The Magnetic Monster

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The Magnetic Monster is a 1953 film about scientists who discover an element that is dangerously magnetic.

Directed by Curt Siodmak. Written by Ivan Tors.
The astounding story of the "thing" that came alive!  (taglines)


Gen. Behan: The Canadian government operates a top-secret plant in Nova Scotia. They own the most powerful Deltatron in existence. When they realize the common danger, they'll let us use it.
Mayor: Nova Scotia is 4000 miles away. The period between cycles is 11 hours. How are we gonna transport it there in that time?
Gen. Behan: Our jets travel at 600 miles an hour. And what's more, the new alloys used in our jets are non-magnetic. They will not be affected by the cargo. You, Dr. Stewart, and Forbes can follow in another plane, just in case. [picks up phone] Operator, this is General Behan. Give me Washington. Connect me with the Secretary of Defense. [to Dr. Stewart and Mayor] I like this world. Let's keep it in one piece. Or at least, let's try.

Dr. Jeffrey Stewart: Hey, you're not so skinny.
Connie Stewart: I'm working on it. I'm getting bigger and better.
Dr. Jeffrey Stewart: Secret of multiplication.
Connie Stewart: What are you talking about?
Dr. Jeffrey Stewart: I'm not sure. Excepting they both seem to have something to do with multiplication. Done through love, the result is a baby, a... a lovely thing. But without love, done through hate or... or fear, the result is a monster, an element that grows.
Connie Stewart: Jeff...


  • the thing that came alive
  • This one man stands between the earth and DOOM!
  • See: terror sweep through the heart of a city in the dead of night!
  • Monstrous Frankenstein Terrorizes Earth!
  • Terror swoops through the heart of a city in the dead of night!
  • See The Only Man That Dared To Track The Monster To Its Lair!
  • Cosmic frankenstein terrorizes earth!
  • The astounding story of the "thing" that came alive!


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