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The Man in the High Castle (2015–2019) is an American dystopian alternative history television series, released by Amazon Video, loosely based on the 1962 novel of the same name by American science fiction author Philip K. Dick. The story is an alternative history of the world in which the Axis powers won World War II. The former United States has been partitioned into three sections: the Japanese Pacific States, which mostly comprises the West Coast; the American Reich, a Nazi puppet state that encompasses the eastern half plus some Midwest states; and a Neutral Zone of parts of former US states in the Rocky Mountains.

Season 1[edit]

The New World [1.01][edit]

[Don Warren talks to Joe Blake about working at the shop]
Don Warren: You know what those brownshirts out there would do if they caught you? [referring to SD officers in security camera footage]
Joe Blake: I'm not afraid to die.
Warren: Me, either. Might be a relief, actually. But how you feel about pain?
Blake: Pain?
Warren: Yeah. When they're plucking your fingernails out one by one, or they're cracking your balls open like walnuts. That's when maybe you stop caring about what your old man said and tell Johnny Jackboot out there my name, or just about anything else he wants.
Blake: You're so afraid, why are you here?
Warren: I fought in the war, kid. I saw my buddies' brains get blown out on Virginia Beach. You... You're just a punk who could get me caught.
Blake: Yeah, I guess I'm afraid of pain. I don't have any buddies who died in the war. I don't really know what freedom is. But I'm not a punk and I'm not a spy, Mr. Warren. I'm here because I want to do the right thing. So you gonna give me the job or not?

[After a police officer helps him out with his truck, Joe Blake asks them about tattoo of a knife through a flower, the insignia of the Military Intelligence branch of the former U.S. Army]
Police officer: Oh, that? A soldier so fierce he’d kill a rose.
Joe Blake: That was you?
Police officer: A long time ago. We lost the war didn’t we? Now I can’t even remember what we were fighting for.
Joe Blake: [noticing ashes falling like snowflakes] What is that?
Police officer: Oh, that's the hospital.
Blake: The hospital?
Police officer: Yeah, Tuesdays, they burn cripples... the terminally ill. Drag on the state.

Frank Frink: Hey, what is this?
Juliana Crain: It's newsreel film.
Frink: Yeah, I see that.
Crain: [elated at scenes of the flag-raising on Mt Suribachi] It shows us winning the war.
Frink: But we didn't win the war.
Crain: That's what they told us.
[film shows Allied troops riding through liberated towns with crowds cheering them on, and the destruction of Nazi swastikas in public structures]
Frink: Jesus, I know what this is.
Crain: What?
Frink: The Man in the High Castle.
Crain: The who?
Frink: Some guy they told me about, he makes these anti-fascist movies.
Crain: [notes footage of VJ-Day celebrations] Makes them GIs in Times Square.
Frink: I know they look real.
Crain: They look real because they are real.

Joe Blake: [on the phone] Hey, it's me.
John Smith: How was your journey?
Blake: No one stopped me.
Smith: Then your cover's intact. I'll tell your father, Joe. I know he'll be very proud.
Blake: Thank you, Obergruppenfuhrer. I hope so.
Smith: Heil Hitler.
Blake: Heil Hitler.

Sunrise [1.02][edit]

[Over breakfast, John Smith talks to Thomas about a certain bully in school and why Thomas is studying at the table]
John Smith: Why do you want to succeed, son? Why do you want to do well in school?
Thomas Smith: To make my family proud. To bring honor to my school. To serve my country.
John: Your goals are directed outward. A boy like Randolph wants only to gratify himself. This is the path to moral decay. The decadence ruined this country before the war. You will grow to be a useful member of society. You will make our nation stronger. Randolph will not, whatever his test score.

Randall Becker: It takes a lot of effort not to be free-- keeping your head down, holding your tongue.

Lawrence: We wipe them out, yet they keep coming back like lice.
John Smith: Lice don't assassinate Nazi officers.
Lawrence: I only meant--
Smith: It may reassure you to liken terrorists to insects, but they inflicted great damage on us today. Never underestimate them.

Randall Becker: This ends only when people like us refuse to obey, no matter the cost.

Frank Frink: I-- I'm free to go? I am free to go?
Chief Insp Takeshi Kido: You have suffered enough, and I am not a monster.
Frink: If you ever need any more Jews to kill, you know where to find me.
Kido: Yes. I do.

The Illustrated Woman [1.03][edit]

The Marshal: What is that smell in here? How would you describe it?
Carl: I couldn't say.
The Marshal: Hmm. You couldn't say. You probably spend so much time in here, you don't notice. The old books. They got the stink of their owner. Cigarettes and coffee, cat piss, smell of decay.

[The Japanese Crown Princess sees the Crown Prince looking disturbed]
Crown Princess: What is troubling, you my prince?
Crown Prince: This visit is false. We are false.
Crown Princess: How false? Your father is the Emperor. As one day you shall be.
Crown Prince: My father allowed his generals to use his throne as a shield for their ambition. We merely preside over its undoing.
Crown Princess: Surely it is not so bad as that.
Crown Prince: [sternly at her] I'm worried about the Nazis. Don't you see? We travel on ocean liners, they travel on rocket ships. A stark difference in technology. We are but an island nation losing our grip on our colonies while the Nazis tighten theirs.

Revelations [1.04][edit]

Juliana Crain: Have you seen the films?
Lem Washington: It's not my job to see them. I just pass them along.

Juliana Crain: I'm not here to kill Nazis. I'm here because I need answers, and I'm not leaving until I get them.

[Frank Frink is dealing with antique shop owner Robert Childan, who's not too pleased that Frink just scared off a Japanese couple]
Frank Frink: [given three rounds for his Colt45 revolver] Only three?
Robert Childan: This is an antique store, not an armory, and I can't guarantee they'll fire. They're 100 yen apiece.
Frink: [gives yen notes] 300. [sees Childan write in a logbook] What is that?
Childan: I'm required by law to keep a registry of all sales of restricted items. So these bullets were purchased by Mr. Satoshi Matsuda, a collector on his way back to Tibet. But I will need to see your identity card on the chance I need to revisit this matter with you, and that is non-negotiable.
Frink: All right, all right. Come on.
Childan: I suggest you work on your patience, Mr. Frink.

[The Japanese Crown Prince graces the crowd, with an American interpreter close by]
Crown Prince of Japan: Greetings, loyal subjects. Honored guests from the Nazi Reich. And people of the American Territories, or, as they like to say here...Howdy. [crowd laughs at the greeting] All those who fought in the Great War believed they fought on the side of righteousness, that the world they sought to build would be a better one. But men are mortal and imperfect. They see the world as they wish to see it, through the looking glass of their limited perspective.

The New Normal [1.05][edit]

[John Smith has browbeaten Joe Blake over the failure of his Canon City mission]
John Smith: Do you know why you failed? You are one component in a complex machine that only works if every part does exactly what it's supposed to do in sync with the whole. Now, if you decide, without knowing what the other components are doing, to simply go your own way, eventually that machine is going to break down. Don't ever disobey a direct order from me again, Joe.

[Kido visits Trade Minister Tagomi]
Nobusuke Tagomi: Ah. Inspector, please. [ushers to seats]
Takeshi Kido: No, thank you, Trade Minister. I will not stay long.
Tagomi: I appreciate you coming at such a busy time.
Kido: What could we not discuss on the telephone?
Tagomi: I felt it correct to speak in person. Guests of the Ministry have asked when their passports would be returned. I assured them I would inquire.
Kido: As soon as their identities are verified and their reasons for being in the Pacific States, all of their documents will be returned.
Tagomi: How long do you estimate it will take?
Kido: I offer no estimate. You met with a foreign visitor at his hotel this morning.
Tagomi: I met with several guests. They're honorable businessmen, not assassins. Their time is valuable.
Kido: All of our time is valuable.
Tagomi: I understand what is at stake.
Kido: Do you?
Tagomi: I was with the Royal Couple. So yes, I believe I do.
Kido: Then no doubt you will understand why I must disappoint you, Trade Minister. I am sorry, but in this instance there will be no exceptions. [bows and leaves]

[Juliana Crain tries to apply for work at the Japanese Authority office, but the personnel director, Mr Eto, thinks differently]
Mr Eto: There may be a role you are suited to, subject to references, here in personnel. Alongside your other work, it would involve undertaking certain personal services as and when I require them.
Juliana Crain: What kind of services?
Eto: You wish to work here?
Crain: Yes, sir.
Eto: It is an honor for a girl like you to be employed here.
Crain: I know that, sir.
Eto: It is not for you to question your duties. You simply do. [tries to unzip his pants] Do you want the job or not?

Three Monkeys [1.06][edit]

[Having been accepted to work in the Japanese Authority office, Juliana Crain is shown around by Tagomi's aide-de-camp Kotomichi]
Kotomichi: Mr. Tagomi expects complete loyalty and discretion. You will not speak of anything you hear or see, and you will not leave this level without my express permission. This is a government building, Miss Crain, patrolled by armed soldiers. Do not go anywhere without prior authorization.

John Smith: You find yourself a good woman Joe.
Rudolph Wegener: And until then, find as many bad ones as possible.

John Smith: You must trust the woman in your life, with your life, Joe!

Truth [1.07][edit]

[Arnold Walker and Juliana Crain talk at a diner over why they are working at the Japanese Authority Building]
Arnold Walker: What the hell do you think you're doing snooping around the Nippon Building? [to waiter] Two coffees, please.
Juliana Crain: I could say the same to you.
Walker: What choice do you think I had? I had a family to support. How do you think I kept all of you safe? I swallowed my pride, and I did what I had to do. Did you have any idea that your sister was involved with these insurgents? I heard her on the wire. So did all the other listeners. I had to throw myself on the mercy of...Our benevolent employers. I had to identify her. I told them she was a kid. I told them she was my kid. I mean, hell, I worked for them for 16 years. It's got to be worth something.
Crain: Sixteen years?
Walker: Did you know she had a film?
Crain: She did. And now there's another one.
Walker: Juliana, you listen to me very carefully. You cannot get involved in this.
Crain: There's something different about this one, isn't there?
Walker: I don't know what it is, but I can tell you they got us working around the clock trying to find it. They screamed at me so loud, I thought they were going to shoot us both. But everything I said checked out, so they let her and that idiot boyfriend of hers escape to the Neutral Zone. And thank God, Juliana, because if anything happened to Trudy...I'd be finished.

[John Smith talks to Joe Blake about his latest call to Juliana Crain]
John Smith: You think she knows more about the film than she's saying?
Joe Blake: Yes. Absolutely. Sorry. She just said it was different, sir. Different to the others.
Smith: What's your feeling, Joe? Do you think that she can get to it on her own, using her contacts there?
Blake: Maybe. I don't know.
Smith: Perhaps you're going to have to help her. You're going on another trip, Joe, and you'd better hope you find that film. You call in every day. Tell me everyone you meet, every little detail, everything. No omissions, no mistakes. I noticed yesterday you were very good with my little girls. Is that because of... Buddy? [Blake is quiet at the other end of the line] Heil Hitler, hmm?

[Robert Childan is not too pleased to see Frank Frink propose to him about selling fake antique guns]
Robert Childan: I'm not an arms supplier, pal. I sell antiques, authentic items only, and fake guns aren't my thing. [has an idea] Tell me something, Frink-san, how good a craftsman are you? I mean, seriously, how good?
Frank Frink: I'm good. Real good.
Childan: Could you make this? [shows an issue of Collect Americana magazine with an image of Sitting Bull's necklace] Because I've got a chump lined up to buy it. [Frink looks at the image] Japanese. Their brains are different. I'm sure they eat from English bone china, and they listen to Negro music, but it's all just on the surface, ersatz as the day is long. Condescending bastards look down on me. Here. Look at this. [shows Zippos] Two Zippo lighters. Yeah. Look the same, don't they? Go ahead, hold them. [Frink holds lighters] One of them has "historicity" in it.
Frink: What the fuck is that?
Childan: It's worth 100,000 yen on a collector's market. Don't you feel it?
Frink: 100,000?
Childan: One of those two Zippo lighters was in Franklin D. Roosevelt's pocket the day he was assassinated, so it's got historicity as much as any object ever had. And the other one has nothing.
Frink: That's your point? It's all a giant racket?
Childan: And they're playing it on themselves. I mean, a gun goes through a famous battle, and it's just the same as if it hadn't unless you know. It's all in here, [points to nape] in the mind. So who's to say our jeweled choker isn't Sitting Bull's original?
Frink: All right, so which one is it?
Childan: This one.
Frink: Won't he spot that it's a fake?
Childan: The man's already got a forgery in his esteemed collection: pistol aged by an acid chemical. He can't distinguish what's fake from what's real.
Frink: Let's screw him over. 80,000 yen split two ways.
Childan: Just make sure it looks good enough.
Frink: 60-40. I got materials to cover.

