The Lost Room

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The Lost Room is a science fiction television miniseries that aired on the Sci Fi Channel in 2006.

The Key and the Clock[edit]

Joe: What about the bus ticket?
Wally: Not that useful. Unless you want to get to a little spot outside Gallup, New Mexico in a jiffy, which I don't.
Joe: Why Gallup?
Wally: Why not?
Joe: What happened in that motel room? Wally.
Wally: Something terrible. Look...Detective Miller, do you ever feel that there's something wrong with the universe?
Joe: Yeah, sure.
Wally: Well, you're right. Things like this shouldn't happen. But in that motel room, they did.

Wally: For your crimes against decency, and politeness, and common courtesy, I condemn you to hell!

Joe: According to the money transfer, someone tried to buy this key for two million bucks.
Lou: I'd pay three.
Joe: Well, we can't keep it. Three people are dead because of it.
Lou: I know. But let's enjoy it now. While we can. Okay?
(Joe laughs)
Lou: Who knows if we're gonna get another chance like this.
Joe: Yeah.

The Comb and the Watch Box[edit]

Joe: Where's Room 10?
Wally: There is no Room 10. It never existed. At least not after May the 4th, 1961.

Jennifer: Here's some fake I.D.'s, a couple of credit cards. They should last for a while.
Joe: "Joe Doorman?" Hilarious.

Wally: I don't believe in ghosts, all right?
Joe: Yeah, me neither. I mean, magic bus ticket, sure. But ghosts, no.

The Eye and the Occupant[edit]

Karl Kreutzfeld: Thank you for coming to me with this. I'll of course pay whatever it is you're asking, whatever price you think is fair. And I shall accept your word that it's genuine. But if at some point I should find out that it's fake, that you tried to con me in any way, or that I hear you've made copies and someone else has one...then I'll have to come back here and hurt you.
The Sood: Mr. Kreutzfeld. My friend. I am the Sood. I deal in Science. No fakes, no forgeries, no duplicates. I stake my life on it.

Weasel: Well, well. Took me a while, Detective. You're a difficult man to track down. But every riddle has an answer--
Joe: I don't have it.

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