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The Librarians (2014 - 2018)is an American television series developed by John Rogers that is broadcast on TNT, premiering on December 7, 2014. It is a direct spin-off of The Librarian Film Series.

Season 1[edit]

And the Crown of King Arthur [1.1][edit]

Eve: That... That... That's Excalibur? You call Excalibur "Cal"?
Flynn: We are friends, best friends. Besties, really.

Jacob: Is that a flying sword?
Flynn: Excalibur.
Jacob: He's got a flying sword!

And the Horns of a Dilemma [1.3][edit]

Ezekiel: Close your eyes. Focus on your other senses.
Cassandra: My other senses and I don't get along so well.

And Santa's Midnight Run [1.4][edit]

Cassandra: Santa is real!

Cassandra: Mrs. Claus is real?!
Jenkins: Oh shiny balls, yes.

Cassandra: Santa knows my name.

Eve: You're gonna talk in the 3rd person, all day. Awesome.

Santa: Now go and give them back the gift of hope.

And the Apple of Discord [1.5][edit]

Cassandra: Oh no, it's not dangerous, but I think I am.

And the Fables of Doom [1.6][edit]

Cassandra: Where did you get the ax?
Jacob: I don't know. You smell that? Storm's a-comin'.
Eve: There's a bird on you.
Jacob: Yeah.

Jenkins Just out of curiosity, what roles are you playing?
Eve: Well, I'm pretty sure Stone's The Huntsman.
Jacob: And Cassandra is Prince Charming.
Cassandra: Weirdly.
Jacob: And Baird is a Princess.
Eve:Pffft! A Princess? (laughs) It's happening.

Cassandra: Hey, come with me if you want to live!

Cassandra: Together, we will fight. And together, we will win.

Jamie: Dad, who are those people?
Sheriff: They're Librarians, honey.
Jamie: Librarians?
Sheriff: Wow, now that I say that aloud that does not make any sense at all.

And the City of Light [1.9][edit]

Ezekiel: I just think that if a super intelligent powerful alien race arrives, we should be prepared.
Eve: You're planning on selling out the human race, aren't you?
Ezekiel: I will absolutely sell out the human race to our new alien ovelords. Don't fight them, they know what's best for us.

And the Loom of Fate [1.10][edit]

Eve: I got to see what you were like if you weren't librarian.
Flynn: How was I?
Eve: Scattered. Annoying. Alternating between between genius and bad puns.
Flynn: So, business as usual.


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