The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice

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The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice (2008) film is the third instalment in The Librarian series and this story finds Flynn suffering from a series of strange dreams which led him to New Orleans, where he finds himself in the midst of uncovering a conspiracy that involves the notorious vampire Prince Vlad Dracul and must overcome his fears to protect one of the world's most sacred artifacts, the Judas Chalice, or face the consequences of it falling into the wrong hands.

Directed by Jonathan Frakes

Flynn Carson[edit]

  • One porcelain vase. Early Ming dynasty, cira 1400. Lot 011.
  • (handing over the check) And let's wait about two weeks before cashing that. Shall we.
  • I just woke up in vampire's lair!!!
  • Well, you know I have dated old women before but uh, dead is new for me.
  • Judson, I know that you are over 2,000 years old and I also know that the library is pitched in a larger battle between good and evil.

Professor Lazlo/ Vlad[edit]

  • (to Flynn) You follow vampire into woods at night? I thought you were a smart boy.
  • (to his class) Go now. Be young.

Simone Renoir[edit]

  • (to Flynn): I left you at the dock to protect you.
  • I loved you, Flynn... for a little while.
  • Lets go somewhere more private.
  • I don't kill for food.

Sergei Kubichek[edit]

  • Rise from the dead, warrior prince! Rise and do my bidding!
  • They turn church into nightclub... Americans.
  • The professor made good translation from wax.
  • Make it interesting.


  • (seeing the bid for $150,000) Are you tring to bankrupt us?!
  • (drunkenly to Flynn) You have time off. Get out of this apartment!
  • (to Flynn) You have some vacation time coming, but don't get greedy.


  • (after almost falling out of the door) Who are these people?
  • Okay, Mr. Librarian. What kind of fancy book will get you out of this one?
  • You're not going to think yourself out of this one, bookboy.
  • (confronted by all the vampires, to Flynn) You got a plan, bookboy; because I would love to hear it!
  • (to Simone and Flynn) Well, got you again! Honestly, we're not thiss good. You two kind of suck at sneaking around.


  • Mason: You're going to lose, Flynn!
  • Andre: Laissess les bons temps rouler, baby!
  • Andre: Bon chance, professor man!


Kubichek: You don't know who I am.
Flynn: Sergei Kubichek. Former KGB. Security minister in the new Russian government until six months ago when you resigned over charges that you were... regressive. Democracy not working for you, Sergei?
Kubichek: Chaos not working for me... starvation
Flynn: Well, one man can't fix it all.
Kubichek: One man leading army of unkillable soldiers can.

Flynn: (seeing all the large relics) Charlene, how big is the library?
Charlene: As big as we need it to be.

Judson: So, did you find the Philosopher's Stone?
Flynn: (digging in his pockets) Oh, yeah.
Charlene: Ask him how much it costs?

Charlene: (about Flynn, after he leaves for vacation) Do you think he'll come back?
Judson: He'll come back. The library has plans for him.

Kubichek: I enjoyed lecture, professor. Very informative.
Professor Lazlo: Two-thousand years of Romanian history and all they want to know about is the vampires.

Simone: (walking with a tray) Good, you're awake. I made you some tea.
Flynn: (jumping up) But I saw you get shot. You had no pulse. You... were dead.
Simone: Yeah, sure. I was already dead.
Flynn: What do you mean? What do you mean dead? Like undead? Like a vampire?

Flynn: (seeing the boat) This is the luckiest boat in New Orleans?
Andre: Well, I never said she was the prettiest.

Kuicheck: (looking around to see few people) Didn't we bring more men?
Ivan: Well, George disappeared, then Peter and two others... Drinking maybe.
Kubicheck: It's so hard to find good help these days.

Simone: You cannot escape your destiny, Flynn.
Flynn: No, I was trying to take a little vacation from it, but it didn't seem to work out.
Simone: No! If you fight your destiny you will be miserable. You must embrace it and revel in every moment of it.

Flynn: (waking up tied to a chair after Ivan slaps him, speaking Russian) Excuse me, but can I have a glass of water before we get started?
Ivan: (just looks at him a moment before slapping him again) No, you can't!
Kubicheck: (entering the room) Was clue where old man said it was... (seeing Flynn) Oh, hello.
Ivan: The clue and more. (handing him the marker)
Kubicheck: Good work.


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