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The Little Bear Movie is a film based on the television series Little Bear, which in turn is based on the book of the same name which was written by Else Holmelund Minarik and illustrated by Maurice Sendak, and produced by Wild Things Productions and Nelvana Limited for Paramount Pictures. The film was released direct-to-video on August 7, 2001 by Paramount Home Video.


[first lines]
Little Bear: Come on, slowpoke! We're going to be late! Whoa!
Father Bear: [muffled, through a sandwich in his mouth] Pudding Hill... [removes the sandwich] Pudding Hill will still be there, Little Bear!
Little Bear: But I want to be there, too.

Little Bear: Cub, Stop eating the berries.
Cub: [mouth full] Why? That's what they're for.
Little Bear: Were going to bring these back to Mother Bear. She loves wild raspberries.
Cub: You think everything's wild.

Cub: Shh! What's that?
[Cub walks to the tree's trunk. then he pulls Cat's tail and yowls]
Cub: AGHH! MOUNTAIN LION! RUN! [runs behind Little Bear]
Little Bear: Cub wait! It's just Cat.
Cub: Just Cat?
Little Bear: We thought you were a mountain lion. Cub, this is Cat.
Cub: [sniffing Cat] I've never seen such a small cat.
Cat: And I've never seen such a rude bear.
Little Bear: This is Cub. He's from the wilderness.

[While Cub is still on the tree, he watches the others play around]
Little Bear: Come on Cub!
Owl: Fly to the moon.
Cat: You're not afraid are you?
Cub: No.
[Cub jumps of the tree and loses his spoons as he fell]
Duck: Welcome to the moon.
Cub: [looking around] The Moon looks a lot like the Earth.

Cat: [as Cub chases around roaring] I told you he was wild.
Duck: I wanna be wild too.

Cub: I haven't seen my parents for a long time.
Little Bear: What do you mean?
Cub: I don't know where my parents are.
Little Bear: Really?
Cub: We were trying to get home. And we got caught in a big storm.
Little Bear: What happen?
[The flashback begins]
Cub: It was raining hard and the wind was blowing. We tried to stay together, then I got lost.
[The flashback ends]
Little Bear: Who takes care of you?
Cub: I do.
Little Bear: You live all alone?
Cub: No, with two foxes Poppy and Pete.

Cub: [as he looks at the drawing] Do I look like that?
Duck: Sure.
Cub: [as he looks at all the other drawings] That one too?
Owl: Of course.
Cub: And even that one?
Cat: Yes.
Cub: But they're all different.
Little Bear: Well, it's the idea that counts. We;re going to hang them all over the forest.
Owl: And you're parents will see one.
Hen: And they'll know you're here.
Duck: Follow the leader!
[The trio leaves to put the drawings in the forest]

Cub: Poppy and Pete! Am I glad to see you.
Little Bear: Duck? It's okay, Duck. They're friends.
[The foxes still tackle Duck as she screams for help. and chases her around in circles]
Cub: Poppy! Pete!
[They didn't listen to what Cub said]
Cub and Little Bear: Poppy and Pete!
[They stopped causing Duck to fly into the air and right on the bushes]
Cub: Um... I was trying to get my friends back to our den before dark but we kind of got stuck out here. So why don't you lead the way.
Foxes: [barking and yipping]
Duck: [coming out of the bushes] That was fun!
Poppy: Poppy!
Pete: Pete!
Duck: Duck!
[The foxes and Duck leave while Little Bear and Cub follow]

Little Bear: Goodbye Cub.
Cub: Goodbye! Just look for me upon the moon!
[Cub and his family leaves as Little Bear and his friends watch]
Little Bear: Did you see how happy Cub was to see his parents again?
Father Bear: He sure was. Now why don't we go home, Little Bear?
Little Bear: Good idea.
[Everyone leaves as they go home]

[last lines]
Mother Bear: [accepting a hug from Little Bear] Oh my goodness, you are getting so big!
Little Bear: But not too big, right?
Mother Bear: [last line of the film; to Little Bear] Never too big. You will always be my Little Bear.


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