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The Man in the High Castle (2015–2019) is an American dystopian alternative history television series, released by Amazon Video, loosely based on the 1962 novel of the same name by American science fiction author Philip K. Dick. The story is an alternative history of the world in which the Axis powers won World War II. The United States has been partitioned into three parts: the Japanese puppet state of the Pacific States of America, which comprises the former United States west of the Rocky Mountains; a Nazi puppet state that comprises the eastern half of the former United States; and a neutral zone that acts as a buffer between the two areas, called the Rocky Mountain States.

Season 1[edit]

The New World [1.01][edit]

Don Warren: You know what those brownshirts out there would do if they caught you?
Joe Blake: I'm not afraid to die.
Don Warren: Me, either. Might be a relief, actually. But how you feel about pain?
Joe Blake: Pain?
Don Warren: Yeah. When they're plucking your fingernails out one by one, or they're cracking your balls open like walnuts. That's when maybe you stop caring about what your old man said and tell Johnny Jackboot out there my name, or just about anything else he wants.
Joe Blake: You're so afraid, why are you here?
Don Warren: I fought in the war, kid. I saw my buddies' brains get blown out on Virginia Beach. You... You're just a punk who could get me caught.
Joe Blake: Yeah, I guess I'm afraid of pain. I don't have any buddies who died in the war. I don't really know what freedom is. But I'm not a punk and I'm not a spy, Mr. Warren. I'm here because I want to do the right thing. So you gonna give me the job or not?

[Joe Blake asks about the police officer's tattoo of a knife through a flower]
Police officer: Oh? A soldier so fierce he’d kill a rose.
Joe Blake: That was you?
Police officer: A long time ago. We lost the war didn’t we? Now I can’t even remember what we were fighting for.

Joe Blake: [noticing ashes falling like snowflakes] What is that?
Police Officer: Oh, that's the hospital.
Joe Blake: The hospital?
Police Officer: Yeah, Tuesdays, they burn cripples...the terminally ill. Drag on the state.

Frank Frink: Hey, what is this?
Juliana Crain: It's newsreel film.
Frank Frink: Yeah, I see that.
Juliana Crain: It shows us winning the war.
Frank Frink: But we didn't win the war.
Juliana Crain: That's what they told us.

Joe Blake: [on the phone] Hey, it's me.
John Smith: How was your journey?
Joe Blake: No one stopped me.
John Smith: Then your cover's intact. I'll tell your father, Joe. I know he'll be very proud.
Joe Blake: Thank you, Obergruppenfuhrer. I hope so.
John Smith: Heil Hitler.
Joe Blake: Heil Hitler.

Sunrise [1.02][edit]

John Smith: Why do you want to succeed, son? Why do you want to do well in school?
Thomas Smith: To make my family proud. To bring honor to my school. To serve my country.
John Smith: Your goals are directed outward. A boy like Randolph wants only to gratify himself. This is the path to moral decay. The decadence ruined this country before the war. You will grow to be a useful member of society. You will make our nation stronger. Randolph will not, whatever his test score.

Randall Becker: It takes a lot of effort not to be free-- keeping your head down, holding your tongue.

Lawrence: We wipe them out, yet they keep coming back like lice.
John Smith: Lice don't assassinate Nazi officers.
Lawrence: I only meant--
John Smith: It may reassure you to liken terrorists to insects, but they inflicted great damage on us today. Never underestimate them.

Randall Becker: This ends only when people like us refuse to obey, no matter the cost.

Frank Frink: I-- I'm free to go? I am free to go?
Kido: You have suffered enough, and I am not a monster.
Frank Frink: If you ever need any more Jews to kill, you know where to find me.
Kido: Yes. I do.

The Illustrated Woman [1.03][edit]

The Marshal: What is that smell in here? How would you describe it?
Carl: I couldn't say.
The Marshal: Hmm. You couldn't say. You probably spend so much time in here, you don't notice. The old books. They got the stink of their owner. Cigarettes and coffee, cat piss, smell of decay.

Revelations [1.04][edit]

Juliana Crain: Have you seen the films?
Lem Washington: It's not my job to see them. I just pass them along.

Juliana Crain: I'm not here to kill Nazis. I'm here because I need answers, and I'm not leaving until I get them.

The New Normal [1.05][edit]

Three Monkeys' [1.06][edit]

John Smith: You find yourself a good woman Joe.
Rudolph Wegener: And until then, find as many bad ones as possible.

John Smith: You must trust the woman in your life, with your life, Joe!

Truth [1.07][edit]

End of the World [1.08][edit]

Kindness [1.09][edit]

Reinhard Heydrich: The duty of maintaining order is never as thrilling as the challenge of establishing it.

A Way Out [1.10][edit]

Rudolph Wegener: It is far from easy to be a good man. In fact, as one gets older, it becomes more and more difficult to know... what a good man is. Yet it also becomes increasingly important to at least try.


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