The Man with the Golden Gun (film)

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The Man with the Golden Gun is a 1974 film in which James Bond is led to believe that he is targeted by the world's most expensive assassin and must hunt him down to stop him.

Directed by Guy Hamilton. Written by Richard Maibaum and Tom Mankiewicz, based on the novel by Ian Fleming.
He never misses his target, and now his target is 007. taglines


[After Saida's performance, Bond quietly sneaks to her dressing room. He knocks on her door]
Saida: Come in. [fixing her hair when Bond walks in]
James Bond: Good evening. My name is Bond, James Bond. Your dancing is superb and so are you.
Saida: Merci. And you are very handsome.

Saida: Let us forget the past.
James Bond: Oh, I was hoping you'd say that.
Saida: Are you staying long in Beirut?
James Bond: Depends.
[As Bond and Saida kiss, Bond moves his hand down her belly and try and pluck the bullet from her belly button. But Saida is wise to this and moves his hand away from it and places it on her back. Bond pats it. Then he "accidentally" knocks over one of her lipsticks.]
James Bond: Clumsy me. [As he bends down to pick it up, he begins to kiss her belly. Saida enjoys it.] You really do have a magnificent abdomen.

[Bond visits a man in Hong Kong who produces the golden bullets like the one he got from Saida]
Lazar: My relationship with a client Mr. Bond is strictly confidential, like a doctor or a priest.
James Bond: Of course, yet you make guns for fingerless hoodlums, bullets for assassins.
Lazar: Mr. Bond, bullets do not kill. It is the finger that pulls the trigger.
Bond: Exactly. [swings a rifle barrel toward Lazar's crotch] I am now aiming precisely at your groin. So speak or forever hold your piece.
Lazar: I have never seen Mr. Scaramanga.
Bond: On a cost-per-bullet basis he must be your best customer.
Lazar: That is true, but unfortunately he seems only to fire them occasionally.
[Bond steadies his aim]
Bond: When was the--uh--last shipment?
Lazar: Mr. Bond, this is impossible! I cannot...
[Bond fires, barely missing Lazar]
Bond: You're quite inch too low. [reloads the rifle; Lazar, badly shaken, runs into a side room and returns with a cigarette pack full of gold bullets]
Lazar: I have just completed an order for immediate delivery.
Bond: Who collects them?
Lazar: I swear I do not know! My instructions are to go to the casino, I am paid, and they vanish!

Francisco Scaramanga: [after Bond has broken out of Hai Fat's karate school] What do they teach at that school? Belly dancing?
Hai Fat: I find nothing remotely amusing about Mr. Bond's escape.
Scaramanga: You underestimated him.
Fat: Even my influence does not extend into the British Secret Service. I shall lie low too. I do not intend to jeopardize a project in which I have invested half my fortune, when it is ready to yield billions.
Scaramanga: Where will you hide out?
Fat: That is not your concern. Now, take this... [he hands Scaramanga the SOLEX agitator] Return it to the plant and don't leave there without my permission. [he doesn't see Scaramanga assembling the Golden Gun] May I remind you that you work for me. I took you on as a junior partner to be an occasional convenience, nothing more. I did not pay you to interfere in my affairs. Is that clear?
Scaramanga: Yes, very clear.
Fat: I now regret having even considered employing your services, but that is beside the point. Bond doesn't know you're in Bangkok; he's never seen you. But he has seen me. That's the problem.
Scaramanga: That's no problem. [shoots Fat dead, then disassembles the Golden Gun as one of Fat's aides comes to investigate]
Aide: What happened?
Scaramanga: Mr. Fat has just resigned. I'm the new Chairman of the Board. [goes outside, looks over at Fat's family tomb] He always did like that mausoleum. Put him in it.

[Bond makes contact with Andrea Anders at a Muay Thai arena, but notices she's already dead. Scaramanga sits beside him as he tries to search her handbag for the SOLEX]
Francisco Scaramanga: You won't find it in there Mr Bond. I looked before you came. [senses Bond preparing to shoot him] I wouldn't do that either. Look behind you. [Bond looks behind him and doesn't see anything] Lower.
[Nick Nack is seated behind Bond with some peanuts and a gun]
James Bond: A gun in a bag of peanuts, how original! What will they think of next?