End of the World [1.08][edit]

[John Smith talks to Dr Adler at his office over Thomas' latest consultation]
Dr Adler: Um... this, um... this won't be easy for you to hear. Thomas didn't just pull a muscle wrestling, Obergruppenführer. He had a tremor.
John Smith: A tremor?
Adler: I wish I could tell you that it was just growing pains, but your son has a serious disease. Landouzy-Dejerine syndrome. The symptoms, vague at first, are loss of coordination, weakness in the arms, difficulty hearing...
Smith: That's... That's nonsense. My son is the picture of health.
Adler: I'm afraid he isn't. Within months, perhaps a year, there will be paralysis.
Smith: That's a mistake, doctor. You're making a mistake.
Adler: I would never tell you this were I not certain. He scored 10 out of 10 on the indicators in the Brandt-Sievers nerve test.
Smith: Okay. So what's the... What's the treatment?
Adler: Obergruppenführer, we're talking about a Class A congenital disorder. There is no treatment.
Smith: What do you mean, there is no treatment? No, I'm not accepting that, no. There's got to be some other tests you can run. I want a second opinion.
Adler: You have the option, but you should be aware that if he is submitted to others for examination, this becomes an institutional issue.
Smith: Oh, I see.
Adler: Yes, of course. By virtue of your position, I feel what must be done can be done in the kinder setting of your home. I will hold your son's file outside the system, give you the time you need. As for, uh, medical assistance... [opens case] a syringe and an ampule of an effective combination: morphine, scopolamine, and Prussic acid. Absolutely painless. If you like, I can show you how to locate a vein in the back of the hand.

Kindness [1.09][edit]

[Reinhard Heydrich visits Rudolph Wegener at his suite]
Reinhard Heydrich: Colonel. You look rested.
Rudolph Wegener: Hardly.
Heydrich: You've had time to reflect on your situation.
Wegener: I have. This is a list of names, not just my wife and children, but her father and the rest of her family.
Heydrich: Ten lives in exchange for yours.
Wegener: That's the deal.
Heydrich: You need not worry, Colonel. Come. You have a rocket to board.
Wegener: Where am I going?
Heydrich: Berlin.
Wegener: What is it you expect me to do there?
Heydrich: I thought it was obvious, Colonel. The Führer is old and ill, standing in the way of the empire he built.
Wegener: Am I meant to talk to him?
Heydrich: No, Colonel Wegener. You're meant to kill him.

[John Smith sees Heydrich talking to his family]
Reinhard Heydrich: The duty of maintaining order is never as thrilling as the challenge of establishing it.

[Yakuza oyabun Taishi Okamura meets Chief Insp Kido]
Takeshi Kido: We are looking for the man who killed your guards, but I assume that's not why you asked me here.
Taishi Okamura: You impounded heroin at the docks this afternoon. Am I to conclude that this was in retaliation?
Kido: You may conclude as you wish.
Okamura: Such behavior is futile, Chief Inspector. The Yakuza cannot be destroyed any more than the sun can destroy the shade. This has been understood in our homeland for centuries. I cannot destroy the shadows you cast, but I can and will contain it.
Kido: That is my duty.
Okamura: Just as it is your duty to arrest the man who shot the Crown Prince. I'm told if you do not make an arrest by tomorrow, Tokyo demands that you commit seppuku.
Kido: No one need remind me of my duty. I have a suspect close at hand.
Okamura: You mean that hakujin? The one who works in the replica factory? The real assassin fired from a clock tower with a sniper's rifle. Your so-called inconclusive ballistics report told you as much.
Kido: What's your point?
Okamura: I believe you have pursued a false suspect to disguise a truth you have known from the start - that the assassin is a Nazi agent. If it were known that a Nazi fired at our Prince, that would be an act of war, a war many in the Reich would be happy to see but one our Empire would almost certainly lose.
Kido: I do not deny your accusation, nor will I confirm it.
Okamura: I don't need you to, Chief Inspector. You see, I have the name of the assassin, the real assassin.
Kido: Name your price.
Okamura: My price cannot be paid with money, Chief Inspector, but it is very, very high.

A Way Out [1.10][edit]

[Chief Inspector Kido and Sgt Yoshida police the room of the now-dead SS sniper pinned in the Crown Prince assassination]
Takeshi Kido: Go through his desk. Anything official must be destroyed.
Hiroyuki Yoshida: I do not understand, sir.
Kido: I think you do, Sergeant.
Yoshida: What is this man's crime?
Kido: The shooting of the Crown Prince.
Yoshida: Hai. But we've been pursuing Frank Frink.
Kido: The witness said Frank never discharged his weapon.
Yoshida: Then why not arrest and interrogate this man?
Kido: Because that is exactly what the Nazis would want us to do. There'd be war. A war that currently our Empire cannot win. Nobody must ever know about this, Sergeant.
Yoshida: But if Frink is gone and we cannot report the capture of the real assassin, how can Tokyo be satisfied?
Kido: Whatever sacrifice is necessary. That is my burden alone, and I shall carry it. Yours is to remain silent and to act as my Kaishaku-nin. Now do you understand, Yoshida-san?
Yoshida: Hai.
Kido: The desk. [Yoshida works on it]

[Rudolph Wegener talks to his children one more time with his ex-wife Katharina present]
Rudolph Wegener: [in German, as he embraces and carries Otto] It is far from easy to be a good man. In fact, as one gets older, it becomes more and more difficult to know... what a good man is. Yet it also becomes increasingly important... [looks at Katharina] to at least try.

[Reinhard Heydrich and his adjutant trap John Smith at a log cabin]
Reinhard Heydrich: [as he prepares coffee] What is the power of the films? Do you know why the Führer prizes them so highly?
John Smith: You'd have to address any questions on that subject to the Führer himself.
Heydrich: The Führer is a spent force, John. We both know that. I don't believe for a second that sharing the land of your birth with the Japanese sits well with you.
Smith: I'm sure the Führer has his reasons.
Heydrich: Loyalty is an overrated virtue, John, championed by the bovine, dignified by the weak to justify their weakness. It's certainly not worthy of you.
Smith: Neither is betrayal.
Heydrich: Ultimately, John, we owe our hearts and our minds not to any one man but to an idea, and that idea is under threat. It is up to the best of us to step forward now as both the Führer and nature demands. The strong must overcome the weak.

[Rudolph Wegener comes face-to-face with Adolf Hitler, and has a pistol pointed at him]
Adolf Hitler: I know Heydrich sent you to kill me [faces Wegener] and I don't believe that you are capable of doing it. Of killing anyone, ever again. You were lost, Rudolph, the moment you lost faith in the Reich. Not to me, but to yourself.
Rudolph Wegener: I was lost the moment I committed evil in your name.
Hitler: Killing me might reconcile you with your past, but it will also prompt the people who sent you to attack Japan immediately. You must take responsibility for the one, or the other.
Wegener: I know that the sins are my own.
Hitler: Your only sin is your weakness, but you can still choose to die honorably. You will spare Otto and Klaudia your shame, and I will spare their lives.
Wegener: [shaken at Hitler's stipulation] God forgive me.

Season 2[edit]

The Tiger's Cave [2.1][edit]

[General Onoda addresses fellow Japanese officials]
Gen. Hidehisa Onoda, IJA: Today we enter the tiger's cave. We enter it because two weeks ago, Science Minister Shimura found a capsule in his pocket, and inside the capsule was microfilm smuggled from the Reich Research Council in Berlin. The contents of the microfilm has been confirmed. At long last, we, too, possess the data to build a Heisenberg device. When it is completed, the device must be in range of North American Nazi targets [Tagomi tries to listen but temporarily clams up] of New York City. This is our moment. We must not hesitate to seize it.

[Hawthorne Abendsen tries to explain to Juliana the nature of his movies]
Hawthorne Abendsen: Each one of these films show a reality like ours, but not ours... Some of us are just the same. Rotten or kind in one reality, rotten or kind in the next, but most people are different, depending on whether they have food in their belly or they're hungry, safe or scared. So you watch these films. You tell the Resistance what you learn about the people you see and the things. Things that could happen here, too. That's why... That's why the Nazis want these films. Not the Nazis, just old Adolf. That demented bastard's too paranoid to let anyone else see them.

[Nobusuke Tagomi calls up the Wegener household]
Nobusuke Tagomi: Hello. Is that Mrs. Wegener?
Katharina Wegener: Who is this?
Tagomi: This is Tagomi Nobusuke. I met the colonel last year in Stockholm at a trade convention. Would it be possible to speak to him?
Wegener: [German] My husband... is dead. He [cries]
Tagomi: Mm... May I ask what happened?
Wegener: They say he shot himself. He was a traitor.
Tagomi: You must know. Your husband died trying to make the world a better place.
Wegener: And did he? Trying is not enough, is it? [hangs up]

The Road Less Traveled [2.2][edit]

[Joe Blake appears at a construction site]
Site Manager: Well, look what the wind blew in.
Joe Blake: Look, I'm sorry to show up like this, sir, but... things took a little longer than I thought.
Site Manager: Last funeral I went to, the whole thing lasted about an hour. You've been gone best part of three weeks.
Blake: Right. I'm sorry, sir. I'm here now.
Site Manager: And you expected me to keep the forklift open?
Blake: No, not expected, sir. Hoped.
Site Manager: Who the hell do you think you are, Blake?
Blake: I don't think I'm anybody, sir. I just want to show up and do an honest day's work, if you'll let me.
Site Manager: Well, you want to grab a sledgehammer and break concrete, I guess that'll be okay. That honest enough for you?
Blake: Thank you, sir. [starts working]

[Frank Frink reads a letter Juliana just left for him]
Juliana Crain: Dear Frank, I don't even know if this letter will reach you, but if you are reading this, I'm begging you, please get out of the city now. You might know already that I didn't follow the plan. But I am leaving town now. One day I hope I'll get the chance to explain everything and that you'll understand. You're the kindest, most generous man I've ever met, Frank. I'd given up on everyone and everything, and you put me back on my feet. You brought me back to life one step at a time. Frank. It's okay. I want you to know that my feelings for you were and always will be more real than anything I've ever known. Whatever happens, I don't believe our fate is inevitable. And you shouldn't, either. I don't know if we can change it, but I believe we have to try. You'll always be with me, Frank, and I hope I'll always be with you.

Travelers [2.3][edit]

[Helen Smith introduces Juliana Crain/Julia Mills to her apartment]
Helen Smith: It's cute, isn't it? You're lucky to get one of the singles. Most of the other girls have to share an apartment.
Juliana Crain/Julia Mills: Other girls?
Smith: This is a dormitory for single women. Would you like tea? I made some.
Mills: Yes. Thanks. That's very kind.
Smith: Okay.
Mills: How many other girls live here?
Smith: Uh, there's space for 20 or 30, but I'm not sure how many are here now. Oh. We've thrown some things into the closet for you. There wasn't much time, so I hope they fit. And you'll find some make-up in the bathroom.
Mills: Wow. This is so much more than I could have hoped for.
Smith: Well, it's hard work to... Once you get settled, you'll be expected to join some of the neighborhood committees and the Nazi Women's League. But first you have to pass the ACT.
Mills: What is the ACT?
Smith: The Auxiliary Citizenship Test. That gives you the right to stay in the Reich permanently. You must be exhausted after everything you've been through.
Mills: I am a little.
Smith: Why don't you come by the house tomorrow? Say, 10:00. We can have coffee and get to know each other.
Mills: All right.
Smith: Okay. We're at 5026 Roxboro. I have left a tuna casserole in the fridge for you. But there's a grocer over on von Braun Street if you need anything else. You'll find 50 marks and some change in the desk drawer there.
Mills: You thought of everything. I don't know what to say.
Smith: Well, that's just it. You don't have to say anything.... See, now you're some place where good people actually look out for one another. I'll see you tomorrow.
Mills: Okay.
Smith: Okay.
Mills: Thanks. [as Helen goes for the door] Wait. What about the key?
Smith: Oh, there isn't one. No one locks their doors around here.

[At a party Reichsminister Heusmann is hosting, Joe Blake is not too pleased at an Abwehr officer casually talking to him about his Pacific States mission]
Joe Blake: I'm going home.
Reichsminister Martin Heusmann: What happened?
Blake: One of your guests reminded me of who I am and who I'm not.
Heusmann: I don't understand.
Blake: You wouldn't. But I've seen the blood that pays for this champagne. And if you think for a second that it's going to make me forget what you did to my mother... She died poor, by the way.
Heusmann: Josef, I'm not asking you to forget anything. I get it. It was war. You were here.
Blake: We were there.
Heusmann: There's more to the story, son.
Blake: I don't care anymore.
Heusmann: Please. Please stay.
Blake: Is that an order, Reichsminister? Whatever it is you need to tell me to clear your conscience, I don't want to hear it.

Escalation [2.4][edit]

[Thomas Smith guides Juliana Crain/Julia Mills with reviewing for the Auxiliary Citizenship Test]
Thomas Smith: The ACT is made of three parts: Reading, writing, and civics.
Juliana Crain: Okay. I got two out of three.
Smith: Straight to civics, then. First question: From where does justice derive?
Crain: The Reich.
Smith: Yes, but more specifically.
Crain: The Führer?
Smith: Very good. Justice is a divine right guaranteed for all and determined by the Führer, from whom all justice derives. [tries to drink milk but is visibly shaken]
Crain: Thomas? You all right?
Smith: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. Next question is about American exterminations before the Reich.
Crain: Exterminations?
Smith: Didn't they ever teach you about the Indians?

