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The Man in the High Castle (2015–2019) is an American dystopian alternative history television series, released by Amazon Video, loosely based on the 1962 novel of the same name by American science fiction author Philip K. Dick. The story is an alternative history of the world in which the Axis powers won World War II. The United States has been partitioned into three parts: the Japanese puppet state of the Pacific States of America, which comprises the former United States west of the Rocky Mountains; a Nazi puppet state that comprises the eastern half of the former United States; and a neutral zone that acts as a buffer between the two areas, called the Rocky Mountain States.

Season 1[edit]

The New World [1.01][edit]

Don Warren: You know what those brownshirts out there would do if they caught you?
Joe Blake: I'm not afraid to die.
Don Warren: Me, either. Might be a relief, actually. But how you feel about pain?
Joe Blake: Pain?
Don Warren: Yeah. When they're plucking your fingernails out one by one, or they're cracking your balls open like walnuts. That's when maybe you stop caring about what your old man said and tell Johnny Jackboot out there my name, or just about anything else he wants.
Joe Blake: You're so afraid, why are you here?
Don Warren: I fought in the war, kid. I saw my buddies' brains get blown out on Virginia Beach. You... You're just a punk who could get me caught.
Joe Blake: Yeah, I guess I'm afraid of pain. I don't have any buddies who died in the war. I don't really know what freedom is. But I'm not a punk and I'm not a spy, Mr. Warren. I'm here because I want to do the right thing. So you gonna give me the job or not?

[Joe Blake asks about the police officer's tattoo of a knife through a flower]
Police officer: Oh? A soldier so fierce he’d kill a rose.
Joe Blake: That was you?
Police officer: A long time ago. We lost the war didn’t we? Now I can’t even remember what we were fighting for.

Joe Blake: [noticing ashes falling like snowflakes] What is that?
Police Officer: Oh, that's the hospital.
Joe Blake: The hospital?
Police Officer: Yeah, Tuesdays, they burn cripples...the terminally ill. Drag on the state.

Frank Frink: Hey, what is this?
Juliana Crain: It's newsreel film.
Frank Frink: Yeah, I see that.
Juliana Crain: It shows us winning the war.
Frank Frink: But we didn't win the war.
Juliana Crain: That's what they told us.

Joe Blake: [on the phone] Hey, it's me.
John Smith: How was your journey?
Joe Blake: No one stopped me.
John Smith: Then your cover's intact. I'll tell your father, Joe. I know he'll be very proud.
Joe Blake: Thank you, Obergruppenfuhrer. I hope so.
John Smith: Heil Hitler.
Joe Blake: Heil Hitler.

Sunrise [1.02][edit]

John Smith: Why do you want to succeed, son? Why do you want to do well in school?
Thomas Smith: To make my family proud. To bring honor to my school. To serve my country.
John Smith: Your goals are directed outward. A boy like Randolph wants only to gratify himself. This is the path to moral decay. The decadence ruined this country before the war. You will grow to be a useful member of society. You will make our nation stronger. Randolph will not, whatever his test score.

Randall Becker: It takes a lot of effort not to be free-- keeping your head down, holding your tongue.

Lawrence: We wipe them out, yet they keep coming back like lice.
John Smith: Lice don't assassinate Nazi officers.
Lawrence: I only meant--
John Smith: It may reassure you to liken terrorists to insects, but they inflicted great damage on us today. Never underestimate them.

Randall Becker: This ends only when people like us refuse to obey, no matter the cost.

Frank Frink: I-- I'm free to go? I am free to go?
Kido: You have suffered enough, and I am not a monster.
Frank Frink: If you ever need any more Jews to kill, you know where to find me.
Kido: Yes. I do.

The Illustrated Woman [1.03][edit]

The Marshal: What is that smell in here? How would you describe it?
Carl: I couldn't say.
The Marshal: Hmm. You couldn't say. You probably spend so much time in here, you don't notice. The old books. They got the stink of their owner. Cigarettes and coffee, cat piss, smell of decay.

Revelations [1.04][edit]

Juliana Crain: Have you seen the films?
Lem Washington: It's not my job to see them. I just pass them along.