Francisco Scaramanga: When I was a boy, I was brought up in a circus. My only real friend was a huge, magnificent African bull elephant. One day, his handler mistreated him and he went berserk. Bleeding, dying, he came and found me, stood on one leg, his best trick, picked me up and put me on his back. The drunken handler came along and emptied his gun into his eye... I emptied my stage pistol into his!
[as he makes his monologue, Bond notices the SOLEX and orders peanuts from a seller, then gives the SOLEX to him by sleight of hand]
James Bond: An eye for an eye. Nut?
Scaramanga: You see, Mr. Bond, I always thought I liked animals. Then I discovered that I liked killing people even more. [Bond looks agape at him with the last few words]

Francisco Scaramanga: [on the dead Andrea Anders] Forget the girl, she's replaceable. But I shall find what she stole from me. Personally, I've got nothing against you, Mr. Bond, and to keep it that way, let us hope our paths never cross again. Please don't try to follow me.
James Bond: Your peanut-toting friend back there wouldn't like it?
Scaramanga: No, he wouldn't.

[Goodnight enters the dining room, wearing a bikini. Bond is surprised]
Francisco Scaramanga: Ah, Miss Goodnight.
Mary Goodnight: James!
James Bond: Aren't we a little overdressed, Goodnight?
Scaramanga: I like a girl in a bikini. No concealed weapons. [shows Goodnight to her chair] Miss Goodnight, please. Mr. Bond. [Bond sits next to her as Nick Nack places a tray on the table] Now, let's see what Nick Nack has for us. [he lifts the tray's lid] Ahh- mushrooms. [As he sits down across from Bond, Goodnight takes a hasty look at the mushrooms and glances meaningfully at Bond.])
Goodnight: The fried mushroom looks terribly interesting.
Bond: Yes, I noticed that- I'll get around to it later. [Scaramanga subtly places several pieces of his Golden Gun on the table as Nick Nack pours wine] Having fun in the sun, Goodnight?
Goodnight: [sarcastically] Yes- I could stay here forever. [Scaramanga watches them]
Bond: [tastes the wine, Scaramanga gives him an inquiring look] Mmm, excellent- slightly reminiscent of a '34 Mouton.
Scaramanga: [nods, pulls out a gold-plated pen that doubles as the barrel of the Golden Gun] Then I must add it to my cellar. [writes it down]
Bond: You live well, Scaramanga.
Scaramanga: At a million dollars a contract, I can afford to, Mr. Bond. You work for peanuts, a hearty well done from Her Majesty the Queen, and a pittance of a pension. Apart from that, we are the same. [raises his glass in a toast] To us, Mr. Bond. We are the best. [he and Goodnight drink, but Bond does not]
Bond: [coldly] There's a useful four letter word... and you're full of it. [Scaramanga sets down his wine, his expression cold] When I kill, it is on the specific orders of my government. And those I kill are themselves killers.
Scaramanga: Ha! [takes the various pieces of the Golden Gun and moves them into his lap, out of sight] Come, come, Mr. Bond, you disappoint me. You get as much fulfillment out of killing as I do, so why don't you admit it?
Bond: I admit killing you would be a pleasure.
Scaramanga: [smirks] Then you should have done that when you first saw me. But then, of course, the English don't consider it sporting to kill in cold blood, do they?
Bond: Don't count on that. [reaches for his gun, but Scaramanga raises his Golden Gun, which he has surreptitiously put together.]
Scaramanga: [quietly]... I could have shot you down when you landed, but that would have been ridiculously easy. [Bond slowly moves his hand away from his pistol] You see, Mr. Bond, like all great artists I want to create one indisputable masterpiece. The death of 007 -mano a mano, face to face- will be mine.
Bond: You mean, stuffed and displayed over your rocky mantelpiece?
Scaramanga: It's an amusing idea, but I was thinking more in terms of history. A duel between titans... my golden gun against your Walther PPK. Each of us a 50-50 chance.
Bond: Six bullets to your one?
Scaramanga: I only need one.
Bond: ...Sounds a bit old-fashioned, doesn't it? Pistols and dawn, that sort of thing?
Scaramanga: Indeed it is, Mr Bond. But it still remains the only true test, for gentlemen.
Bond: I doubt you'll qualify on that score. However, I accept. As soon as I finish this delicious lunch Nick Nack has prepared for us.


  • He never misses his target, and now his target is 007.
  • Roger Moore as James Bond 007.
  • The man with the golden gun is ready to assassinate James Bond.
  • The world's greatest villains tried to kill James Bond. Now it's Scaramanga's turn to try.

About The Man with the Golden Gun (film)

  • I remember Guy Hamilton wanting me to be tougher with Maud Adams in The Man with the Golden Gun where I was trying to get information from her and I start twisting her arm, which I didn’t like doing particularly, and Guy said, 'You’ve got to do it and she’s going to say, you’re hurting my arm, and you’ve got to say, I’ll break it, and mean it.’ So I bent it for those brief few moments.