[Frank Frink brings up the Manzanar concentration camp with camp survivor Sarah Murakami]
Frank Frink: Why didn't you tell me about it?
Sarah Murakami: It's just a patch of dirt, really. About ten hours from here. We were relocated there by the U.S. Army. My family and thousands of other Japanese people. American citizens suddenly considered enemy aliens. My dad said, "Sara, one fine day, they'll win, and they'll open that gate." He meant the Japanese Empire. And one fine day, they did win.
Frink: One fine day for you.
Murakami: Yeah. They won. But they looked at us, an all they could see was that we left Japan. We weren't Americans, but we weren't Japanese, either. We were...hangyakunin.
Frink: Yeah, traitors. So you hate the Americans. You hate the Pons. Who are you fighting for?
Murakami: I don't hate anyone.

[John Smith sees Helen looking distressed]
Helen Smith: You know I spent the whole afternoon with Alice.
John Smith: Yeah, you said. She must be... devastated.
Helen: She is. She's devastated. John, I'm going to ask you a question, and I need for you to tell me the truth.
John: Helen. Don't.
Helen: [realizes from the tone] John, what have you done?
John: Don't ask me any more.
Helen: But wh-why?
John: Look at me. All you need to know is everything I do... everything... I do it for the family, to keep our children safe.
Helen: For the family? Our son is ill. I knew that there was something.
John: Gerry was going to report him.
Helen: But that is no reason for you to...
John: There's no cure. There's no cure.

Duck and Cover [2.5][edit]

[Frank Frink and Gary Connell visit a gathering in the California forest]
Frank Frink: What is this?
Gary Connell: It's a memorial... for Karen. There are people here from the state of Washington, Baja, the Salt Lake. Come on.
Man: As we gather tonight, we remember that the Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those that are crushed in spirit. Remember too, that we are of good courage and would rather be away from the body and at home with the Lord surrounded by the loved ones who went before us. Of course, the Lord can see Karen, even though we cannot. For precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. So let us lay this saint to rest. And let us not linger, children, for the wolves will soon be upon our door.

[Lemuel Washington picks up Hawthorne Abendsen]
Lemuel Washington: You about ready to go, Mr. A?
Hawthorne Abendsen: There's a stack inside. Would you bring it out for me, please?
Washington: Don't want to get that nice suit all rumpled up, huh?
Abendsen: Mm-mm.
Washington: [as he picks up a stash of films and puts in the truck] There's a... There's a strong smell inside.
Abendsen: You noticed.
Washington: Like gas.
Abendsen: That's the smell of leaving, Lem, the smell of moving on.
Washington: What about the rest of them?
Abendsen: Nothing like a good spring cleaning. [lights match that burns down his hideout]

Kintsugi [2.6][edit]

[Helen Smith is uneasy over Thomas being called up for a Hitler Youth trip to South America]
Helen Smith: He's not going, John. I will not allow it. I stop breathing the moment Thomas walks out that front door, and I only start again when he is back home.
John Smith: You want to let him go to South America? Helen...
Helen: He will be found out, and you know what that means.
John: Okay. Sit down. Helen, sit down, please. We are going to let him go. Thomas will fly to Buenos Aires, all right? And from there, he's going to travel to meet the others on his expedition, but he's not going to make the rendezvous because, somewhere in the foothills of the Andes, he's going to be kidnapped by Semites.
Helen: You did this.
John: Now, this is going to look like, to the rest of the world, a terrorist act on a high-profile target, but Thomas, he's going to be okay. He'll be safe.
Helen: In South America?
John: He could live for decades, Helen. This way, he's going to be comfortable. He's going to be safe. No one's going to be able to reach him.
Helen: How can you be sure?
John: Because I will personally spearhead the search for him and for his kidnappers. Now, you, of course, will be bereft, as will I, and publicly we'll never give up trying to bring our son home. But ultimately, Helen...we will fail. Now, if you have any questions, you have to ask me now... because, I'm afraid, once you've left this room, we must never talk about this again.
Helen: Will I ever see him again?
John: Maybe, one day. When and if it is safe. It's the only way, Helen.

[In the alternate 1962, its version of Noriaki Tagomi talks to Trade Minister Nobusuke Tagomi]
Noriaki "Nori" Tagomi: Dad, you know who puts their faith in things like Yarrow Stalks and the i Ching? It's people who don't want to take responsibility for the choices that they've made.
Nobusuke Tagomi: You're wrong. I take responsibility.
Nori: You need to let Mom move on with her life. You need to sign the papers.
Nobusuke: That is not your business.
Nori: Mom is too polite to say it herself.

Land o'Smiles [2.7][edit]

[John Smith eulogizes Dr Adler]
John Smith: Orator Hanley did ask me to say a few words. [clears throat] On the subject of Gerry's professional diligence. Uh...but I decided to go another way. When I sat down to think about what I wanted to say about Gerry Adler, I realized it all came down to one thing. The family. Gerry... Gerry was a family man. And I don't just mean his intense pride in his two fine boys and his beautiful wife. Nor am I talking about the fact that, through his work as a doctor, he... He came to be a part of all of our families. No, What I mean is that a man is only ever as strong as the people around him: the community he serves and the family he is sworn to protect. Whatever strength he has, he draws from them. And for them, he must be prepared to give everything. His life for his blood... Or else... Or else everything he has done has been for nothing. He is nothing. Now, if you'll please stand and join me in singing "Der gute Kamerad."

[General Onoda visits Takeshi Kido]
Gen. Hidehisa Onoda, IJA: I require an explanation for what transpired today.
Chief Insp Takeshi Kido: Hai, Kakka. Taishi Okamura was a traitor. He was Yakuza. And exploiting his position to spy for the Nazis against the Empire.
Onoda: You have evidence of this?
Kido: Hai. I would not have acted without it. Nor without placing your family in protective custody.
Onoda: I should have been informed at the same time you made those arrangements.
Kido: I apologize, but I had to act quickly.
Onoda: I fear you have been here too long, Kido-tai'i. [imitating cowboys shooting] Too many Westerns. [chuckling] We have nothing to learn from the gaijin. I admire your decisiveness, particularly in sensitive situations, as with the attempt on the life of His Highness. I will ensure the clan is aware of Okamura's treachery, but hierarchy must be respected.
Kido: Unquestioningly.
Onoda: So... now I know everything?
Kido: [bows] Hai, Kakka. [Onoda leaves]

[Helen Smith and Juliana Crain/Julia Mills share a toast but talk about Thomas' near-seizure at the funeral]
Helen Smith: Thank you for your help today.
Juliana Crain: I was... glad to be a part of it. It's quite something, seeing everyone pull together like that.
Smith: Well, like I told you, this is a place where people look out for each other. [serious tone] Julia, I don't want there to be any confusion between us. What happened at the church today with Thomas, I don't know what you think you saw, but you're new here and I wanted to make sure you understand how important it is not to jump to any conclusions... because it could be dangerous.
Crain: Helen, what I saw today was a sweet boy... who's been overexerting himself, becoming emotional at the funeral of a close family friend. No confusion.
Smith: Let's drink to that.

Loose Lips [2.8][edit]

[Joe Blake and Reichsminister Martin Heusmann enter Adolf Hitler's office, but Hitler is nowhere to be found]
Joe Blake: Where's the Führer?
Reichsminister Martin Heusmann: The Führer... is in a coma. The doctors say it is unlikely he will recover. Until the Party meets and selects his successor, the Führer had ordered that I be named acting chancellor. Trust me, it's not an honor anyone would want, Josef.
Blake: I don't understand.
Heusmann: You see, this has happened before. Once the Führer was unwell, and for a time it was thought as he would die, so Reichsmarshall Göring declared himself acting chancellor.
Blake: I never heard about that.
Heusmann: That's because Hitler had Göring shot, along with his entire family.
Blake: [sighs] This is different, right? He chose you.
Heusmann: Yes. And because I've been chosen, I must do my duty.
Blake: Well, why? You're an engineer.
Heusmann: An engineer. Exactly, and therefore not a threat, unlike Himmler and the others who would kill for this, and very well might, whether the Führer recovers or not. I will be held directly responsible for everything that is bound to go wrong in the days ahead.
Blake: Or maybe they'll thank you.
Heusmann: Ah, the American in you remains so optimistic... [puts hand on Blake's shoulder] and naïve, Josef. I want you to go back there.
Blake: What?
Heusmann: Return to New York today. It is no longer safe for you here.

[Arnold Walker has just come to Childan's shop and asked Frank Frink to get out of San Francisco immediately and when Frink asks why...]
Arnold Walker: Frank, Hitler is dying, and when he goes, there's going to be a Resistance uprising, not to mention a very good chance that this entire city's going to be wiped off the planet -
Frank Frink: - by an A bomb.
Walker: Who told you that?
Frink: You don't think I'm crazy? Who, Arnold?
Walker: Juliana. She called me.
Frink: Ju... But how did she... Yeah. Yeah, her Nazi boyfriend.
Walker: Hold on. Wait a minute. Frank. She is in the Reich, but she's not with the Nazis. She's working with the Resistance.
Frink: No, she's lying to you, Arnold. She's been lying...
Walker: It did not come from her, Frank. It came from an old war buddy of mine and the kind of guy who would give up his life for you. He wouldn't lie.
Frink: And did he know about your day job?
Walker: All right. [scoffs at being called out over his former Kempeitai job] Frank, that's fair. [walks around then faces him] I wouldn't expect you to understand what I did for my family, but do not call my daughter a liar! She never betrayed you. She never betrayed any of us. And I'm here today because she asked me to come and tell you and Ed to get the hell out of this city... because she still cares about you.

[John Smith and Erich Raeder visit Reinhard Heydrich at his cell as an alarm rings]
Erich Raeder: [as guards release Heydrich's restraints] Oberstgruppenführer, if you will please get dressed, we must evacuate you immediately.
John Smith: [enters cell] Please forgive our hastiness, Oberstgruppenführer. We don't afford to take chances with your safety at a time like this. [pause] Reinhard, I don't speak for myself.
Reinhard Heydrich: What is this?
Smith: Please. Please hear me out. I know it's too late for me. I accept that. But I ask you to bear in mind that I was just a soldier... a loyal soldier... doing his duty.
Heydrich: Am I to believe the Führer is dead?
Smith: I ask you one thing. Will you give me your word that you will spare Helen and the children?
Heydrich: How do I know this is not a deception?
Smith: I wish it were. One hour ago, San Francisco was flattened with an atomic blast. [Heydrich looks sad] I won't presume to tell you the details, but our invasion of the Pacific States is underway. And then I receive an order from Berlin demanding your immediate release. You won, Reinhard. You won.
Heydrich: [sniffles but face gets smug] You had your chance, John, and now you are on the wrong side of history. When the Japanese are eradicated, we will have a better world. A world, sadly, you will now never see.
Smith: Do I have your word that you will spare my family?
Heydrich: That is up to the new Führer.
Smith: It's not you?
Heydrich: [shakes head] No. It is someone with a much grander vision. [stands erect and gives Nazi salute] Heil Heusmann! [laughs hard]
Smith: Reinhard?
Heydrich: Yes, John?
Smith: Thank you. [Raeder kills Heydrich]

Detonation [2.9][edit]

[A man comes before the Greater Reich News Service cameras]
Man: [reads script] My name is Henry Collins. I'm Deputy Minister of Information for the Greater Nazi Reich. You've all been the victims of a lie. For the past few days, you've been told that the Führer is alive and well, on vacation at his retreat in Austria. But the truth... is that Adolf Hitler died last night in Berlin. [staff shouts in the background] The forces of the Reich did not wish you to know this truth - [a Waffen-SS soldier shoots him off-camera]

[Kotomichi has just seen Trade Minister Tagomi reappear at his office after several days]
Kotomichi: Are you well, Trade Minister?
Nobusuke Tagomi: So very tired. But I suspect you know the reason why. You're not from this world, Kotomichi.
Kotomichi: Trade Minister...
Tagomi: I learned in the other world, defeat of our Empire, the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where you were injured.
Kotomichi: My family, friends... perished in the bombing. As I lay in the hospital recovering from my burns, I learned to escape the pain... in my body and my mind. By accident, I found myself here. A happier world where my family survived.
Tagomi: I believe there's a reason for my traveling, my powers. The armies in the other world made their atomic weapons larger, some a thousand times stronger than the one dropped on Nagasaki. I fear that they will eventually destroy themselves. If General Onoda does not listen to reason, then I must speak to the Crown Prince immediately. Arrange for my trip with great haste.
Kotomichi: Trade Minister, travel to Japan is not possible at this time. We will soon be at war.
Tagomi: What?
Kotomichi: Hitler is dead. Poisoned. And the Nazis have blamed the Empire. I fear your warning comes too late.
Tagomi: There may be one last hope, Kotomichi.

[General Onoda explains to the Kempeitai staff the possible war that's about to come]
Gen. Hidehisa Onoda, IJA: It is now clear that the Nazi dream is a world in which we no longer exist. To them, like the Jews and the Slavs and the Gypsies, we are something foreign. Thus, the war machine of the poised to attack us. The men in this room may not live to see sunrise, but our grandchildren will survive. But, we must never forget, the Emperor is immortal. Tennō Heika. Banzai!
Staff: [raises arms with every word] Banzai!! Banzai!! Banzai!!!

