The Mad Magician

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The Mad Magician is a 1954 film about a magician who is driven to commit murder.

Directed by John Brahm. Written by Crane Wilbur.


The Great Rinaldi: [about Ormond] You had every reason to hate him. What did you do with him, Gallico? How did you get rid of it? Was this thing already built and hidden away, waiting for a job like that?
Don Gallico: Ormond was seen alive two weeks ago, The Prentisses identified him.
The Great Rinaldi: That didn't have to be him.
Don Gallico: Who else could it have been?
The Great Rinaldi: It could have been you, Gallico. From what Ormond told me you are a clever man, developed a wonderful new makeup, something new in the theater. Something that might be used offstage too. Only a man who dreams up illusions would think of such a thing, and only people of the theater would know it was possible.


  • 3D THRILL! Fuel for the human bonfire!
  • Astounding! Astonishing! Amaazing! So different you'll hardly believe your eyes!


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