Juliana Crain: I'm not here to kill Nazis. I'm here because I need answers, and I'm not leaving until I get them.

Three Monkeys' [1.06][edit]

John Smith: You find yourself a good woman Joe.
Rudolph Wegener: And until then, find as many bad ones as possible.

John Smith: You must trust the woman in your life, with your life, Joe!

Kindness [1.09][edit]

Reinhard Heydrich: The duty of maintaining order is never as thrilling as the challenge of establishing it.

A Way Out [1.10][edit]

Rudolph Wegener: It is far from easy to be a good man. In fact, as one gets older, it becomes more and more difficult to know... what a good man is. Yet it also becomes increasingly important to at least try.

Season 2[edit]

Loose Lips [2.8][edit]

[John Smith and Erich Raeder visit Reinhard Heydrich at his cell as an alarm rings]
Erich Raeder: [as guards release Heydrich's restraints] Oberstgruppenführer, if you will please get dressed, we must evacuate you immediately.
John Smith: [enters cell] Please forgive our hastiness, Oberstgruppenführer. We don't afford to take chances with your safety at a time like this. [pause] Reinhard, I don't speak for myself.
Reinhard Heydrich: What is this?
Smith: Please. Please hear me out. I know it's too late for me. I accept that. But I ask you to bear in mind that I was just a soldier... a loyal soldier... doing his duty.
Heydrich: Am I to believe the Führer is dead?
Smith: I ask you one thing. Will you give me your word that you will spare Helen and the children?
Heydrich: How do I know this is not a deception?
Smith: I wish it were. One hour ago, San Francisco was flattened with an atomic blast. [Heydrich looks sad] I won't presume to tell you the details, but our invasion of the Pacific States is underway. And then I receive an order from Berlin demanding your immediate release. You won, Reinhard. You won.
Heydrich: [sniffles but face gets smug] You had your chance, John, and now you are on the wrong side of history. When the Japanese are eradicated, we will have a better world. A world, sadly, you will now never see.
Smith: Do I have your word that you will spare my family?
Heydrich: That is up to the new Führer.
Smith: It's not you?
Heydrich: [shakes head] No. It is someone with a much grander vision. [stands erect and gives Nazi salute] Heil Heusmann! [laughs hard]
Smith: Reinhard?
Heydrich: Yes, John?
Smith: Thank you. [Raeder kills Heydrich]

Detonation [2.9][edit]

[General Onoda explains to his staff the possible war that's about to come]
Gen. Hidehisa Onoda, IJA: It is now clear that the Nazi dream is a world in which we no longer exist. To them, like the Jews and the Slavs and the Gypsies, we are something foreign. Thus, the war machine of the poised to attack us. The men in this room may not live to see sunrise, but our grandchildren will survive. But, we must never forget, the Emperor is immortal.Tennō Heika. Banzai!
Staff: [raises arms with every word] Banzai!! Banzai!! Banzai!!!

Fallout [2.10][edit]

[In Berlin, the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht meets with Chancellor Heusmann on a new war plan and an unnamed field marshal briefs them]
Briefer: [explaining map movements] Chancellor, men, our attack is in three phases. Phase One- U-boat and silo-launched missiles to destroy primary targets. San Diego, San Francisco, Pearl Harbor in the Pacific States. Darwin and Manila, Yokohama, Kamchatka, and Vladivostok in the East.
Chancellor Martin Heusmann: How long it will take?
Briefer: On your order, 15 minutes from launch.
Heusmann: And why not Tokyo, field marshal?
Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler: [interjects] If we kill their emperor, it would prolong the conflict.
Heusmann: So we spare him? After he murders our Fuehrer?
Himmler: The Japanese must see their deity surrender and acknowledge the superiority of our Master Race.
Heusmann: [sternly] They will accept that reality without him. [orders briefer as Himmler remains quiet] Destroy Tokyo in Phase One.
Briefer: [looks at Himmler who nods at him] Yes, Chancellor.
Heusmann: Continue.
Briefer: Phase Two - our long-range nuclear bombers destroy secondary targets, including Anchorage, Los Angeles, and Sacramento in the west. Osaka, Peking, Delhi, Bangkok, and so on in the east. Time to completion, six hours from launch. Phase Three, a ground and marine invasion to secure and occupy. We expect total capitulation within two weeks.
Heusmann: What kind of retaliation can we expect?
Briefer: The strongest resistance will be in our satellite states.
Himmler: Particularly, the Americas, where we expect the Japanese to mount significant defense and counterattacks.
Briefer: We anticipate Japanese bombers to launch long-range suicide missions. We should expect major attacks as deep as Chicago and New York.
Heusmann: Projected casualties?
Briefer: The nuclear attack will result in 15 to 16 million dead. Ground invasion will add another two to three million.
Heusmann: And on our side?
Briefer: The Japanese only have conventional weapons. Casualties will be in the hundreds of thousands.
Himmler: And mostly Americans, so... acceptable losses.
Heusmann: When can you be ready to launch?
Briefer: By 1900 tomorrow, Chancellor.
Heusmann: Good, [rises with everyone] Tomorrow night, I will address the Reich from the Volkshalle. During my speech, I will give the attack order. I will secure the Fatherland and the future of the Reich. [everyone makes the stiff-arm salute]