Fallout [2.10][edit]

[In Berlin, the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht meets with Chancellor Heusmann on a new war plan and an unnamed field marshal briefs them]
Briefer: [explaining map movements] Chancellor, men, our attack is in three phases. Phase One- U-boat and silo-launched missiles to destroy primary targets. San Diego, San Francisco, Pearl Harbor in the Pacific States. Darwin and Manila, Yokohama, Kamchatka, and Vladivostok in the East.
Chancellor Martin Heusmann: How long it will take?
Briefer: On your order, 15 minutes from launch.
Heusmann: And why not Tokyo, field marshal?
Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler: [interjects] If we kill their emperor, it would prolong the conflict.
Heusmann: So we spare him? After he murders our Fuehrer?
Himmler: The Japanese must see their deity surrender and acknowledge the superiority of our Master Race.
Heusmann: [sternly] They will accept that reality without him. [orders briefer as Himmler remains quiet] Destroy Tokyo in Phase One.
Briefer: [looks at Himmler who nods at him] Yes, Chancellor.
Heusmann: Continue.
Briefer: Phase Two - our long-range nuclear bombers destroy secondary targets, including Anchorage, Los Angeles, and Sacramento in the west. Osaka, Peking, Delhi, Bangkok, and so on in the east. Time to completion, six hours from launch. Phase Three, a ground and marine invasion to secure and occupy. We expect total capitulation within two weeks.
Heusmann: What kind of retaliation can we expect?
Briefer: The strongest resistance will be in our satellite states.
Himmler: Particularly, the Americas, where we expect the Japanese to mount significant defense and counterattacks.
Briefer: We anticipate Japanese bombers to launch long-range suicide missions. We should expect major attacks as deep as Chicago and New York.
Heusmann: Projected casualties?
Briefer: The nuclear attack will result in 15 to 16 million dead. Ground invasion will add another two to three million.
Heusmann: And on our side?
Briefer: The Japanese only have conventional weapons. Casualties will be in the hundreds of thousands.
Himmler: And mostly Americans, so... acceptable losses.
Heusmann: When can you be ready to launch?
Briefer: By 1900 tomorrow, Chancellor.
Heusmann: Good, [rises with everyone] Tomorrow night, I will address the Reich from the Volkshalle. During my speech, I will give the attack order. I will secure the Fatherland and the future of the Reich. [everyone makes the stiff-arm salute]

[Chancellor Heusmann prepares the nuclear-launch console but Joe Blake tries to counsel him against attacking Japan]
Joe Blake: Just think of the innocent lives. Father, you can't.
Martin Heusmann: I know the casualties will be high, but that may be necessary.
Blake: You can't really believe that.
Heusmann: Did you listen to nothing that I've said??
Blake: Of course I did, but you can't build a better world if there's nothing left of it. [Himmler enters the room with a group of SS soldiers]
Heusmann: [in German] What is this for?
Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler: [in German as the soldiers take Heusmann and Blake] Acting Chancellor Heusmann, you are under arrest for high treason and the murder of our Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler.
Blake: [sees John Smith at the door] What the hell's going on?
Obergruppenfuhrer John Smith: Your father's a traitor, Joe.
Himmler: [in German] Take them away!

[Helen Smith heads to the front door to see Thomas meeting a crew from the Greater Nazi Reich Public Health Department]
Helen Smith: [upon being given a consent form to Thomas' euthanisation] What is this?
Thomas Smith: [to detail head] May I have a moment, please? [comes back to Helen]
Helen: Thomas?
Thomas: Look, I won't tell them about what you and father said. [embraces her one more time] Be proud of me. Tell Father to be proud. [leaves]
Helen: [as Thomas rejoins the health crews and she's held back by the security guards] No. Thom... Thomas. Thomas, stay with me! Stay with me, Thomas! Thomas! [shouting, sobbing] Thomas! Thomas, don't go!

Season 3[edit]

Now More Than Ever, We Care About You [3.1][edit]

[Joe Blake reads a prepared statement denouncing his father]
Joe Blake: Martin Heusmann was my father. His false beliefs came to infect me. We were both guilty of wrong thinking against the Fuhrer, which gave rise to an unspeakable criminal scheme to assassinate our great leader, our one true father. Wrong thinking against the Fuhrer, against the Party, against the true science of National Socialism. Martin Heusmann was my father.

[American Reich Propaganda Minister Billy Turner comes to work incensed]
Billy Turner: They can't pull this shit on me last minute. The Fritz Kuhn deal is my deal. I don't need some German chick fresh off the rocket plane to tell me which way's up. [a woman enters the office]
Woman: Nicole Dormer. German chick.
Turner: [shakes her hand] Sorry. Billy Turner. Minister of Propaganda, and world-class idiot. Welcome to New York, fraulein. First time?
Dormer: Hardly.
Turner: Miss Dormer...
Dormer: Nicole.
Turner: Nicole. I think there are some transatlantic crossed wires on this little renaming ceremony.
Dormer: [reads sample propaganda posters] "Fascism is freedom"? "Freedom to prosper." "Freedom to explore." "Freedom from fear." "Freedom to propagate"?
Turner: That's the new campaign.
Dormer: New? Sounds rather familiar.
Turner: Brand-new.
Dormer: "Procreate to Populate, with Pride"?
Turner: That's the spring rollout to inspire our young brides to...
Dormer: Fuck and be fertile?
Turner: I wouldn't quite put it that way.
Dormer: [looks at draft art of a woman about to catch her baby] This image is perfect for a message from the Reich. Warmer, more maternal. Something like... forgive my English... perhaps... "Now more than ever, we care about you."
Turner: That's not bad. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, schatzi.

[Reichsmarschall for North America George Lincoln Rockwell graces the remembrance for Thomas Smith]
Reichsmarschall George Rockwell: We gather here today to honor a true hero of the Reich. When the hour of decision came for Thomas Smith, he rose to the occasion in a way that admirably reflected upon his father. Without wavering, without self-pity, Thomas Smith, on his own, made the ultimate sacrifice for a community, a country, a cause. Surely, Thomas Smith shall forever stand a peerless exemplar of Aryan youth. And as we remember this day, let us absorb a great lesson: In the hour of decision, in the hour of crisis, when we look for leadership, and for courage, to whom do we look? We look to people covered in medals. But sometimes, we are better served when we look to a boy. A boy with a dream in his heart.

Imagine Manchuria [3.2][edit]

[Kido pays his respects to Sgt Yoshida's grave. Nakamura visits him in the wake of a botched raid on Hagan]
Chief Insp Takeshi Kido: I told you, Nakamura. I have many skills. Interrogating the dead is not one of them.
Sgt Nakamura: I am not worthy to replace Sergeant Yoshida.
Kido: Perhaps not.
Nakamura: Before I leave your sight, sir... All the bodies have been examined. No sign of the criminal priest Hagan.
Kido: Find Hagan, bring him to me alive, and you will be my sergeant. If you cannot, resign yourself to a career in the colonial backwater in a conflict zone. If you think San Francisco is miserable in the winter, imagine Manchuria.

[John Smith summons Thelma Harris over what she wrote regarding Mrs Adler]
Oberstgruppenfuhrer John Smith: May I call you Thelma?
Thelma Harris: Of course.
Smith: Good. Tell me, Thelma, you happily married?
Harris: I am.
Smith: Must be so difficult for you. Marriage is hard work.
Harris: Yes, I know.
Smith: But especially for a couple like you. With your sorts of secrets.
Harris: Sir? I...
Smith: You'd just lose your job, right? But your husband, well, he'd lose everything, considering the law. And his... friend? Roger? [sees Harris react] Oh, I don't judge. I assure you.
Harris: You don't?
Smith: No, but I understand how vulnerable you must feel, how... susceptible to unscrupulous operators. Like our friend Mr. Hoover. Constant threat of exposure. That's no way to live.
Harris: No. No, sir, it's... it's not.
Smith: Well, I can help you. If you'd like.
Harris: Sir, that would be wonderful. But what do I have to do?
Smith: Nothing. Nothing.
Harris: Sir?
Smith: Just keep doing what you're doing. Just have to let me know what that is. At all times. So I can help you. Help keep you and your husband safe. Do you understand?
Harris: Perfectly.
Smith: Very good. I'll have Major Metzger see you out.
Harris: Thank you, uh, O... Oberstgruppenfuhrer.

[Nobusuke Tagomi takes custody of Juliana Crain and the other Trudy Walker]
Nobusuke Tagomi: I threw the I Ching. Hexagram 40. Liberation. Changing line into Hexagram 56. Transition. Most auspicious.
Juliana Crain: I never really got to mourn her, you know.
Tagomi: Now's your chance.
Crain: Focus, Tru.
Tagomi: If you let go of her, the Trudy you lost, you will be liberated. Able to let go of her. And she of you.
Trudy Walker: [as the room rattles] You've always looked out for me, sis. You don't need to anymore. Take care of yourself, sis. [disappears]

Sensô Kôi [3.3][edit]

[Joe Blake has tracked down Oberfuehrer Diels]
Oberfuhrer Oliver Diels: Smith has sent you, hasn't he? That vengeful bastard.
Joe Blake: You should've stayed loyal to the Reich.
Diels: The old regime needed to go. Heydrich and your father, they understood that.
Blake: My father confessed his faults. Renounced his conspiracy against the Fuhrer.
Diels: Then your father died a traitor. [falls down after a shot to the chest]
Blake: My father died a hero. [shoots Diels in the face]

[John Smith visits the Ahnenerbe Institute]
Dr Josef Mengele: The Ahnenerbe Institute will remain focused on the sciences, under my purview. Reichsfuehrer Himmler asked that I introduce you to some of our more immediate efforts in advance of his visit. [shows Smith a cart full of the films] The late Fuhrer's entire film archive. At your disposal, with Himmler's compliments.
Oberstgruppenfuehrer John Smith: Yes, I watched some of these in Berlin. Surprising number of them are insignificant or counterfeit.
Mengele: And many are not so easily explained. Events, outcomes that cannot be dismissed as fake. The late Fuhrer knew these films, in the hands of our enemies, could be weaponized against the Reich. One of the archival projects is to sort, catalogue, and segregate the genuine from the ersatz. The Reichsfuehrer has entrusted this task to you.
Smith: Me? Not Rockwell?
Mengele: Just you, Oberstgruppenfuehrer. The films are part of several interrelated research projects. Our coordinated efforts will separate truth from noise.

[Nicole Dormer's new film tribute to Thomas Smith, An American Hero, is shown before GNR officials]
Dormer: [narration] But it is among Thomas' own generation, among his fellow classmates, that he is most honored.
Female student: [in interview] I loved Thomas. I did. [sniffles] You know, ever since I met him in the second grade, he was always talking about the future. His plans. Everything that he dreamed about doing to make the Reich an even better place.
Dormer: Thomas spoke about the future. Did he ever talk about his father?
Student: All the time. Thomas idolized him.
Dormer: [voiceover] Oberstgruppenfuehrer Smith is one of the American Reich's most decorated soldiers. [footage of Volkshalle rally] And just last fall, Smith was honored by Reichsfuehrer Himmler for saving the Reich from the traitor Heusmann. At this time of Smith's greatest triumph, his son Thomas was walking to his death. [cut to Thomas' tribute at his school] At the ceremony at Thomas Smith's high school, I witnessed an astonishing moment.
Reichsmarschall George Lincoln Rockwell: [in tribute speech] A boy with a dream in his heart.
Dormer: [describing footage] Thomas' younger sister, Amy, instinctively stood to salute her brother. Child after child followed suit. And I wondered, what kind of man inspired such devotion and passion in his children? [cut to Smith] That man, John Smith. He bears a responsibility of being father to children and father to the entire nation. It's that immense and that simple.

Sabra [3.4][edit]

[Frank Frink explains his new artworks to Mark Sampson and gives him samples]
Frank Frink: Take them back with you. I want you to put them up.
Mark Sampson: Yeah, there's there's something you should know. Um, people are are not only putting up your art. They're copying it. Young people, especially. They're they're making it their own. [shows Frank pictures of graffiti resembling his work]
Frink: Ah, this is fantastic.
Sampson: Yeah.
Frink: All the more reason why we-
Sampson: Look, they're arresting people, Frank.
Frink: I don't want anyone to get hurt.
Sampson: Well, look, in a way, it's out of your hands. Th these sunrises, they'd they don't even belong to you anymore. But this, this is really gonna get the Pons' attention, and not in a good way.
Frink: You said people need to see - all this.
Sampson: Yeah, and and, one day, the time will be right. And when it is, I promise you that we will wallpaper these sons of bitches like nobody's business.

[a woman meets with Ed and Robert Childan about a certain artifact]
Woman: The Duke gave me this just before he left to fight with the Rebels.
Robert Childan: And this is the belt buckle he wore in Stagecoach?
Woman: Mm-hmm. Stagecoach is my favorite Ford.
Childan: Yeah, I just Feels a wee bit apocryphal.
Ed: That means he doesn't believe you.
Woman: O ye of little faith. He told me to keep it as a memento till he came back, which, of course, he never did. [shows picture]
Childan: Oh. Now, that's a horse of a different color.
Woman: That's me, that's the Duke, and there's the buckle.
Childan: Yeah. Yeah, I can see that.
Woman: He was killed in action at the Battle of Dayton.
Childan: Oh.
Woman: You know that?
Ed: Everyone knows that. I mean, John Wayne. Wu?
Childan: We'll give you five marks for this and the photo.
Woman: That's the only picture I have of the Duke and me.
Childan: Well, buckle's not worth a pfennig without the photo.
Woman: Well, could you see your way clear to seven? I, I got my rent to make, and and seven marks might get me through.
Childan: I'll tell you what I'll do -
Ed: 15. We'll pay her 15.
Woman: Fifteen. That's fair. Right?

