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The Losers (20032006) is a 32-issue comic series published by the Vertigo imprint of DC Comics, following a team of special forces soldiers who declare war on the CIA after their Agency handler tries to assassinate them.

Issue #1[edit]

Aisha: I was born in a desert place. War was my only mother. As a child, I moved through the battlefield and slit the throats of screaming Russian boys. I firebombed my first tank when I was twelve years old and machine-gunned the crew as they fled, burning.

Pooch: Hell, let's just say it out loud. You're talking about declarin' war on the Central Intelligence Agency.
Cougar: They started it.

Jensen [describing a CIA heroin smuggling operation]: So they're selling shit to the American people to raise money to protect the American people from the guys they produce the shit they're selling them in the first place. This is fucked up on so many levels, man...
Muscular Man on the Bus [as Max is getting away on a public bus]: That's a nice watch, holmes." [Max looks at the man, and his equally large friend and holds out his arm so they may "have" his watch.]

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