you'll be safe...and live to fight another day.
Sparx: Well, That sounds pretty good.
Spyro: What about the others? What about their safety?
The Chronicler: I fear the worst for the others...
Spyro: ...and Cynder? Am I supposed to sit here and do anything...while she joins THEM?!
Sparx: Let me field this one...yes!
Spyro: No! You keep talking about choosing a path. But what about Cynder? She was never give a choice. I have to try...I'm going and you can't stop me.
The Chronicler: Then...I won't. Young dragon, I've waited far too long to watch you leave here stricken with grief and doubt. You'll need a clear mind and a pure heart if you are to withstand the evil that consumes that place.
Spyro: I know this is not the path you would choose for me. But I have to walk my own path... and do what I know is right.
The Chronicler: So be it, Spyro. I will show you the way. But you must hurry. The dark hour of the eclipse is near...and haste will be your only ally.
Sparx: Alright then...well...uh, just so I know why I died...The plan is to wander into the land of darkness to face an army of evil creatures that will want to kill us. So we can try to rescue another evil creature that has already tried to KILL US!? I'm pumped! Let's...let's do this.

Spyro: Sparx, you don't need to come with me. I won't think less of you if you stay behind.
Sparx: No way... and miss the opportunity to live out my worst nightmares? (to himself) Yeah boy...What am I saying?

Assassin: [muffled and laughs evilly] Time to feel some pain!
Sparx: [screams] He wants to steal my brain!
Spyro: Actually, he said it's time for pain.
Sparx: Really? Whew! (quietly, to himself) For a second there I thought I lost you, buddy.

Spyro: What is this?
Sparx: It looks like the entrance to a horrible pit of despair, of which we will probably never escape. But we should probably go inside to be sure. Wooooo!! (Descends into the pit)
Spyro: (to himself) He's so weird. (Flies in after Sparx)

Spyro: Where are we?
Sparx: The better question is...what's that smell?
Gaul: [laughing evilly] The purple whelping! It's fitting that you should be here we bear witness to the dawn of a new age...and the failure of your pathetic race of dragons.
Spyro: I wouldn't miss it, Gaul.
Gaul: Then please...have a seat. [Zaps Spyro with his staff. Laughing evilly] Foolish are no match.
Spyro: I've made it this far, haven't I?
Gaul: Yes. You have been quite elusive. Had I but known that all it would take would be your miserable amity for Cynder.
Sparx: Psst, What's "amity"?
Gaul: How tragic really...that she should be the one to destroy you.
(Cynder flies in and attacks Spyro)
Sparx: AGH! The nightmare never ends!
Spyro: You don't need to do this, Cynder.
Cynder: Just like old times, huh Spyro? Same as last time. Line me up with his staff.
(Cynder flies at Gaul who grabs her neck)
Gaul: This isn't over! (Throws Cynder into the wall) Don't touch him! The whelping is mine!

Gaul: Your time is over...dragon! [laughing evilly]

Gaul: (His last words before his death by Dark Spyro using his Dark Aether Fury) What are you waiting for, dragon? Finish me! [laughs] Coward! [laughing evilly]

Cynder: What's happening down there?
Sparx: Spyro? You okay, buddy? [screams as Dark Spyro appears in the beam of dark energy]
Cynder: Oh no!

Cynder: Spyro, stop!
Sparx: Whoa, calm down man, it's me!
Spyro: I...I can't...
(Cynder flies up and pushes Spyro out of the beam of dark energy)
Sparx: Spyro...
Spyro: What have I done?
Cynder: You're okay, Spyro. You're with friends.
Spyro: I'm sorry...I...I couldn't stop.
Sparx: Uh oh! That's our only way out!
Cynder: Come on! Now's our chance!
Spyro: Just go...
Cynder: Get up, Spyro! We're not leaving without you.
Sparx: Usually I would say ignore her, but she's making sense this time.
Spyro: Oh no...we're trapped!
The Chronicler: Ride out this storm...and live to fight another day...
Spyro: Get close to me! Now!
(Spyro uses his Time Fury to create a yellow crystal which protects himself, Sparx and Cynder from the collapsing mountain)

(Last lines)
The Chronicler: Young dragon, all our hope now lies with you. When you wake up, it will be a different world. But know this: you are not alone. you have allies.


  • A darkness falls, a hero must rise!
  • When darkness decends, a true hero must rise!

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