The Mad Ghoul

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The Mad Ghoul is a 1943 film about a university chemistry professor who experiments with an ancient Mayan gas on a medical student, turning the would-be surgeon into a murdering ghoul.

Directed by James P. Hogan. Written by Paul Gangelin.


'Scoop' McClure: What kind of corpse do I make, Mr. Egan?
Egan (mortician): Very nice, very nice indeed... considering you have the disadvantage of being alive. Now if I was preparing you...
'Scoop' McClure: Never mind. That;s one disadvantage I want to keep for a while.

Ted Allison: I can't help feeling a sense of evil in all this.
Dr. Alfred Morris: Moral concepts? I'm a scientist. To me there is no good or evil, only true or false. Work with one; discard the other.

Dr. Alfred Morris: [Shocked to find Ted destroying the formula] You fool! You madman! What have you done?
Ted Allison: I'm sending this evil back into the darkness!
Dr. Alfred Morris: Ted, you're mad! You can't do this!
Ted Allison: You're wrong, Doctor. There's nothing left of it now but you, and me, and this!


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