The Luck of the Irish (1948 film)

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The Luck of the Irish is a 1948 film about a leprechaun who assists an American reporter, acting as the newsman's servant and conscience.

Directed by Henry Koster. Written by Philip Dunne.
The Picture that's as happy as Irish laughter  (taglines)


  • [to Stephen] I offered you gold. 'Tis not my fault you prefer a pebble.


David C. Augur: Do you know the oldest and noblest occupation of them all?
Stephen Fitzgerald: I think so.
David C. Augur: [pause] I mean politics.
Stephen Fitzgerald: Well, you'll admit there are certain points of similarity.

Frances Augur: You needn't smile quite so cordially when you tip hat check girls. Gives them ideas.
Stephen Fitzgerald: Well, she gave me a couple.

Sen. Ransom: How much do you want for Mr. Fitzgerald?
David C. Augur: He's not for sale.
Sen. Ransom: [Cynically] I understood he was.

Stephen Fitzgerald: Well, you stay here in the car in case someone comes along, and I'll scout up the road a bit. Must lead somewhere.
Bill Clark: Don't be sure. Irish paths are whimsical - like the Irish character.


  • The Picture that's as happy as Irish laughter
  • Choosing good is the real pot of gold!


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