The Man from Planet X

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The Man from Planet X is a 1951 film about an enigmatic extraterrestrial scout that arrives on a remote Scottish island with unknown intentions.

Directed by Edgar G. Ulmer. Written by Aubrey Wisberg.
The Deadliest Enemy the World has ever Known!  (taglines)

John Lawrence[edit]

  • If the men don't buckle down to the job, this is going to be a village of zombies!
  • If I only were not so helpless before the voiceless threat of the unknown.

Dr. Mears[edit]

  • To think - a fantastic gnome like you had to hurdle out of space to put this power in my hands. Well, now that we've made contact, I'm gonna tear out every secret you've got!
  • A man who controls this formula controls the industry of the world.


  • Professor Elliot: Your statement has the tinge of fantasy.


Enid Elliot: When I got close to it, it looked like a giant glass ball girdled with something like a steel belt. Three of them, I think. When I got close enough to look in - there it was.
Professor Elliot: It? What?
Enid Elliot: That face! Right on the other side of the glass looking right into mine! I was terrified!
Professor Elliot: A face? A human face?
Enid Elliot: A ghastly caricature like something distorted by pressure. I can't think how else to describe it - a horrible, grotesque face looking right into my eyes!

John Lawrence: What'd you do to him back there in the dungeon?
Dr. Mears: Do to him? Why I didn't do anything. Nothing at all.
John Lawrence: He showed a definite disposition for friendliness when I left.
Dr. Mears: Well how can you talk of him as if he were a human being? How do we know what thought processes run through his head? How can we even assume that he thinks like we do? How can you anticipate what a fantastic organism like that might do or might not do?
John Lawrence: Alright! Alright!

Enid Elliot: Is it true that no one will ever know what happened here?
John Lawrence: Knowledge would only bring more fear in a world already filled with it.
Enid Elliot: Can such a thing be kept a secret?
John Lawrence: No. No, but it can be reduced to gossip.

Enid Elliot: You know, I think that creature was friendly. I wonder what would have happened if... if Dr. Mears hadn't frightened him.
John Lawrence: Who knows? Perhaps the greatest curse ever to befall the world, or perhaps the greatest blessing.


  • The WEIRDEST Visitor the Earth has ever seen!
  • The Deadliest Enemy the World has ever Known!


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