The Little Vampire (2017)

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The Little Vampire is an animated family movie staring Rudolph, a 13 year old vampire who finds an unlikely ally, 13 year old mortal Tony Thompson, in defeating ruthless vampire hunter, Rookery, and saving his family. This film is based on the popular books by German author Angela Sommer-Bodenburg; Der kleine Vampir.


  • I'll be thirteen again for the three-hundredth time. It's boring!
  • I don't know how you mortals can stand walking everywhere.
  • Hello!
  • Ready to fly?
  • You mortals! Always assuming!
  • Let's have some fun!
  • You are the strangest mortal.
  • Just tell yourself you're floating, like a leaf on the breeze.
  • It's still morning, I can tell. Do you want sunfried vampire on the menu?!
  • I'm a vampire, not a chicken!
  • Floating's boring!
  • You're not being cool at all!
  • This is gonna be some birthday.


  • How come I got the only room without garlic?
  • You are being so uncool!
  • Hey! Remember me? The kid who can't fly! You almost dropped me!
  • You bite it, you bought it.
  • (To Rookery) Do you always show up at the wrong time?!
  • Vampires and blood go together like... vampires and blood.
  • Not many hotel rooms come with coffins.
  • This is insane!


Gregory: What are you doing here?
Rudolph: I followed you. I thought you were heading for trouble, and I was right.
Gregory: You little idiot.

Rudolph: Don't try to run! If I let you escape you'll put a pack of mortals on my trail!
Tony: Why would I do that? You haven't done anything to me.
Rudolph: (Slyly) So far...
Tony: I even like vampires.
Rudolph: (Sarcastically) Of course you do! I know what you're up to. I've been warned!
Tony: I'm... not... scared of you. I'm not!
Rudolph: (Laughing) You're not scared... you're not scared?
Tony: Who am I kidding? I'm terrified.
Rudolph: I had a scary night too... forget I said that!
Tony: Too late!

[When Tony sees his own reflection in a mirror and not Rudolph's.]
Tony: It's true! Vampires don't cast reflections.
Rudolph: (Smirking) Makes it hard to comb your hair.
Tony: You are so cool!
Rudolph: (Laughs) What does my temperature have to do with it?
Tony: No, cool. Like awesome, like sick!
Rudolph: (Feels his forehead) I feel fine.
Tony: (Laughs) You've got a lot to learn, vampire.

Tony: So... you're not gonna bite me?
Rudolph: (Teasingly) Hmmm, time will tell.

Tony: Trust me.
Rudolph: I never thought I'd say this to a mortal, but... I do trust you.

Tony: Me and Rudolph are astronauts, remember?
Mr. Thompson: I liked Rudolph. Even wrapped in foil.

Tony: Rudolph?
Rudolph: Who did you expect, Count Dracula?

[When Rudolph is showing Tony how to fly.]
Tony: Sick.
Rudolph: Yes, it is excellent, isn't it?
Tony: No. I'm getting sick. As in barf!

Mr. Thompson: You're new friends are fantastic. Even if they are...
Tony: Vampires?
Mr. Thompson: European.

Tony: There is one big no-no.
Rudolph: What, no pillow fighting?

Rudolph: My problems are nothing to do with you.
Tony: That's such a stupid thing for a friend to say!
[Rudolph looks both taken aback and touched.]
Rudolph: Friend?
Tony: Yeah, friend.

[Rudolph and Tony are standing on a roof preparing to fly.]
Tony: (Nervously) Ok, ok. I can so do this, I mean, the worse that can happen is...
Rudolph: (Casually) You fall a few hundred feet.

[Tony is shivering after having been rescued from a lake by Rudolph and Anna.]
Anna: You're freezing. We'll go to your room and find you dry clothes.
Rudolph: Not necessary.
[He throws Tony into the air and he spins around repeatedly before Rudolph grabs his hand again.]
Tony: Oh, man! I'm dizzy!
Rudolph: But dry!

Rudolph: Come on, Gregory. Shake Tony's hand. He's cool!
[After a brief moment, Gregory's angry look fades and he smiles, shaking Tony's hand.]
Gregory: Gregory Sackville-Bagg. But what's your temperature got to do with anything?
Rudolph: You've got a lot to learn, big brother!

[Tony jumps on a newly sired vampire cow, which takes him flying.]
Rudolph: (to Gregory) It's called playing. I know, you hate it.
Gregory: It doesn't look so bad.

Rudolph: Ready to meet my parents?
Tony: They said yes?
Rudolph: Well, they didn't say no.
Tony: I just hope they don't suck.
Rudolph: What?
Tony: A joke.
Rudolph: Oh. (Laughs) I don't get it.

Tony: Can't you put a spell on them like Anna did?
Rudolph: Eurgh, that's a girl thing.
Tony: It's a vampire thing. Try it.
[Rudolph swoops down behind the two vampire hunters, speaking in a powerful voice.]
Rookery: (Passive) No, you don't. I don't feel a thing, except homicidal.
Rudolph: (to Tony) I told you it was a girl thing.

Rudolph: This becoming a bit of a habit. You get yourself stuck in some horrible mess, and then I come to your rescue.
Tony: Me? Well, what about you?
Rudolph: Well, I guess that's what friends are for.