The Mark of Zorro (1974 film)

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The Mark of Zorro is a 1974 film about a man who returns from Spain to his family in California to find that his father has been replaced as ruler of the region by the cruel Don Luis Quintero. Despite being a skilled swordsman, he downplays his skills in front of the evil Captain Esteban and shows himself to be rather a clown in front of his family. However, he secretly picks up the sword of justice as the masked hero Zorro and fights to return justice to the region and his people.

Directed by Don McDougall. Written by Brian Taggart, based on the story "The Curse of Capistrano" by Johnston McCulley.

Captain Esteban[edit]

  • [as Zorro is unmasked] So... inside the peacock... we find a hawk.


Don Diego/Zorro: Why is it that the scoundrels of the world are always remembered and the well-bred men completely forgotten?
Theresa: Perhaps it's because there is nothing particularly memorable about scented bathtubs.

Teresa: [shuts door as uncle leaves, turns and sees Diego there] You?
Don Diego/Zorro: Yes.
Teresa: How... how did you get here?
Don Diego/Zorro: Well, a man can do many things if he must.
Teresa: [gasps and smiles] I must be dreaming, you are Zorro!
Don Diego/Zorro: [puts finger to lips] I'm sorry I had to deceive you tonight but to accomplish what I must I had to deceive many people.
Teresa: And I suppose you came to tell me that asking for my hand was merely part of the game?
Don Diego/Zorro: Oh no. It is the one real thing in the whole masquerade.
[they kiss]

Captain Esteban: I trust you find this room more to you're liking?
Don Diego/Zorro: Well this room is already stained in blood... a little more won't make any difference.

Captain Esteban: I see you're dressed for a funeral.
Don Diego/Zorro: On the contrary... the funeral shall be yours.


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