[Nicole Dormer is not pleased with a shoot of workmen weakly sledgehammering a bust of Abraham Lincoln]
Nicole Dormer: Cut! Okay, cut. This is the old America. You are the new America. I want to see you full of power, energy. [to cameraman] In fact, get the camera off the sticks and move it in closer. Follow them. We need to feel the kinetic potential, the vitality of the new American Nazi youth. Okay, boys, what you're doing here is important work. You're erasing the past, replacing it with a better world, a world that is entirely yours. We ready? Okay, back to the start, please. Ready. And action! [the workmen start smashing the marble with more strength; instructing cameraman] Now get down low, underneath them, as they work. Shoot up. Make him look heroic.

[Kido visits Tagomi]
Trade Minister Nobusuke Tagomi: Howard Wexler. Who is he?
Chief Insp Takeshi Kido: A defector from the Reich.
Tagomi: Like Diels.
Kido: Only much more valuable. A researcher. I believe it was the same assassin in both cases. Wexler was working with your ministry.
Tagomi: On a project I cannot discuss.
Kido: The Nazis are doing their best to sabotage us. And they are succeeding. These street protests-
Tagomi: The street protests are under control. The agitators are suffering for oil. Kerosene. Gasoline. Heating oil. What are you doing about it, Trade Minister?
Kido: Again, nothing I will discuss with you, Chief Inspector.

The New Colossus [3.5][edit]

[Helen Smith resumes her counselling sessions with Dr Ryan after John Smith arranges it for her]
Dr. Ryan: Why don't we start with something easy? You know, a memory. Could be anything.
Helen Smith: Anything?
Ryan: Well, anything to do with Thomas. Why don't you sit back, shut your eyes if that helps, and, uh, go back to a moment.
Smith: Needn't be anything big.
Ryan: Could be something nice and simple.
Smith: Uh, they they heard me scream and wail when Thomas was walking to that van. I wept, I pleaded, and all of my neighbors housewives and my friends they heard me beg him to stop. Stop and go back in the house. Don't do this. I'm so so ashamed.
Ryan: But any mother would've wept and pleaded. Don't you think?
Smith: My son was a hero, I was a weakling.
Ryan: No. No, no. It takes strength to grieve openly.
Smith: Does it?
Ryan: It's the weak who conceal their feelings behind a tough façade. Now, just by me saying this, you won't magically let go of your shame. But, if it makes it any easier, there is nothing more important to the Aryan state than a powerful mother who brings the full force of her emotions and convictions to daily life in the Reich.

[Helen Smith fumes at John over ARBI Director J Edgar Hoover suddenly visiting the Smiths' apartment investigating her over Alice Adler's death]
Oberstgruppenfuhrer John Smith: Trust me, Helen,
Helen Smith: Trust you, John? The last time -
John: We're not relying on Hoover's help.
Helen: I trusted you.
John: No?
Helen: Because he came bursting in here with two of his men. Who's to stop him from coming back and arresting me?

[John Smith is summoned to George Lincoln Rockwell, with Heinrich Himmler and ARBI Director J Edgar Hoover by his side. Smith is curious why he is there]
Reichsmarschall George Lincoln Rockwell: Let's start with Dr. Adler, whom you eulogized following his sudden demise from a heart attack. A man who'd just gotten a clean bill of health from his own cardiologist. So what caused Adler's fatal coronary?
Oberstgruppenfuehrer John Smith: Undetected coronary blockage, I'd assume. You, you tell me, George.
Rockwell: I can't tell you, because Gerry Adler was cremated before a proper postmortem could be performed, per Alice Adler's pleas to anyone who'd listen. And then Alice went suddenly silent, too. She died in a botched burglary, according to the police. But now, [glances at Hoover] ARBI agents have come up with a fascinating conclusion: the burglar - if indeed it was a burglar - who murdered Mrs. Adler was another woman. Meantime, evidence has come to light of Smith's scheme to sneak his ailing son out of the country, and then stage a kidnap plot to spirit Thomas to an Argentinian safe haven. It's treason to cover up your son's illness, and treason to use your office to spirit away your sick son. Not to mention assassinating a high-ranking Nazi official, Dr. Adler, and his wife.
Heinrich Himmler: Do you have evidence to back up these accusations?
Rockwell: Mein Fuehrer, we have the motive, the means and the proof.
J Edgar Hoover: I'm sorry, Reichsmarschall, but I'm afraid you're confused.
Rockwell: [nonplussed] Confused. How?
Hoover: The charges you've leveled against Oberstgrueppenfuehrer Smith are unfounded. They're mere conjecture.
Rockwell: [pointedly at Hoover] Why the fuck would you say that? [goes and opens a briefcase he left on a nearby table; only a few crumpled papers are left inside] I don't understand. You showed me all those cables from Buenos Aires. [to Smith] Helen Smith's button, stained with Alice Adler's blood. [slams briefcase on table] Edgar. Where is it all?
Himmler: Am I to understand there is no evidence to support these claims of treason?
Hoover: I have no evidence whatsoever, Mein Fuehrer.
Himmler: It is, in fact, treason, to falsely accuse a senior Party member of such crimes!
Rockwell: Mein Fuehrer-
Himmler: [In German, to guards] Get him out of here!
Rockwell: Mein Fuehrer-
Himmler: [shouting furiously in German] Go away! Out of my sight! Out of this country! Immediately!
Rockwell: [as he's manhandled out of the room] Edgar, you set me up. A put-up job?! I will fucking crush you!

[Juliana Crain talks to Joe Blake about what she saw in his belongings, without implying she was perusing them at all]
Joe Blake: Listen, Juliana, to resist is to invite the kind of pain that I went through. And trust me you do not want that.
Juliana Crain: And what is it that you think I want?
Blake: You want to join me. For a world full of perfection and happiness.
Crain: You hardly seem happy.
Blake: Just wake up! This is the world we live in. One that can be perfected, but not by your idea of goodness. Make peace with that, and there's a way out of this.
Crain: But what does it mean Die Nebenwelt?
Blake: It means "the next world," a parallel world. And when we reach it, and the world after that, and the world after that, the Reich will be everywhere. It dwarfs my father's greatest dreams. Now get dressed.
Crain: Or what? Hmm? You know, I've watched you kill me so many times. You know what happens next? You take that gun and you put it under your chin, and you blow your own fucking brain -
Blake: You're gonna take me to Tagomi. And then you're gonna take me to High Castle.

History Ends [3.6][edit]

[Kido talks to Tagomi about documents Juliana Crain stole from Joe Blake that were delivered to the office]
Takeshi Kido: You were working with the scientist Wexler, were you not?
Nobusuke Tagomi: Yes, a sensitive project. Synthetic oil.
Kido: These documents are highly-classified Kempeitai files. Where did you get them?
Tagomi: They were brought to me. Is it possible they were in the possession of the Nazi spy at the time of his death?
Kido: Possibly, yes. Whoever killed him appears to have prevented an attempt on your life. Tell me, Trade Minister, why would the Nazis want you dead?
Tagomi: A provocation.
Kido: Revenge.
Tagomi: A warning.
Kido: So, any number of reasons.
Tagomi: Let me ask you something, Chief Inspector. What are you going to do about the traitor in your midst?

[Ed catches up with Frank Frink at St Theresa's and they talk about Frank's art]
Frank Frink: I just wanted to redeem myself. Anyway, seemed like helping the Resistance was the only way to make any sense out of what was left of my life. It was a mistake.
Ed McCarthy: And you you tried to tell me.
Frink: Ed, I killed people. I killed people directly. And I got them killed after, too.
McCarthy: You know, the Japs' reprisals were, uh, were terrible. You can't blame yourself for that.

[In New York, Himmler has just sworn in John Smith as the new Reichsmarschall for Nazi America]
Heinrich Himmler: Today marks the beginning of Jahr Null, Year Zero. This will become the beating heart of the Greater Nazi Reich... We will do away with the old. Today, history ends and the future begins!!

Excess Animus [3.7][edit]

[Having just killed Sgt Nakamura, Kido follows up with Tagomi over the Kempeitai files... over a late-night drink]
Takeshi Kido: Would you like a drink, Trade Minister? [Tagomi sits down] If you want my cooperation, you must provide me with some answers. It is time for the truth.
Nobusuke Tagomi: What is it you wish to know?
Kido: Trudy Walker. The woman I killed is the same woman I arrested months later. They are not different people, as you suggested, they are the same.
Tagomi: They are, indeed, different individuals.
Kido: They are not. They have the same physical characteristics, even the same fingerprints.
Tagomi: But one is from this world.
Kido: The other?
Tagomi: The other is not of this world. They are different people, separate lives. Separate histories. Different memories.
Kido: How do you know this?
Tagomi: I am a traveler. I have visited another world akin to ours, but but different.
Kido: You visited another world?
Tagomi: Where I got the film of the Bikini Atoll atomic bomb test. The one that dissuaded the Nazis from attacking us. In that world, the Allies won the war. It was their bomb, the Americans, not ours. We deceived them into thinking we had the bomb.
Kido: And Miss Crain?
Tagomi: Dr. Hamahashi has confirmed. The Nazis are building a machine to invade and conquer those parallel worlds. Miss Crain is trying to stop them. I told you she's on our side.
Kido: At least for now.

Kasumi (Through the Mists) [3.8][edit]

[Some Kempeitai agents visit Robert Childan after he's interrogated over breaking into his own shop]
Kempeitai Agent: You are Childan Robert?
Robert Childan: [bows] Uh, a-actually, it's Robert Childan. Ne- never mind. What can I do for you, most honored Sir?
Kempeitai Agent: Chief Inspector Kido has removed the people who have been illegally occupying your shop.
Childan: What?
Kempeitai Agent: I am instructed to inform you that it is yours to do with as you please once again.
Childan: Uh, I-I don't understand.
Kempeitai Agent: Chief Inspector Kido rewards you for your service to the Japanese National State.
Childan: My s-service to... Yes, of course. [bows] Arigato gozaimashita. [agents leave]

[Smith visits Dr Ryan]
John Smith: So what'd you have to tell me, Doctor?
Dr Ryan: Well, it's a bit delicate, I'm afraid. Uh Forgive me, sir, but, uh I feel it's my duty to tell you that, uh, your wife has been articulating opinions, uh incompatible with Reich orthodoxy.
Smith: I see. Please go on.
Ryan: Well, this morning, she expressed a desire, a desire to rethink the Reich's eugenics policies. Uh, I think she feels that because of your position, you might have some influence in the matter.
Smith: Has she expressed these thoughts to anyone else that you know of?
Ryan: Not that I'm aware of, sir. No. She also spoke today of, uh, having acted impulsively.
Smith: In what way?
Ryan: I-I didn't probe. I thought it best to alert you.
Smith: Thank you. Was there something else?
Ryan: I don't know if you're aware, sir. There, there's a phenomenon that occurs in psychotherapy. It's called, uh, "transference. " Uh, a patient develops feelings of affection, or attraction for the analyst. It's very common really.
Smith: And has my wife expressed such feelings to you, Doctor?
Ryan: Today your wife was, uh physically demonstrative in a way that perhaps -
Smith: It's okay. You can tell me.
Ryan: She kissed me, sir. She, uh, gave me a good-bye kiss. It was just a kiss on the cheek, but under the circumstances...
Smith: I understand.
Ryan: Sir, um...
Smith: Mm-hmm.
Ryan: Given everything else, I really do think it best that I, uh I terminate treatment and resign as her analyst. [presents Smith his file on Helen]
Smith: You did very well to tell me. [leaves]

[Fuhrer Himmler is fuming after the Japanese dispose of the Lebensborn agent he sent to kill Nobusuke Tagomi - outside the GNR embassy in San Francisco]
Heinrich Himmler: To dump his body in the street like that? Savages!
John Smith: There's, um, There's also been a communiqué, sir, demanding that we end the oil embargo, honor our trade agreements, or face military action.
Himmler: They won't risk a war. We will crush them.
Smith: They do have the bomb, sir. I know Europe is secure, but the risk to the American Reich is real.
Himmler: They're bluffing. Send them a message.
Smith: Sir?
Himmler: Tell them we reject their demands categorically.
Smith: Sir.

[Nicole Dormer calls Billy after the police raid a women's club]
Billy Turner: Turner.
Nicole Dormer: Billy. Thank God. It's Nicole.
Turner: What's the matter?
Dormer: Thelma's been arrested. We were having a drink - there was a raid.
Turner: A raid? Where the hell were you?
Dormer: A club.
Turner: What kind of club?
Dormer: For women.
Turner: Oh, shit. Look, I'll make some calls.
Dormer: There were photographers.
Turner: Okay, I - I'll find out who.
Dormer: Collect the film and, uh, send someone to pick her up.
Turner: Billy, you have to go yourself. If it comes out -
Dormer: Of course. Of course. Yeah, you're right. Let me see what I can do.
Turner: Thank you.

