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The Love Letter is a 1999 film directed by Peter Chan and starring Kate Capshaw. It is based on the novel by Cathleen Schine. The original music score was composed by Luis Enriquez Bacalov. The film takes place in the New England town of Loblolly-by-the-Sea.

No one knows who sent it. No one knows who it's for. But everyone's getting the same message.taglines


Miss Scattergoods: I do think, dear, that, whenever I get the urge to exercise, I lie down until it passes over.

Miss Scattergoods: A thinning gene pool is a terrible thing to witness. Ah, civilization's crowing achievement: the cocktail hour.

Janet: Daddy's going to play with his fire hose. That's didn't sound right.

Janet: Okay. Well, here are your books. Uh, the Complete Idiots Guide to Surviving Divorce, The Divorce Workbook, and of course, how come nobody loves me?

Lillian: So, there are you darling, Mommy's a dyke.

Lillian: It's one of the ironies of my otherwise straight forward life that I have fallen in love twice. Both times with people who insist on living in this godforsaken town.

Janet: [George is about to fumigate a beehive] *BE* careful! Get it?

Johnny: No one knows what they want, Jennifer. That's the human condition.
Jennifer: Some people know what they want. I mean, they might not know how to get it but they know what they want.

Text of the letter: Dearest, Do you know how much in love with you I am? Did I trip? Did I stumble - lose my balance, graze my knee, graze my heart? I know I'm in love when I see you. I know when I long to see you, I'm on fire. Not a muscle has moved. Leaves hang unruffled by any breeze. The air is still. I have fallen in love without taking a step. You are all wrong for me and I know it, but I can no longer care for my thoughts unless they are thoughts of you. When I am close to you, I feel your hair brush my cheek when it does not. I look away from you sometimes, then I look back. When I tie my shoes, when I peel an orange, when I drive my car, when I lie my car, when i lie down each night without you, I remain,
Text of the letter: Yours.

Johnny: I've never felt this way before.
Helen: Of course not. You're twenty.

Janet: [surrounded by a group of women in the cafe hanging on her every word] that is my feelings on salt and pepper and sugar. Condiments: let's move onto that. Ketchup: obviously the most popular condiment. I don't think anybody's going to disagree with me on that one. First of all, always wipe the bottles down. Sticky: there's nothing grosser than that. I mean, I'm sure there's something grosser... but it's pretty gross to have it sticky when you're trying to have a...


  • No one knows who sent it. No one knows who it's for. But everyone's getting the same message.


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