[Chancellor Heusmann prepares the nuclear-launch console but Joe Blake tries to counsel him against attacking Japan]
Joe Blake: Just think of the innocent lives. Father, you can't.
Martin Heusmann: I know the casualties will be high, but that may be necessary.
Blake: You can't really believe that.
Heusmann: Did you listen to nothing that I've said??
Blake: Of course I did, but you can't build a better world if there's nothing left of it. [Himmler enters the room with a group of SS soldiers]
Heusmann: [in German] What is this?
Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler: [in German as the soldiers take Heusmann and Blake] Acting Chancellor Heusmann, you are under arrest for high treason and the murder of our Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler.
Blake: [sees John Smith at the door] What the hell's going on?
Obergruppenfuhrer John Smith: Your father's a traitor, Joe.
Himmler: [in German] Take them away!

Season 3[edit]

History Ends [3.6][edit]

[In New York, Himmler has just sworn in John Smith as the new Reichsmarchall for Nazi America]
Heinrich Himmler: Today marks the beginning of Jahr Null, Year Zero. This will become the beating heart of the Greater Nazi Reich... We will do away with the old. Today, history ends and the future begins!!

Jahr Null [3.10][edit]

[Aboard a ship in New York harbor, Fuhrer Himmler and Reichsmarschall Smith preside over the destruction of the Statue of Liberty]
Himmler: John, where is your family?
Smith: I have sent them away for a few days, mein Fuhrer. Helen was very tired.
Himmler: Sends the wrong message when a Reichsmarschall appears at a public ceremony without his family. [enters deck crowded with officials and Hitler Youth/BDM members. returns Nazi salute and turns to view the Statue of Liberty with Smith] I'm particularly sad that your children are not here to witness this today. You will get your house in order. [addresses the youth] Today is for you. The generation born since the end of the war. A pure generation, free from the decrepit ideologies of the past. You are the future. You... are... the Reich. But you must be vigilant. The enemies of the Reich are everywhere. Those who would anchor you to the past must be eliminated to make room for the new. Today, we tear down the old. Here is your Fuhrer's gift to you. A new beginning! Jahr Null! [to Smith as the Ode to Joy from Beethoven's 9th Symphony is played] Reichsmarschall, give the order.
Smith: Come in, Major.
Luftwaffe pilot: Copy, Reichsmarschall. Clear to target. [a flight of aircraft fire missiles at the Statue of Liberty, which collapses into the harbor after a controlled explosion and amidst a fireworks display]
Himmler: [elated at the collapse] At long last, her light goes out.
Radio announcer: With the destruction of this former icon, the American Reich enters a bold new era. In downtown New York, Nazi youths are pouring into the streets to celebrate the destruction of liberty. In solidarity with their Fuhrer, they celebrate the beginning of Jahr Null.

Season 4[edit]

Hexagram 64 [4.1][edit]

[The Crown Princess eulogizes Nobusuke Tagomi]
Crown Princess: Peace and harmony. That is what Mr. Tagomi sought. We lost him to an act of violence at the very moment we needed him most. His spirit is Japan's spirit. True Japanese spirit. In our drive for empire-building, we have lost sight of this spirit. Violence produces more violence. This is what is happening in San Francisco. I intend to see Tagomi's work completed.