Baku [3.9][edit]

[Billy Turner leads the planning of the Jahr Null kickoff ceremonies]
Billy Turner: Jahr Null will be a live TV event broadcast across the Reich and the GNR.
Thelma Harris: Where will the Reichsfuhrer and the Reichsmarschall be?
Turner: On a VIP boat in the harbor. As close to the action as possible.
Harris: And will Nicole Dormer be on the boat?
Turner: Yes.
Harris: And where will I be?
Turner: On the boat, with me.
Harris: Will I have an interview with her?
Turner: No, she'll be directing, but, uh, I'll make sure to get you a statement.
Harris: Of course. I think I have this.
Turner: Okay, let's take five before the production meeting. [the other staff leave and Billy closes the door. to Thelma, coldly] Don't ever do that to me again. I had to make a lot of calls to clean up your arrest.
Harris: I'm sorry.
Turner: Stay away from Nicole.
Harris: All right.

[a Japanese man visits Robert Childan's newly-reopened store]
Robert Childan: Kobayashi-san, what a delightful pleasure. How may I help you today?
Mr Kobayashi: I was, uh, wondering if you still had that precious baseball. The one signed by the Murderers' Row.
Childan: Oh, sumimasen. I no longer have that item in my possession.
Mr Kobayashi: I see. Delightful pleasure to see you back. [goes to leave]
Childan: Kobayashi-san. Um, I almost forgot. Rumor has it, a great influx of Americana may be moving west from the GNR.
Mr Kobayashi: And what is causing this influx?
Childan: The Nazis are in the midst of purging American history. So, if these rumors are correct, it would be a great bonanza for my business.
Mr Kobayashi: Hmm. Interesting. If you are able to procure these old American artifacts from the Reich, I would very much like to view them.
Childan: Hai.

[John Smith meets Nobusuke Tagomi at a farmhouse somewhere in the Neutral Zone]
John Smith: Trade Minister.
Nobusuke Tagomi: Good evening, Reichsmarschall. Thank you for coming. Please, sit. I wish to extend my deepest condolences for the loss of your only son. I, too, have experienced the same.
Smith: Thank you. Now on the phone, you mentioned Dr. Wexler and Die Nebenwelt.
Tagomi: Yes. This machine is powerful. Meant to cross the thresholds between worlds.
Smith: The Reich won't be held hostage, Trade Minister. Nor will we engage in negotiations based on ill-gotten and half-baked intelligence.
Tagomi: I had hoped to discuss these matters alone, apart from our government. Because we have achieved peace together once before.
Smith: What do you mean?
Tagomi: Last year, you presented a film in Berlin. You averted war. I provided that film for Chief Inspector Kido.
Smith: I don't know what you're talking about.
Tagomi: It is possible to reach other worlds without the use of technology. The different truths of those worlds are of great value. And of great personal comfort. I received the film from my son. [presents paper] This is a list of 15 German defectors still living in the Pacific States. The Empire has approved the return of them to the Reich. And please, accept this as a gesture of recommitment to our trade agreements. And in return, the Empire ask only that you honor our oil treaties. Thank you for meeting, Reichsmarschall.
Smith: I will see that the Fuhrer gets your list.
Tagomi: I believe our two countries have great value for each other in peace.

[Kido has successfully captured Frank Frink and brought him to a certain place in the desert]
Chief Insp Takeshi Kido: This was once the site of an American-Japanese internment camp. Manzanar.
Frank Frink: Mm.
Kido: I was there in 1945 when the camps were liberated. I have seen those painted all over San Francisco and the Neutral Zone. I never imagined they were yours. You have been speaking to me this whole time.
Frink: I've been speaking to a lot of people. They've started to listen. It's beginning.
Kido: I know I am a part of what you did. I executed your sister. Your niece and nephew.
Frink: I did what I did out of anger. I, uh, I never wanted to survive. Never thought I'd have to face what I'd done. It changed me.
Kido: How? How have you changed?
Frink: Well, I'm... I'm free.
Kido: So you are not afraid of death?
Frink: No. No, not anymore. You? Only a death without honor.
Kido: Honor. Out of weakness, I let you go. That was my mistake. [goes back to the car, as Sato presents him his samurai sword]
Frink: [as Kido changes into his Kempeitai military uniform] Sh'ma Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Echad... [continues singing until Kido decapitates him]

Jahr Null [3.10][edit]

[at the Poconos base, the Ahnenerbe Institute research team completes a new test of the warp gate tunnel, and Mengele recovers dogtags from the vaporized remains of the test subjects]
Dr Josef Mengele: Three dog tags. The remains of three corpses on the conveyor not four. One, sir, the young woman.
Fuhrer Heinrich Himmler: She got through.
Mengele: It's a limited success, mein Fuhrer.
Himmler: Progress, nonetheless.
Mengele: It's more than that, it's a breakthrough.
Himmler: Ja. Now, we must accelerate the number of tests and expand their scale.
Mengele: Right. Thank you, mein Fuhrer.
Himmler: I want 100% success rate. Close enough, at any rate, to begin [excited, points to the tunnel] to march troops through! [everybody applauds]

[Aboard a ship in New York harbor, Fuhrer Himmler and Reichsmarschall Smith preside over the destruction of the Statue of Liberty]
Himmler: John, where is your family?
Smith: I have sent them away for a few days, mein Fuhrer. Helen was very tired.
Himmler: Sends the wrong message when a Reichsmarschall appears at a public ceremony without his family. [enters deck crowded with officials and Hitler Youth/BDM members. returns Nazi salute and turns to view the Statue of Liberty with Smith] I'm particularly sad that your children are not here to witness this today. You will get your house in order. [addresses the youth] Today is for you. The generation born since the end of the war. A pure generation, free from the decrepit ideologies of the past. You are the future. You... are... the Reich. But you must be vigilant. The enemies of the Reich are everywhere. Those who would anchor you to the past must be eliminated to make room for the new. Today, we tear down the old. Here is your Fuhrer's gift to you. A new beginning! Jahr Null! [to Smith as the Ode to Joy from Beethoven's 9th Symphony is played] Reichsmarschall, give the order.
Smith: Come in, Major.
Luftwaffe pilot: Copy, Reichsmarschall. Clear to target. [a flight of aircraft fire missiles at the Statue of Liberty, which collapses into the harbor after a controlled explosion and amidst a fireworks display]
Himmler: [elated at the collapse] At long last, her light goes out.
Radio announcer: With the destruction of this former icon, the American Reich enters a bold new era. In downtown New York, Nazi youths are pouring into the streets to celebrate the destruction of liberty. In solidarity with their Fuhrer, they celebrate the beginning of Jahr Null.

[After the destruction of the Statue of Liberty, Himmler has a word with Nicole Dormer]
Himmler: We could not have hoped for a more spectacular start to Jahr Null.
Nicole Dormer: Danke, mein Fuhrer.
Himmler: But for now, you are being recalled to Berlin.
Dormer: Is Miss Riefenstahl stepping down from her post?
Himmler: No. Unfortunately, your high-handed behavior, your flouting all rules and conventions... Did you really believe perversion had no price? [sees Dormer's reaction] That club was raided on my orders. [as two guards come to take her away] You are being sent back to Berlin for a course of mandatory reeducation.
Dormer: And what will happen to her? [referring to Thelma Harris]
Himmler: Mrs. Harris' fate is not your concern.
Dormer: [feels the guards hold her] Is that really necessary?
[Himmler signals the guards to release their grip on her, and they leave]

[Smith receives a call at his apartment. It's Helen, and John is curious where they all went]
Helen Smith: The, the girls and I we're safe.
John Smith: That's, that's good. Listen, you shouldn't have run away from that nurse.
Helen: I wasn't running from a nurse.
John: I'm not - I'm not angry with you. I'm just - You just you scared me, that's all. Can you just come home? Please? Can you just bring the girls and come home?
Helen: I love you, John... but I was running away from you. [hangs up]

Season 4[edit]

Hexagram 64 [4.1][edit]

[The Crown Princess eulogizes Nobusuke Tagomi]
Crown Princess: Peace and harmony. That is what Mr. Tagomi sought. We lost him to an act of violence at the very moment we needed him most. His spirit is Japan's spirit. True Japanese spirit. In our drive for empire-building, we have lost sight of this spirit. Violence produces more violence. This is what is happening in San Francisco. I intend to see Tagomi's work completed.

[General Yamori is not too pleased that the Crown Princess rebuffed his suggestion to return to Japan for her safety]
General Yamori: [after the Crown Princess' entourage leaves] Someone has been whispering in her ear. Is it you?
Admiral Inokuchi: Don't be absurd. Her Highness speaks for herself and with the consent of the palace.
Yamori: [In Japanese] You Navy appeasers are more dangerous than the BCR!
Inokuchi: [In Japanese] Appeasers? You don't know the battles I've fought for Japan.
Yamori: [Back in English] When you speak, I hear surrender.
Inokuchi: The Chinese are advancing in Korea and Manchuria. Our resources are spread thin. How long do you think we can hold this territory?
Yamori: [In Japanese] As long as I'm alive. [Inokuchi is speechless] Hmm. Colonel, show the admiral out.

Every Door Out... [4.2][edit]

[Equiano Hampton presides over a BCR meeting in 1961]
Equiano Hampton: Amen. That's a beautiful sound. Now, I see a lot of familiar faces in this room. Doctors, teachers, artists. And new faces, too. I bring good news. Two days ago, the first shipment of arms arrived from our allies in China. We gonna take this movement to the next stage. Now, I'm not gonna lie. There will be sacrifices. But for us, that price is nothing new. Most everyone in this room has someone got put on a train in the Reich, ain't never came back. For my wife, and my daughter, the train stopped at a camp in Saginaw, Michigan.
Man: Onslow, North Carolina.
Hampton: Sorry for your loss, brother.
Woman with Husband: Shiloh, Pennsylvania. James and Martha Arnold.
Hampton: James and Martha. Sorry for your loss, ma'am.
Woman with Husband: Thank you. [guests start reciting the names of their loved ones and the concentration camps they ended up in]
Bell Mallory: [quietly and teary-eyed] Moulton, Alabama. Daddy and Mama.
Elijah: How about right here in San Francisco, California? [everybody looks at him] William Pullum. Y'all know what I'm talking about. Shot in the back by the Kempeitai nine blocks from here. And that was just last week.
Hampton: Last week?! This same chain of violence runs through our whole history in this country, from slavery to this very day. You've served your people as doctors, teachers and artists. But tonight? Tonight I'm looking for men and women to be soldiers. Who's ready to be a soldier?

The Box [4.3][edit]

[Kido talks to his son over why he still didn't appear for the job interview and the incident he caused at the Yakuza club]
Takeshi Kido: There will be no report. The incident will be forgotten, but it cannot happen again.
Toru Kido: I can't forget. I can't forget what I've done.
Takeshi: What? What have you done?
Toru: What my unit did in Manchuria. To the villagers.
Takeshi: It was war. It is in the past.
Toru: I can still hear their voices.
Takeshi: You did those things for your country. You have no reason to be ashamed.
Toru: It is not shame that I feel. Something more than shame.
Takeshi: We must look forward now, and draw our strength from the Empire.
Toru: The Empire. The Empire is not strong. The Empire is losing.
Takeshi: Losing?
Toru: In China. The TV says we are winning there, but it is a lie.
Takeshi: Enough.
Toru: We believe what we're told. We don't ask questions. I was not a soldier. You are not a detective. We are both puppets.
Takeshi: I will not be spoken to this way. We are bound to our duty.
Toru: Duty? And what of your duty to your family? You left us. [as the elder Kido manhandles him out of the room over what he just said] No, NO!
Takeshi: Get out of this house. Stand up. You are not my son. [Toru leaves]

Happy Trails [4.4][edit]

[cold opening of a Tales from the High Castle episode where a white man has just been fired by his black boss and is now tasked to train a younger black employee]
Hawthorne Abendsen: [narrating] Robert Street has just learned that the American dream is nothing more than an Aryan man's nightmare. And for Robert Street, that nightmare has only just begun. You may not know me, but you might've seen one of my films, those terrifying visions where the Allies won the war. My name is Hawthorne Abendsen, and I am the Man in the High Castle.

