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The Magic Pudding is a 2000 Australian animated musical adventure comedy film loosely based on the 1918 story of the same name by Norman Lindsay. Directed by Karl Zwicky, the film features an ensemble cast of known voice actors, including Sam Neill, Geoffrey Rush, Hugo Weaving, Jack Thompson, Toni Collette and John Cleese.

Always Running Away, But Never Running Out!  (taglines)


  • By the way, the names Albert thank you very much, now shut up and eat me.


  • I want that PUDDING!
  • [to Watkin and Patrick] Bring me that pudding, or I’ll sent you down to the food mines!
  • Give me all the puddings in the world!


Watkin: Puddings, we’re asking about puddings?
Benjamin Brandysnap: [angrily] Who cares about puddings, Get out of my store!

Bill: Bill Barnacle's the name.
Bunyip: Bunyip Bluegum.
Bill: and this is my first mate Sam Sawnoff.


  • Always Running Away, But Never Running Out!


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