[General Yamori is not too pleased that the Crown Princess rebuffed his suggestion to return to Japan for her safety]
General Yamori: [after the Crown Princess' entourage leaves] Someone has been whispering in her ear. Is it you?
Admiral Inokuchi: Don't be absurd. Her Highness speaks for herself and with the consent of the palace.
General Yamori: [In Japanese] You Navy appeasers are more dangerous than the BCR!
Admiral Inokuchi: [In Japanese] Appeasers? You don't know the battles I've fought for Japan.
General Yamori: [Back in English] When you speak, I hear surrender.
Admiral Inokuchi: The Chinese are advancing in Korea and Manchuria. Our resources are spread thin. How long do you think we can hold this territory?
General Yamori:[In Japanese] As long as I'm alive. [Inokuchi is speechless] Hmm. Colonel, show the admiral out.

Every Door Out... [4.2][edit]

[Equiano Hampton presides over a BCR meeting]
Equiano Hampton: Amen. That's a beautiful sound. Now, I see a lot of familiar faces in this room. Doctors, teachers, artists. And new faces, too. I bring good news. Two days ago, the first shipment of arms arrived from our allies in China. We gonna take this movement to the next stage. Now, I'm not gonna lie. There will be sacrifices. But for us, that price is nothing new. Most everyone in this room has someone got put on a train in the Reich, ain't never came back. For my wife, and my daughter, the train stopped at a camp in Saginaw, Michigan.
Man: Onslow, North Carolina.
Hampton: Sorry for your loss, brother.
Woman with Husband: Shiloh, Pennsylvania. James and Martha Arnold.
Hampton: James and Martha. Sorry for your loss, ma'am.
Woman with Husband: Thank you. [guests start reciting the names of their loved ones and the concentration camps they ended up in]
Bell Mallory: [quietly and teary-eyed] Moulton, Alabama.Daddy and Mama.
Elijah: How about right here in San Francisco, California? [everybody looks at him] William Pullum. Y'all know what I'm talking about. Shot in the back by the Kempeitai nine blocks from here. And that was just last week.
Hampton: Last week?! This same chain of violence runs through our whole history in this country, from slavery to this very day. You've served your people as doctors, teachers and artists. But tonight? Tonight I'm looking for men and women to be soldiers. Who's ready to be a soldier?

The Box [4.3][edit]

[Kido talks to his son over why he still didn't appear for the job interview and the incident he caused at the Yakuza club]
Takeshi Kido: There will be no report. The incident will be forgotten, but it cannot happen again.
Toru Kido: I can't forget. I can't forget what I've done.
Takeshi: What? What have you done?
Toru: What my unit did in Manchuria. To the villagers.
Takeshi: It was war.It is in the past.
Toru: I can still hear their voices.
Takeshi: You did those things for your country. You have no reason to be ashamed.
Toru: It is not shame that I feel. Something more than shame.
Takeshi: We must look forward now, and draw our strength from the Empire.
Toru: The Empire. The Empire is not strong. The Empire is losing.
Takeshi: Losing?
Toru: In China. The TV says we are winning there, but it is a lie.
Takeshi: Enough.
Toru: We believe what we're told. We don't ask questions. I was not a soldier. You are not a detective. We are both puppets.
Takeshi: I will not be spoken to this way. We are bound to our duty.
Toru: Duty? And what of your duty to your family? You left us. [as the elder Kido manhandles him out of the room over what he just said] No, NO!
Takeshi: Get out of this house. Stand up. You are not my son. [Toru leaves]

Happy Trails [4.4][edit]

[Fuhrer Himmler is happy about the dinner at the Smiths' apartment]
Heinrich Himmler: John, thank you for this evening.
Reichsmarschall John Smith: Let's get that drink next time you're in town. Safe travels.
Himmler: All I see in Berlin are smiling faces, everywhere I look. But there's no one I can trust.
Smith: You'll always have my loyalty.
Himmler: I don't want your loyalty, John. [sternfully] I want your devotion. [leaves]