[Kido has lauded Captain Iijima for his work in the Tagomi assassination case, but...]
Takeshi Kido: There is one matter I wanted to discuss with you in private. Outside the office.
Capt Iijima: Of course, sir.
Kido: Per General Yamori's orders, the Tagomi murder case is now closed. The assassin found, the weapon retrieved, conclusive evidence... and yet, something unfortunate has come to light. We found a partial print on the clip inside the pistol. It is yours. [laughs as Capt Iijima feels uneasy] Do not worry, Captain. I have spoken with General Yamori. He has told me everything. I have redacted the incriminating evidence. I only mention this so that next time, you will be more careful in covering your tracks.
Iijima: Thank you for the correction, Chief Inspector. Next time - I promise to be more vigilant.
Kido: Good.
[Iijima leaves, but Kido rechecks the case file and it is revealed that the weapon has no prints]

[Fuhrer Himmler is happy about the dinner at the Smiths' apartment]
Heinrich Himmler: John, thank you for this evening.
Reichsmarschall John Smith: Let's get that drink next time you're in town. Safe travels.
Himmler: All I see in Berlin are smiling faces, everywhere I look. But there's no one I can trust.
Smith: You'll always have my loyalty.
Himmler: I don't want your loyalty, John. [sternfully] I want your devotion. [leaves]

[Juliana Crain hides in Zina Parks' bakery in the ruins of Washington DC]
Parks: My, uh, husband and I... started building this as a bomb shelter toward the end of the war. We didn't finish it in time.
Juliana Crain: Well, they dropped the bomb on a Sunday, didn't they? Knowing so many would be in church.
Zina Parks: After the war, they took my husband. For his "impurity." I was happy to offer this to the Resistance as a hiding place. Uh... I have to lock you in, for the time being.
Crain: No, I understand. Well, please, won't you sit?
Parks: I'll, uh, I'll bring you some food in a bit. I believe that you are who you say you are. Can I... can I ask you something?
Crain: Of course.
Parks: I've seen the film. A lot of us have. [looks at journal Juliana shows her] There's Roosevelt alive with Churchill and Stalin.
Crain: I remember the day Roosevelt was assassinated.
Parks: Yeah.
Crain: But in that world, he survived.
Parks: Please, could you keep going? W-What happened next?
Crain: I have something I... could show you.
Parks: Okay.
Crain: [shows notebook] This is, uh... This is a sketch that I did from a newspaper clipping after FDR was shot at. One bullet could have changed everything. But it didn't. Not there.
Parks: W-What's this one?
Crain: That's Roosevelt. That's after he created the New Deal.
Parks: New Deal?
Crain: Yeah. Just, um, "Relief, Reform, Recovery." That was the motto, and he completely rebuilt the economy.
Parks: Ended the Depression?
Crain: He did. He also led the US to victory over Nazi Germany.

Mauvaise Foi [4.5][edit]

[in the wake of the US surrender and the military standing down in early 1946, Colonel Bolden visits John Smith's quarters]
Colonel Bolden: I just came from the handover at West Point. Patton shook hands with Goering. It's all settled. First men to sign on will get food and good positions within the Reich. The holdouts will get nothing - or death. We report for duty tomorrow, at 0600. It's up to you. [leaves Nazi swastika armbands]

[Wyatt Price appears at Zina Parks' hideout looking for Juliana Crain, and finds her talking to Parks and some people about events in the other world]
Zina Parks: What happened to Himmler and Goring?
Man: And the Nazi leaders? The Allies, they could've put them up against a wall and shot them.
Juliana Crain: That's what had always been done when wars ended, but they decided to do something different. They gave them a fair trial.
Man: Nazis don't deserve a trial.
Crain: Well, they were criminals. Once they put them on the stand, the world could see them for what they were. Their crimes were enormous, but these were small, weak men. They, um, they made excuses. They claimed they didn't know, that they were helpless to stop it.
Parks: Tell them what happened to Hitler.
Crain: He hid out in a bunker and then shot himself in the head.
Man: It seems impossible. [chuckles] Like a dream.
Crain: If they can be beaten in that world, they can be beaten in this one.

[in the real-life 1964, Reichsmarschall John Smith and the Thomas Smith of that timeline eat at a diner in Bailey's Crossroads and have just witnessed a black man and woman being hauled out because the manager wouldn't serve them]
Reichsmarschall John Smith: Let's go.
Thomas Smith: What?
John: I don't know. I'm just surprised, I guess.
Thomas: I would have thought you'd have done something.
John: Well, what would I do?
Thomas: Said something. Done something.
John: We're not the law. Come on, it's not up to us.
Thomas: Just seems so wrong. They passed a law that gives the right to these people to eat at the counter.
John: And this still happens? So, this is the system you want to lay down your life to defend, huh? [referring to Thomas' decision to join the Marines]
Thomas: This is the system that you fought for.
John: And I came back a hero. Is that what you think?
Thomas: [scornfully] That's what I thought you were.
John: Is that what you want to be? You want to be a hero? You want to have your face painted on a mural? Maybe have a school named after you? You'd still be dead, Thomas.
Thomas: How can you be sure?
John: Because I've seen it before. I know how it ends. And even if you don't die, you're gonna come back, you're not gonna be the same. It's all bullshit, Thomas. It's a fucking lie. Medals, flags, anthems. Pledges of allegiance. Freedom. I look around me, I don't see freedom. I don't see order. I just see chaos. I don't see anything worth giving my son's life for.
Thomas: [shakes head at what John just said] Who are you? [storms out]
John: Thomas. Tho...

[In the real-life 1964, Daniel Levine excuses himself from what should have been a fun time watching football with the Smiths, but John Smith goes after him]
Reichsmarschall John Smith: Danny. [sadly looks down] You know I had no choice, right?
Daniel Levine: What do you mean, John?
Smith: [teary-eyed] It's no use. It's no use. I... You're not gonna understand. I'm sorry.
Levine: [comforts him] Hey. Hey, we're brothers, right? You got nothing to [deeply embraces John] feel sorry for. [long pause] I got you. [gently breaks off embrace and leaves]

All Serious Daring [4.6][edit]

[in the real-life 1964, John Smith smokes outside the Smith home when a Marine recruiters' van stops in front and out comes two Marines in dress blues]
Reichsmarschall John Smith: Gentlemen. I'm sorry to say there's been a misunderstanding here. Um, my son Thomas, he's, uh, reconsidered his decision.
Marine gunnery sergeant: Don't worry, Mr. Smith. We'll take good care of your boy.
John: No, you won't.
Marine gunnery sergeant: Excuse me?
John: You think I don't know how this ends?
Marine gunnery sergeant: I understand, Mr. Smith. It's only natural to be concerned about your son.
John: Yes, it is.
Marine gunnery sergeant: I'm sorry, sir. He's 18. He signed the papers.
John: [as Thomas and Helen step out the door behind him] I won't let you take him.
Thomas Smith: Dad, it's done. I'm going.
John: I won't let you.
Helen Smith: [embraces Thomas] My boy. I love you.
Thomas: Bye.
John: Thomas. Is there anything that I could've said yesterday that would have made you change your mind?
Thomas: It doesn't matter now. [puts hand on John's shoulder] Be proud of me.
John: But I've always been proud of you, Thomas.
Thomas: Goodbye. [walks off with the Marines]

[When Childan reemerges at his store and explains to his assistant, Yukiko, why he should talk to the Kempeitai about not being part of the BCR's Presidio raid, she's not too keen]
Yukiko: Your optimism is so American.
Robert Childan: What do you mean?
Yukiko: When I was 14, a man came to our village to collect the young girls. He told us we'd be nurses in the city and work with the war effort. I was excited. I wanted to go, but my father knew what he meant. They made the girls bainshunfu.
Childan: Prostitutes.
Yukiko: My father took me to the local authority. Sergeant Tanaka - a man he trusted. Tanaka scared off the man from the city, and I felt safe. And I'm working in the field, and Tanaka came. He took me in the field. My face in the dirt. I told my father what Tanaka had done to me. My father demanded my honor be restored.
Childan: Your father killed him?
Yukiko: No, Robert. He made me marry him. My father shook Tanaka's hand at the wedding, and I was married with the man for 12 years. The day Tanaka died was the day I was born. Never be ashamed of eating mice. We're survivors. We will outlive these men. All their honor, all their ribbons and medals are there to disguise who they really are, but their crimes are always revealed.

[Having just arrested General Yamori and killed Captain Iijima over the assassination of Nobusuke Tagomi, Kido visits the Japanese Crown Princess]
Chief Inspector Kido: This file holds the evidence that Captain Iijima was the man who shot Trade Minister Tagomi. Iijima was working under the orders of General Yamori.
Crown Princess: I am shocked, but I am not surprised. This occupation has turned our people against themselves. I understand your son served in Manchuria.
Kido: Yes, Your Highness.
Crown Princess: I hope for a day we no longer need to send our sons to war. I will see that this information is delivered to the Emperor himself. There will be consequences. Chief Inspector, I know where your political sympathies lie.
Kido: My loyalties will always lie with the emperor.
Crown Princess: This must not have been easy.
Kido: It was my duty. Nothing more.

No Masters but Ourselves [4.7][edit]

[Bell Mallory addresses BCR members setting up their bombs for the Crimson Pipeline]
Bell Mallory: You don't have to do this. You can leave right now. Door's wide open. You will not be judged. [to young girl] Set the timer for 25 minutes. Enough time for you to get clear without anyone finding the parcel. [girls hum accordingly] Some of you will be captured. I know you know what that means. Most we can promise is to fight every day for your release. [to man preparing shoeboxes] That's some beautiful shoes you just cobbled together. Your families will be cared for. We don't forget what our soldiers have given to the struggle. We do this because we want the life our people have never had before.

[Helen Smith appears as a guest on the cooking show Hausfrau with Gabriela - indirectly on Margerete Himmler's suggestion]
Gabriela: Now, you have been married to Reichsmarschall John Smith for -
Helen Smith: Twenty years. And how the time has flown.
Gabriela: So, what is your secret to a happy marriage? How do you manage to keep the fire burning?
Smith: I can answer that in one word. A word that we can use on Reich TV?
Gabriela: I think we can use it.
Smith: Yes. Honesty. That, to me, is the foundation of a successful marriage.
Gabriela: Helen, think back to your first Reichsgiving, the first moment you first gave thanks for National Socialism.
Smith: Um, hmm... Oh, um, it would be February, '46, just after The Liberation. John was still in the [clears throat] John was in the US Army. Um, we had been posted to Fort Monmouth, and we had just had our son. Thomas was, um, he was just a baby.
Gabriela: It's all right. Take a moment.
Smith: No, no, I - I'd like to talk about it. We hadn't eaten in days. I thought that my baby was going to starve in my arms. A man, a Reich colonel, he came to our door. He brought us milk, bread, cheese, meat. It was all airlifted in by the Reich in an act of mercy. And my baby he finally stopped crying.
Gabriela: From that day forward, thanks to that spirit of mercy, there has never again been hunger in the Reich. [audience applauds] And who else was there that night?
Smith: Um, it It was Uh, well well, it was just just us, our family.
Gabriela: As it should be?
Smith: John, myself and Thomas, and... We put the past behind us.
Gabriela: Thanks, Helen. We would love to have you back on the show again, any time.
Smith: Yes, yes. I- I would like that.

[in the wake of the Crimson Pipeline bombings, Chief Inspector Kido dons headphones but eventually puts them down to set the radio on full blast]
DJ Evangeline: DJ Evangeline coming to you live from from Resistance Radio with breaking news from the JPS.
Bell Mallory: I speak for the Oakland Battalion of the Black Communist Rebellion. We claim responsibility for today's attacks on the vital services, command-and-control, and oil infrastructure of the Japanese occupiers. We seek an autonomous territory for black people on the West Coast. And we will never quit. And the Empire's oil will not flow until we get our homeland. All power to the people.
DJ Evangeline: All power to the people, indeed, Sister. There you have it, direct from the BCR.

[Kido is forced to get the Crown Princess out of San Francisco]
Crown Princess: [stops and security detail deploys in a wheel around her] Before I go, I must ask you to be truthful with me one more time. When I've made my report to the Emperor, he will ask me one question. And the answer I give... will depend on what you report.
Kido: I understand, Your Highness.
Crown Princess: Can we hold this territory?
Kido: I believe that in time with enough firepower and troops, we can finish these Negro rebels. But the price will be paid with the blood and souls of the sons of Japan. I once felt that any price was worth paying. We can prevail, Crown Princess... but I no longer believe we should.
Crown Princess: I realize what you've just said goes against your every instinct. For that, you have my respect, Tai-sa. Rest assured, I will bring your message to the Emperor. [Kido bows and the team ushers her to her limo]

[Emperor Hirohito makes an address]
Emperor Hirohito: [in Japanese with English translator voiceover] To our good and loyal subjects, after pondering the general trends of the world, and conditions obtaining in our Empire today, I am effecting a settlement of the present situation by resorting to an extraordinary measure. We declared war on America to ensure Japan's self-preservation, it being far from our thought to infringe on the sovereignty of other nations or to embark upon territorial aggrandizement. Our North American Occupation has lasted for nearly 20 years. Despite the best that has been done by everyone, the gallant efforts of our military and naval forces, continuing occupation has developed not necessarily to Japan's advantage. Should we continue to devote our precious resources to occupying the Japanese Pacific States, it would threaten the protection of the Japanese homeland. This is the reason I have ordered the strategic withdrawal of our occupying forces from the JPS. I am keenly aware of the inmost feelings of all of you, my subjects. However, I have resolved to redeploy our awesome might and manpower from our North American territories to the front lines of the escalating Asian conflict. Let our entire nation continue as one family, ever firm in its faith of the imperishableness of our Imperial State.

Hitler has Only got One Ball [4.8][edit]

[Chief Inspector Kido has a toast with the surviving Kempeitai staff who will join the Japanese evacuation]
Chief Inspector Kido: I look around at all your young faces. Well, some not so young anymore. So many young men have come through this department. Not all of them will be going home to Japan today. I was a hard boss. I know. I demanded everything of my men. I rarely gave praise. There were young men who died at my command trying to please me. And even as they died in my arms, I offered no kind word. So, I will say it now. You make me proud. Each one of you. [offers toast and bows] Okuro! [they all drink and Kido dons his glasses] Now... go to the docks and sail back home. Your families miss you terribly. Do not keep them waiting.

