The Leopard Man

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The Leopard Man is a 1943 film about a seemingly tame leopard used for a publicity stunt that escapes and kills a young girl, spreading panic throughout a sleepy New Mexico town.

Directed by Jacques Tourneur. Written by Ardel Wray, based on Black Alibi by Cornell Woolrich.
Strange Savage Murder... Striking At Women Only!  (taglines)

Kiki Walker[edit]

  • It may sound like music to her. I can do better with my teeth in a cold shower.
  • We're not going to catch a train, Darling - we're going to stay right here and catch a murderer.


Eloise: Don't take this personally Miss Walker, but it's ironic - I mean, you being a big star and me being a cigarette girl.
Kiki Walker: I know, I know. You got the talent and I got the breaks. I heard it in every nightclub.

Eloise: If you got cold feet honey, I'll take over for you. That little red dress of yours fits me just perfect.
Kiki Walker: Someday you'll try on my coffin and I hope it fits you just perfect.


  • Women Alone the Victims of Strange, Savage Killer!
  • Strange Savage Murder... Striking At Women Only!
  • A shriek in the night—another victim torn to pieces by claw and fang! Is it man-like beast or beast-like man that picks only beauty as prey—and why?
  • Don't Be Afraid To Know the Truth about the Monster That Killed For a Thrill!


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