[Juliana Crain hides in Zina Parks' bakery in the ruins of Washington DC]
Parks: My, uh, husband and I... started building this as a bomb shelter toward the end of the war. We didn't finish it in time.
Juliana Crain: Well, they dropped the bomb on a Sunday, didn't they? Knowing so many would be in church.
Zina Parks: After the war, they took my husband. For his "impurity." I was happy to offer this to the Resistance as a hiding place. Uh... I have to lock you in, for the time being.
Crain: No, I understand. Well, please, won't you sit?
Parks: I'll, uh, I'll bring you some food in a bit. I believe that you are who you say you are. Can I... can I ask you something?
Crain: Of course.
Parks: I've seen the film. A lot of us have. There's Roosevelt alive with Churchill and Stalin.
Crain: I remember the day Roosevelt was assassinated.
Parks: Yeah.
Crain: But in that world, he survived.
Parks: Please, could you keep going? W-What happened next?
Crain: I have something I... could show you.
Parks: Okay.
Crain: [shows notebook] This is, uh... This is a sketch that I did from a newspaper clipping after FDR was shot at. One bullet could have changed everything. But it didn't. Not there.
Parks: W-What's this one?
Crain: That's Roosevelt. That's after he created the New Deal.
Parks: New Deal?
Crain: Yeah. Just, um, "Relief, Reform, Recovery." That was the motto, and he completely rebuilt the economy.
Parks: Ended the Depression?
Crain: He did. He also led the US to victory over Nazi Germany.

Mauvaise Foi [4.5][edit]

[in the wake of the US surrender and the military standing down in early 1946, Colonel Bolden visits John Smith's quarters]
Colonel Bolden: I just came from the handover at West Point. Patton shook hands with Goering. It's all settled. First men to sign on will get food and good positions within the Reich. The holdouts will get nothing - or death. [leaves Nazi swastika armbands]

[in the real-life 1964, Reichsmarchall John Smith and the Thomas Smith of that timeline eat at a diner in Bailey's Crossroads and have just witnessed a black man and woman being hauled out because the manager wouldn't serve them]
Reichsmarschall John Smith: Let's go.
Thomas Smith: What?
John: I don't know. I'm just surprised, I guess.
Thomas: I would have thought you'd have done something.
John: Well, what would I do?
Thomas: Said something. Done something.
John: We're not the law. Come on, it's not up to us. Just seems so wrong.
Thomas: They passed a law that gives the right to these people to eat at the counter.
John: And this still happens? So, this is the system you want to lay down your life to defend, huh? [referring to Thomas' decision to join the Marines]
Thomas: This is the system that you fought for.
John: And I came back a hero. Is that what you think?
Thomas: [scornfully] That's what I thought you were.
John: Is that what you want to be? You want to be a hero? You want to have your face painted on a mural? Maybe have a school named after you? You'd still be dead, Thomas.
Thomas: How can you be sure?
John: Because I've seen it before. I know how it ends. And even if you don't die, you're gonna come back, you're not gonna be the same. It's all bullshit, Thomas. It's a fucking lie. Medals, flags, anthems. Pledges of allegiance. Freedom. I look around me, I don't see freedom. I don't see order. I just see chaos. I don't see anything worth giving my son's life for.
Thomas: Who are you? [storms out]
John: Thomas. Tho...

[In the real-life 1964, Daniel Levine excuses himself from what should have been a fun time watching football with the Smiths, but John Smith goes after him]
Reichsmarschall John Smith: Danny. [sadly looks down] You know I had no choice, right?
Daniel Levine: What do you mean, John?
Smith: [teary-eyed] It's no use. It's no use. I... You're not gonna understand. I'm sorry.
Levine: [comforts him] Hey. Hey, we're brothers, right? You got nothing to [deeply embraces John] feel sorry for. [long pause] I got you. [gently breaks off embrace and leaves]

All Serious Daring [4.6][edit]

[Having just arrested General Yamori and killed Captain Iijima over the assassination of Nobusuke Tagomi, Kido visits the Japanese Crown Princess]
Chief Inspector Kido: This file holds the evidence that Captain Iijima was the man who shot Trade Minister Tagomi. Iijima was working under the orders of General Yamori.
Crown Princess: I am shocked, but I am not surprised. This occupation has turned our people against themselves. I understand your son served in Manchuria.
Kido: Yes, Your Highness.
Crown Princess: I hope for a day we no longer need to send our sons to war. I will see that this information is delivered to the Emperor himself. There will be consequences. Chief Inspector, I know where your political sympathies lie.
Kido: My loyalties will always lie with the emperor.
Crown Princess: This must not have been easy.
Kido: It was my duty. Nothing more.