[Smith visits Abendsen after he discovers Caroline committed suicide]
Reichsmarschall John Smith: I'm sorry this happened, Abendsen.
Hawthorne Abendsen: You're the reason it happened, John. She knew there was no other way to escape a life sentence.
Smith: It didn't have to be a life sentence. If you just cooperated, you could've had your freedom.
Abendsen: What the hell do you know about freedom?
Smith: Come on.
Abendsen: What's it gonna take to kill me, John? What do I have to do?
Smith: Oh, I'm not gonna let you die.
Abendsen: Yeah. We'll see about that. You keep coming to me for answers, well, here's the last answer you're ever getting from me: you're cursed. John Smith, you're damned. You fucked with the Fates, and they don't like that. You'll never know peace, John. [as Smith leaves] You'll wander forever between the worlds lost! LOST!

[Bell Mallory and the BCR forces storm the now-empty Japanese Authority office, but sees a figure smoking at the governor-general's table while music is played]
Bell Mallory: Who are you?
Man: My name is Okami.
Mallory: The BCR has claimed this place in the name of the people of San Francisco. You'd do well to be on the next ship out of here.
Okami: [nurses cigarette, but puts it down] We're not going anywhere.
Mallory: "We"?
Okami: The services we provide are always in demand. No matter who occupies the throne.
Elijah: Gokudo. Yakuza.
Mallory: You have no place in San Francisco anymore.
Okami: You're going to need us. To restore electricity. Water. The oil pipeline. [calmly stands up] It's one thing to overthrow a government. It's another thing to be the government.
Mallory: We've come this far. We don't need you.
Okami: [walks to the door but politely bows to Mallory as everybody has their guns aimed at him. takes one last look] You know how to find us. [leaves]

[General Whitcroft has played for Smith a sampling of ARBI Director J Edgar Hoover's plans for universal surveillance]
Bill Whitcroft: [turns off tape] There's more, John. Your housekeeper, your wife's friends, your old neighbors. If you had a dog, he would be informing on you. I don't have to tell you they mean to use all this against you in Berlin. There's, um another way.
John Smith: What's that?
Whitcroft: You know I'm loyal to you above all. All right, it's been 25 years -
Smith: Just say it, Bill.
Whitcroft: We have 103 nukes in silos across the country. On our own we are a superpower. We could go our own way, John. Our military will fall in behind you. We tear up that flag, there's nothing Berlin can do about it. Unless they wanted World War III.
Smith: You realize you could be shot for saying that?
Whitcroft: I'm willing to take that chance. Look, I'll follow you wherever you go.
Smith: I have to go to Berlin, Bill. If anything should happen to me, then, uh Helen and the girls need to be taken to safety without delay.
Whitcroft: Of course.
Smith: I've made detailed plans for their well-being. They're in my safe. [gives key] This is the key.
Whitcroft: You don't have to do this, John.
Smith: I think we both know that's not true.

For Want of a Nail [4.9][edit]

[Chief Inspector Kido wakes up to Empire TV-San Francisco's farewell broadcast]
ETV Announcer: [in Japanese] Soon, the last ship leaves for Japan and with it the life we have made here. This concludes the final broadcast of Empire TV San Francisco. Farewell. Long live the Emperor! [Cut to Rising Sun flag and Kimigayo as background music.]
Kido: [tries to sing along] Continue for a thousand, eight thousand generations, until the pebbles... [simply listens until the end]

[Kido suddenly has visions of watching a Nippon Professional Baseball game... with his son Toru as a child]
Toru Kido: Okudaira was a good trade for Yanaihara.
Takeshi Kido: Okudaira?
Toru: Aren't you going to eat your manju?
Takeshi: You can have it.
Toru: Coach Egawa says he may move me to shortstop next season.
Takeshi: Shortstop. That is a very important position. Very demanding. You must have impressed Coach Egawa.
Toru: [watches match] Ground ball to second.
Takeshi: Out at first.
Toru: Someday, I want to grow up and play shortstop for the Yomiuri Giants.
Takeshi: Do not let your imagination run away with you.
Toru: Of course.
Takeshi: You will serve in the army.
Toru: [glumly] I'm sorry, Father.
Takeshi: [looks in the distance] If you work hard enough, you will become a fine ballplayer. We will go to the park and practice fielding ground balls. [looks back at Toru] How does that sound - ? [but sees Toru is no longer there]

[The OKW discuss attacking the former Japanese Pacific States with a full combined ground and air assault]
SS Oberstgruppenfuhrer Adolf Eichmann: [in German, details animation in map] The conquest of the North American West will unfold in stages. First, the Luftwaffe will disable critical command-and-control infrastructure and carpet-bomb population centers. San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and so on.
Reichsmarschall John Smith: Forgive me, General how much value to the Reich will these cities have if they're reduced to rubble?
Eichmann: [in English] The aerial assault will break the will of the population. Next, our Panzer divisions will cross the border from the Neutral Zone in a blitzkrieg strike. Supported by our Wehrmacht battalions, we will have control of the West Coast within a week.
Fuhrer Heinrich Himmler: Smith. You are a skeptic?
Smith: Invading the West is one thing, [to Himmler, nodding respectfully] Mein Fuhrer. Holding it is another.
Eichmann: The BCR are crude savages. They rely on animal instinct.
Smith: That's what the Japanese thought.
Eichmann: We use different methods, Reichsmarschall, and they have never failed to achieve results, as you know.
Smith: Yes.
Himmler: The question is not whether or how or when, Smith. For that is our destiny. The question is who. Who will lead the conquest of North America? A prize second only to Europa herself. Do you really believe that you deserve it, Smith? Or should I bestow it on someone else? [points] Eichmann, perhaps? Or Goertzmann?
Eichmann: Mein Fuhrer, perhaps this duty can only be entrusted to a member of the German Herrenvolk.
Himmler: What do you say to that, Smith?
Smith: I disagree.
Himmler: That is all?
Smith: [stands up] America is a rebel nation, [nods] mein Fuhrer. A German commander might - if you'll forgive me - promote unrest in the military. Only an American can truly control it.
Himmler: But you do not control America, Smith. Rebellion is rampant, and I have a bullet wound to prove it!
Eichmann: Is the problem that he can't control America? Or is it that he won't?
Smith: What are you insinuating, Eichmann?
Himmler: He is asking where your true loyalties lie, Smith. And I have been wondering the same thing myself. But tonight, at last, we are all going to learn the truth about John Smith.

[Himmler talks to John Smith about J Edgar Hoover's revelations of him]
Himmler: [takes a drink] When a man gets to be my age, he needs a son. I thought of you as that son, John. I saw myself in you. If anyone had hurt you, shot you, as those assassins did me, I would have hunted them down and strangled them with my bare hands. But you did nothing to avenge me. Where's the tribute to the man who gave you everything? When did you even visit me when I was sick? Nothing. [Smith is blank] Say something, Smith. If not for yourself, then for your family. Say something in your defense!!
Smith: What can I say, mein Fuhrer? You're... You're right. I never loved you. I never saw you as a, a father. I saw you as a, a petty little tyrant. You're a mediocre man. [sees Himmler coughing at the words and retreats to his oxygen tank] A failed chicken farmer. The very thought that you see yourself in me, it sickens me. [Himmler inhales from the tank, but upon noticing something different, Smith makes him breathe the gas in until he dies. Smith turns off the oxygen tank, which is actually a tank of Zyklon B.]

Fire from the Gods [4.10][edit]

[opening scene]
Production director: Okay, quiet, everyone. Cameras rolling. We go live in five... four...
Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the Reichsfuhrer of North America.
Reichsfuhrer John Smith: My fellow Americans. The last few days have been difficult for us all. Heinrich Himmler was a father to our people. We mourn his loss. But with his passing comes an opportunity for rebirth and renewal. A change has come to the Western states, and with it, a chance to take our divided land and bring it back together. A great transformation is coming. Soon, we will be one nation again.

[Helen Smith and her daughters have just watched Bell Mallory's pirate broadcast from the former Empire TV San Francisco studios. Jennifer is moved]
Jennifer Smith: Amy, go to your room.
Amy Smith: You're not my mother, you can't tell me to go to my room.
Jennifer: You don't want to hear this.
Helen Smith: [ushers Amy] Sweetheart. It's, it's time for bed. Come on, I'll tuck you in in a minute.
Jennifer: It was you. You and Daddy. You killed them.
Helen: Killed who?
Jennifer: The Negroes, the Jews, all those people. What happened to them?
Helen: Oh.
Jennifer: I need to hear it from you.
Helen: Okay, uh, they, they they sent them to camps.
Jennifer: And what did they do in the camps?
Helen: They forced them to work.
Jennifer: Then what? Where are they now?
Helen: They're gone. They killed them.
Jennifer: And you and Daddy were a part of it.
Helen: Yes. Yes, we were. It It was a different time. We felt like our world... It had just ended, it was a decision that we made for one day that led to 20 years.
Jennifer: You could have escaped to the Neutral Zone.
Helen: Yeah, we could have, yes. But we didn't.
Jennifer: So you joined the Party instead. Daddy was in the SS.
Helen: I did it because I well, I believed in it. Not at first, but later I-I - I believed in all of it.
Jennifer: The camps where they killed - the Jews and the Negroes?
Helen: All of it. All of it. They told us it was necessary. I didn't ask any questions. I didn't even think about those people until... oh... [gets emotional] Until we became those people.
Jennifer: You got all this.
Helen: We didn't do it for this. We did it to keep you alive.
Jennifer: You didn't keep Thomas alive, did you?
Helen: Oh, God, Jennifer, don't you think that I know that?
Jennifer: They took him away.
Helen: I am begging you, please, please, please.
Jennifer: They poisoned him!
Helen: Don't, don't do this.
Jennifer: He was my brother! I loved him too! Ye- I know how you must see us, but everything we have was bought with other people's lives.
Helen: You were our children. Our babies.
Jennifer: How many were there? In America? In Europe, in Africa, how many?
Helen: I-I don't - I don't know.
Jennifer: And they're gonna do it all over again, aren't they? And Daddy's gonna be in charge, isn't he?
Helen: I don't know.
Jennifer: I don't ever want to be like you.
Helen: You shouldn't have to be. [Jennifer storms out]

[Kido has agreed to join the Ninkyo Dantai Yakuza to save his son, and is seeing him off on a trawler bound for Japan]
Takeshi Kido: [tries to talk to Toru but sees Yakuza man in earshot] Tell me, in the gokudo, do I outrank you?
Yakuza member: Yes, saiko-komon.
Takeshi Kido: Then go away. [man leaves. to Toru] There are things that must be said.
Toru Kido: You don't have to-
Takeshi: I have failed you as a father. The first duty of a parent is to protect his child.
Toru: Stop.
Takeshi: Let me finish. I never showed my true affection for you. I have so many regrets. I can only say that you will always be my son.
Toru: Come home with me. The invasion will begin soon.
Takeshi: There is no going back. I have much to atone for, and I must start here.
Toru: [in Japanese] Goodbye, father. [boards ship. As the ship leaves, Toru salutes his father one last time]

[Helen Smith admits being contacted by the Resistance and John confirms the existence of another Thomas]
Helen Smith: This, this portal you're talking about I-I mean, what?
John Smith: You've seen it yourself, Helen. You've seen the movies. Well, I've been there. He's alive.
Helen: I have had that fantasy so many times, but it's just that, John, it's a fantasy.
John: No.
Helen: He's not -
John: [sits down and clasps her hands] I've seen him. Helen, I've seen our beautiful boy. He's real. He's real as you and me. I want you to - I want you to have the same thing I had, Helen, I want you to see him yourself.
Helen: [emotional] Well, of course I want that, but -
John: He's not sick, he's healthy, he's strong. He's doing so well. He's - There is a war, and he has enlisted. He is so much like our Thomas.
Helen: Uh, but he's-he's not. He's not our Thomas.
John: I can see what's gonna happen. Helen, he's gonna die all over again unless we do something. We can save him.
Helen: How?
John: We can bring him home.
Helen: [surprised at the idea] You want to bring this boy here? As what, as a-a prisoner?
John: Now, I've struggled with that. I know it's not gonna be easy, but, uh, I don't think we have any choice. I can't lose him again. He's gonna hate us, but he's gonna be alive, and I can live with that.
Helen: Well, I can't, I can't. I can't live with that.
John: When you see him again, you're gonna change your mind.
Helen: No. [stands up]
John: Helen -
Helen: No, No! Thomas is dead. Amy isn't ours anymore. Her mind belongs to the state, and Jennifer, well, Jennifer has rejected us. We had three chances and we wasted them all.
John: That-that's where you're wrong, Helen.
Helen: If there is a better version of me out there somewhere, I want her to have my son, because you and I, we don't deserve to have a child.
John: You're saying you have a chance to see your son again and you're not gonna take it?
Helen: I wouldn't want him to see what we have become.

[Juliana chances upon John Smith at a clifftop just outside the Poconos portal base]
John Smith: [sees Juliana] There you are. We've seen things... you and me. Other worlds. Other lives. We, we have that in common. It's unbearable. To be able to look through that door and glimpse all the people you could have been. And to know that out of all of them, this is the one you became. [commits suicide]


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