The Man Without a Face

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The Man Without a Face is a 1993 drama film starring and directed by Mel Gibson. The movie is based on Isabelle Holland's 1972 novel of the same name. Gibson's directorial debut received respectful reviews from most critics.


McLeod: What is your name?
Chuck: Chuck. Chuck Norstadt.
McLeod: Well, Chuck. Chuck Norstadt.

McLeod: "Why the System Should Be Changed" - exclaimation point - "by Charles E. Norstadt". I had no idea you pondered such weighty matters, Charles E.

McLeod: The problem is one of water.
Chuck: Water?
McLeod: Water. Women have, on average. About 5% more of it than do men, making them subject to different forces of gravity. Oh, don't take my word for it. You can look it up in Newton. It's there.
Chuck: Couldn't they be drained?

[McLeod laughs]

Chuck: I'm serious!
McLeod: Well, I believe they're waiting for us to drink more fluids.

Meg: The freak's a teacher? Come on!
Chuck: I think he is actually.
Meg: Well, what does he teach?
Chuck: He makes me dig holes.

McLeod: Think, Norstadt. Reason. Have I ever abused you? Did I ever lay a hand on you of anything but friendship on you? Could I? Could you imagine me ever doing so? And what about the past?
Chuck: Just tell me you didn't do it. I'll believe you.
McLeod: No. No, sir! I didn't spend all summer so you could cheat on this question.

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