No Masters but Ourselves [4.7][edit]

[in the wake of the Crimson Pipeline bombings, Chief Inspector Kido dons headphones but eventually puts them down to set the radio on full blast]
DJ Evangeline: DJ Evangeline coming to you live from from Resistance Radio with breaking news from the JPS.
Bell Mallory: I speak for the Oakland Battalion of the Black Communist Rebellion. We claim responsibility for today's attacks on the vital services, command-and-control, and oil infrastructure of the Japanese occupiers. We seek an autonomous territory for black people on the West Coast. And we will never quit. And the Empire's oil will not flow until we get our homeland. All power to the people.
DJ Evangeline: All power to the people, indeed, Sister. There you have it, direct from the BCR.

[Kido is forced to get the Crown Princess out of San Francisco]
Crown Princess: [stops and security detail deploys in a wheel around her] Before I go, I must ask you to be truthful with me one more time. When I've made my report to the Emperor, he will ask me one question. And the answer I give... will depend on what you report.
Kido: I understand, Your Highness.
Crown Princess: Can we hold this territory?
Kido: I believe that in time with enough firepower and troops, we can finish these Negro rebels. But the price will be paid with the blood and souls of the sons of Japan. I once felt that any price was worth paying. We can prevail, Crown Princess... but I no longer believe we should.
Crown Princess: I realize what you've just said goes against your every instinct. For that, you have my respect, Tai-sa. Rest assured, I will bring your message to the Emperor. [Kido bows and the team ushers her to her limo]

[Emperor Hirohito makes an address]
Emperor Hirohito: [in Japanese with English translator voiceover] To our good and loyal subjects, after pondering the general trends of the world, and conditions obtaining in our Empire today, I am effecting a settlement of the present situation by resorting to an extraordinary measure. We declared war on America to ensure Japan's self-preservation, it being far from our thought to infringe on the sovereignty of other nations or to embark upon territorial aggrandizement. Our North American Occupation has lasted for nearly 20 years. Despite the best that has been done by everyone, the gallant efforts of our military and naval forces, continuing occupation has developed not necessarily to Japan's advantage. Should we continue to devote our precious resources to occupying the Japanese Pacific States, it would threaten the protection of the Japanese homeland. This is the reason I have ordered the strategic withdrawal of our occupying forces from the JPS. I am keenly aware of the inmost feelings of all of you, my subjects. However, I have resolved to redeploy our awesome might and manpower from our North American territories to the front lines of the escalating Asian conflict. Let our entire nation continue as one family, ever firm in its faith of the imperishableness of our Imperial State.

Hitler has Only got One Ball [4.8][edit]

[Chief Inspector Kido has a toast with the surviving Kempeitai staff who will join the Japanese evacuation]
Chief Inspector Kido: I look around at all your young faces. Well, some not so young anymore. So many young men have come through this department. Not all of them will be going home to Japan today. I was a hard boss. I know. I demanded everything of my men. I rarely gave praise. There were young men who died at my command trying to please me. And even as they died in my arms, I offered no kind word. So, I will say it now. You make me proud. Each one of you. [offers toast and bows] Okuro! [they all drink and Kido dons his glasses] Now... go to the docks and sail back home. Your families miss you terribly. Do not keep them waiting.

