The Man Who Laughs (1928 film)

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The Man Who Laughs is a 1928 film about a proud noble who refuses to kiss the hand of the despotic King James in 1690. He is cruelly executed and his son surgically disfigured.

Directed by Paul Leni. Written by J. Grubb Alexander, based on the novel by Victor Hugo.


Lord Clancharlie: I came back to find my little son. What have you done with him?
King James II: By our grace he is still alive, and quite well, I believe. A Comprachico surgeon carved a grin upon his face so he might laugh forever at his fool of a father.

Ursus: [looking at the baby] Blind![sees Gwynplaine grinning] Stop laughing! Stop laughing I say!
Gwynplaine: I'm not laughing!
Ursus: Comprachicos!