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The Lizzie McGuire Movie is a 2003 American teen comedy film released by Walt Disney Pictures on May 2, 2003. The film serves as the finale of the Disney Channel television series of the same name, and was the first theatrical film based on a Disney Channel series. The film stars Hilary Duff, Adam Lamberg, Robert Carradine, Hallie Todd and Jake Thomas, and tells the story of Lizzie's graduation trip to Rome. At its release, the film peaked at number two at the domestic box office behind X2: X-Men United.

Lizzie McGuire[edit]

  • Goodbye Lizzie McGuire, hello fabulous.
  • I WAS hoping for smooth sailing in high school but, this will do!
  • I'm like, physically incapable of sneaking.
  • [animated version, on the phone] Prince William? Tell him I'll have to hold.
  • That would mean I would have to sneak away from the group. I'm like physically incapable of sneaking
  • This is impossible, I could never sing in front of an audience. I don't even let my mom hear me in the shower.


[At graduation]
Lizzie: Hey, Gordo! So, do I look okay?
Gordo: Lizzie, I'm your guy best friend, you should really talk to Miranda about this stuff.
Lizzie: But she's in Mexico City!
Gordo: Yes, your blue robe looks way cooler than all the other girls'.

Lizzie: Hey! You know this Paolo and Isabella CD isn't so bad. I mean if you're into the Alanis Morissette-y alternative, dark, like brooding, I-never-go-out-into-the-sunshine-and-my-life's-a-miserable-black-hole-of-depression kinda thing, then you'd think they stink. But I mean for a like driving-around-in-the-car-with-the-top-down-putting-on-your-lip-gloss-loving-life kinda thing, they're good! Here, listen...
[he leans close so they can share the headphones]
Gordo: Not bad. You use scented soap, huh?
Lizzie: What?
Gordo: Uh... n-never mind.

Matt McGuire: What is that?
Gordo: That is Miss Ungermeyer. Get on her good side, and it's your one-way ticket to an Ivy League School. But if you get on her bad side...
Janitor: [passing by with mop bucket] ... excuse me, gotta clean up some vomit.
Matt McGuire: You end up like that guy?
Gordo': You end up working for that guy.

Ethan: When are we going to eat spaghetti?
Kate: Its like nine in the morning.
Ethan: So what? You've never had spaghetti for breakfast before?
Kate: I don't eat carbs!
Ethan: So I suppose you've never had a spaghetti sandwich before?
Kate: This experience is so totally wasted on you...
Miss Ungermeyer: Craft! Sanders! Separate!
Kate: Oh, we did! And thank god!
Miss Ungermeyer: Ok, let's try something at your education level and take a ten minute shopping break while I choke down an espresso.

Miss Ungermeyer: You tell us where Lizzie is or this deck is gonna catch some serious air!
Ethan: Well it's possible that she's at the Italian Music Video Awards doubling for the Italian pop star Isabella who's like totally her twin.
Ethan: Why does everyone always look at me like that?

Ethan: The sting.
Gordo: What sting?
Ethan: You want a little mano a mano?
Gordo: See, this is one of the reasons that me and you aren't friends. 'Cause I-I never have any idea what you're talking about.
Ethan: Ya, see. Some dudes get the approach. Others, the sting. That Italian dude? He's big-time approach.
Gordo: I actually feel my brain turning into goo.
Ethan: Embrace the sting. That's what you're vibin' here from Lizzie.
Gordo: Wait a minute. Now, you actually think that I'm jealous of Paolo.
Ethan: Word.
Gordo: [chuckling] Oh, no. No, see, that would mean that I like Lizzie as more than a friend.
Ethan: See? What do you mean you and I have trouble communicating, bro?
Gordo: [annoyed] You're wrong, man!

[Isabella stands opposite Lizzie, and Gordo is freaked out by the resemblance]
Gordo: Freaky, huh?
Lizzie: Way freaky!
Isabella: [in her Italian accent] Way, way freaky!

[Jo McGuire is trying to get assistance from the hotel desk clerk]
Jo McGuire: That's McGuire, Lizzie McGuire.
Giorgio: Yes, we are in the travel guides.
Jo McGuire: No, no, we're the parents of Lizzie.
Giorgio: Ah. l Via Liuzzi. I call a cab. Is very far.
Jo McGuire: Anyone else want to step up to the plate?

Isabella: [holding up a tabloid picture] Who is this girl? I've been on the island this whole time...
Gordo: [crawls underneath the mob] I can explain. That's my friend, Lizzie McGuire.
[He is dragged up to his feet by two security guards]
Isabella: [to security guards] Put him down, put him down. [looks around, turns to Gordo] We need to talk... in private.
[Isabella pulls him away]


  • The Only Risk In Taking An Adventure Is Not Taking It At All.
  • Lizze McGuire goes to Rome.
  • Go To Rome With Lizzie
  • She's going places.
  • From ordinary girl to international pop star.


  • Hilary Duff as Elizabeth Brooke "Lizzie" McGuire / Isabella Parigi
    • Singing voice for Isabella Parigi provided by Haylie Duff
  • Adam Lamberg as David Zephyr "Gordo" Gordon, Lizzie's best friend and love interest
  • Robert Carradine as Samuel "Sam" McGuire, Lizzie and Matt's father
  • Hallie Todd as Joanne "Jo" McGuire, Lizzie and Matt's mother
  • Jake Thomas as Matthew "Matt" McGuire, Lizzie's little brother
  • Yani Gellman as Paolo Valisari
  • Alex Borstein as Ms. Angela Ungermeyer
  • Clayton Snyder as Ethan Craft, Lizzie's classmate
  • Ashlie Brillault as Katherine "Kate" Sanders, Lizzie's popular ex-best friend who she later reconciles with
  • Brendan Kelly as Sergei
  • Carly Schroeder as Melina Bianco, Matt's best friend
  • Daniel Escobar as Mr. Escobar, the drama teacher/choir director at Hillridge Junior High School.
  • Jody Raicot as Giorgio
  • Terra MacLeod as Franca DiMontecatini
  • Claude Knowlton as the stage manager

Credits adapted from The New York Times.

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