For Want of a Nail [4.9][edit]

[Chief Inspector Kido wakes up to Empire TV-San Francisco's farewell broadcast]
ETV Announcer: [in Japanese] Soon, the last ship leaves for Japan and with it the life we have made here. This concludes the final broadcast of Empire TV San Francisco. Farewell. Long live the Emperor! [Cut to Rising Sun flag and Kimigayo as background music.]
Kido: [tries to sing along] Continue for a thousand, eight thousand generations, until the pebbles... [simply listens until the end]

[The OKW discuss attacking the former Japanese Pacific States with a full combined ground and air assault]
SS Oberstgruppenfuhrer Adolf Eichmann: [in German, details animation in map] The conquest of the North American West will unfold in stages. First, the Luftwaffe will disable critical command-and-control infrastructure and carpet-bomb population centers. San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and so on.
Reichsmarschall John Smith: Forgive me, General how much value to the Reich will these cities have if they're reduced to rubble?
Eichmann: [in English] The aerial assault will break the will of the population. Next, our Panzer divisions will cross the border from the Neutral Zone in a blitzkrieg strike. Supported by our Wehrmacht battalions, we will have control of the West Coast within a week.
Fuhrer Heinrich Himmler: Smith. You're a skeptic?
Smith: Invading the West is one thing, [to Himmler, nodding respectfully] Mein Fuhrer. Holding it is another.
Eichmann: The BCR are crude savages. They rely on animal instinct.
Smith: That's what the Japanese thought.
Eichmann: We use different methods, Reichsmarschall, and they have never failed to achieve results, as you know.
Smith: Yes.
Himmler: The question is not whether or how or when, Smith. For that is our destiny. The question is who. Who will lead the conquest of North America? A prize second only to Europa herself. Do you really believe that you deserve it, Smith? Or should I bestow it on someone else? Eichmann, perhaps? Or Goertzmann?
Eichmann: Mein Fuhrer, perhaps this duty can only be entrusted to a member of the German Herrenvolk.
Himmler: What do you say to that, Smith?
Smith: I disagree.
Himmler: That is all?
Smith: America is a rebel nation, mein Fuhrer. A German commander might - if you'll forgive me - promote unrest in the military. Only an American can truly control it.
Himmler: But you do not control America, Smith. Rebellion is rampant, and I have a bullet wound to prove it!
Eichmann: Is the problem that he can't control America? Or is it that he won't?
Smith: What are you insinuating, Eichmann?
Himmler: He is asking where your true loyalties lie, Smith. And I have been wondering the same thing myself. But tonight, at last, we are all going to learn the truth about John Smith.

[Himmler talks to John Smith about J Edgar Hoover's revelations of him]
Himmler: [takes a drink] When a man gets to be my age, he needs a son. I thought of you as that son, John. I saw myself in you. If anyone had hurt you, shot you, as those assassins did me, I would have hunted them down and strangled them with my bare hands. But you did nothing to avenge me. Where's the tribute to the man who gave you everything? When did you even visit me when I was sick? Nothing. [Smith is blank] Say something, Smith. If not for yourself, then for your family. Say something in your defense!!
Smith: What can I say, mein Fuhrer? You're... You're right. I never loved you. I never saw you as a, a father. I saw you as a, a petty little tyrant. You're a mediocre man. [sees Himmler coughing at the words and retreats to his oxygen tank] A failed chicken farmer. The very thought that you see yourself in me, it sickens me. [Himmler inhales from the tank, but upon noticing something different, Smith makes him breathe the gas in until he dies. Smith turns off the oxygen tank, which is actually a tank of Zyklon B.]

Fire from the Gods [4.10][edit]

[opening scene]
Production director: Okay, quiet, everyone. Cameras rolling. We go live in five... four...
Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the Reichsfuhrer of North America.
Reichsfuhrer John Smith: My fellow Americans. The last few days have been difficult for us all. Heinrich Himmler was a father to our people. We mourn his loss. But with his passing comes an opportunity for rebirth and renewal. A change has come to the Western states, and with it, a chance to take our divided land and bring it back together. A great transformation is coming. Soon, we will be one nation again.

[Juliana chances upon John Smith at a clifftop just outside the Poconos portal base]
John Smith: [sees Juliana] There you are. We've seen things... you and me. Other worlds. Other lives. We, we have that in common. It's unbearable. To be able to look through that door and glimpse all the people you could have been. And to know that out of all of them, this is the one you became. [commits suicide]


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