The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

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The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack (2008–10) was an animated series created by Mark "Thurop" Van Orman, that premiered on Cartoon Network on June 5th, 2008. The show is about a young boy named Flapjack who goes on adventures with his best friend, K'nuckles, hoping to find the legendary Candied Island.

Season 1[edit]

Kid Nickels [1.2-1][edit]

[While asleep, Kid Nickels takes the blanket from K’nuckles]
Captain K’nuckles: K’nickels, quit hogging the blanket!
Captain K’nuckles: I said give me the blanket ba— [Kid Nickels breaks K’nuckles’ nose]
Captain K’nuckles: [trembling] Uhh...uh, no.
Kid Nickels: Now, be quiet so I’s can sleeps!
Captain K’nuckles: Yeah — yeah — yes, sir. [Kid Nickels approaches K’nuckles causing him to flinch] Aah!
Kid Nickels: Ha-ha! Two for flinchin’ — two nickels! [kisses two nickels]
Captain K’nuckles: I miss Flapjack.

The Sweet Life [1.2-2][edit]

Flapjack: Candy bowl! [K'nuckles tosses a bowl filled with candy into Flapjack's arms; at this point Flapjack is holding a large pile of things from the candy mannsion] Candy painting! [K'nuckles tosses picture into the pile] Candy Charles! [K'nuckles throws the mansions' butler into the pile] Candy front door!
Captain K'nuckles: Ooh, yeah! Biggest chunk of chocolate I've ever seen! [rips door off its hinges]
Lord Nickelbottoms: [in the doorway] What goes on here?
Captain K'nuckles: we're grabbin' all the loot we can, buddy! This entire house is made of candy!
Lord Nickelbottoms: I know. I BUILT IT! Who are you?!
Flapjack: I'm master Flapjack, your Lordship.
Nickelbottoms: Well, good day to you, young master... and your name?
K'nuckles: I'm Captain K'nuckles. [brief pause]
K'nuckles: [to Flapjack] What did I do?
Flapjack: You forgot to say "your Lordship"...
Lord Nickelbottoms: [smacks K'nuckles's nose] I demand satisfaction!

Lady Nickelbottoms: [dirt, mud and grime splats onto her face] More Powder, Charles. [Charles puts white powder onto Lady Nickelbottoms' face to coat the mud and dirt - more dirt flies onto her face] More Powder. [Charles powders more - more dirt splats] Powder. [The End is shown] Powder.

Several Leagues Above the Sea![edit]

That's a Wrap![edit]

How the West Was Fun [1.7-1][edit]

Creepy Guy: [makes a "W" with his fingers] Wesssssssst.
Captain K'nuckles: Uhh, that guy looked pretty smart. Maybe we should turn back.

Flapjack: [melodramatic voice] If danger was a beautiful woman... I would marry her.
Bubbie: Okay, we'll go little further.
Flapjack: Yes!
Bubbie: But only because you're so sweet.

Oriental Man on Turtle: French fry? Would you like a French Fry?
Bubbie: Uh, n-no, thank you...

Flapjack: [singing] Ohh Candied Island makes me smilin' dancing chews bubble gum doo doo! I'll brush my teeth on the jelly bean reef grab a pepper mint leaf drink the liquorish goo! [waves his arms in a hugging motion]
Captain K'nuckles What are you doing, boy?
Flapjack: Exercising my hugging muscles! I'm gonna give Candied Island a big hug!

Bubbie: Flapjack, I'm sorry but we're running low on food, water, and overall enthusiasm. Time to go back.
Captain K'nuckles: She's right boy, this is my last pair.
Choir: [focuses on Captain K'nuckles' overalls that read enthusiasm] Overall enthusiasm, overall enthusiasm, overall enthusiasm, Yee-haw!

Captain K'nuckles: It's the end of the world! [runs and screams in terror with Flapjack]
Flapjack: This not good!

Bubbie: K'nuckles! Have you been letting my baby drink sea water?!
Captain K'nuckles: Oh so that's not... Um, we're not supposed to?
[Flapjack makes vomiting sounds off-screen]
Flapjack: [looking very sick and pale] Bubbie... I don't feel so good...
Bubbie: Yeah, well maybe next time you'll think twice before sneaking off like that.
[K'nuckles joins Flapjack in vomiting while Bubbie shakes her head]

K'nuckles is a Filthy Rat [1.7-2][edit]

Dr. Barber: Now, run along, young Flapjack. Your sailor's mouth is bad for business. [to someone walking by off-screen] I say, you look like you could use some surgery.
Flapjack: [glum voice] I just wanted to make a friend, is all...

Flapjack: Gee, I sure miss Captain K'nuckles when he goes away on business.
K'nuckles: [on an island talking with two seagulls sitting on a rock] So, I says to the guy, "oh, yeah?!" [laughs] So, anyway, Mom and Dad, I still haven't found that magical genie who turned you two into birds, but don't worry, I'm workin' on it. [takes out maple syrup] I'm workin' on it. [drinks the syrup]
Flapjack: [back to Flapjack - he gasps] Oh, no! Bubbie!
Bubbie: What is it, baby?
Flapjack: Dead rat off the starboard bow. Poor little fella... [gasp] he's alive! [picks him out of water] Poor little gentleman rat. Probably fell off a ship and now, he's all alone... [rat coughs] Bubbie? [whisper] Is it ok if I nurse him back to health?
Bubbie: Uhh... uhh...
Flapjack: Thanks, Bubbie!
Bubbie: Uh...

Captain K'nuckles: But Flapjack, rats are bad luck.
Flapjack: You're just saying that cause he likes to flick fleas on people he doesn't like.
Captain K'nuckles: [pauses then steps back] How long has he been doing that?
Flapjack: All day.
Bubbie: Oh no baby, is he the one giving everybody the plague?
Flapjack: What's the plague?
[Captain K'nuckles smacks his forehead]

Revenge [1.11-2][edit]

Flapjack: [walking up to a gang of pirates] Hey! I got something to say to you! [points to a bald pirate] Your mother's so ugly... she... she has a green bottle for a face! [points to other pirates] And your sister is even uglier than that!
Bald Pirate: He's right! She does have a bottle for a face!
Flapjack: Wha'?!
Bearded Pirate: [accepting voice] You're ok!

Peppermint Larry: Ahh, it's finally done! [referring to his replica of Candied Island made out of candy]
Flapjack: [high-pitched, mischievous voice] How long did it take you to build that, Peppermint Larry?
Peppermint Larry: [accomplished voice] Seven years! Huh?
[Flapjack bluntly smashes the replica to pieces onto the floor, everyone gasps]
Flapjack: Now, I'm your enemy!--
Robber: Freeze! This is a hold up!-- [he slips and slides onto the smashed candy replica and coincidentally falls right into a jail boat idling just outside the Candy Barrel shop]
Peppermint Larry: [laughs] For the next five minutes candy is free!
[everyone in the Candy Barrel cheers for Flapjack]

[an old man with a cane walks by]
Flapjack: Now, this can't go wrong! [aims a cannon at the old man and fires a cannonball at him]
Old Man: [gets up] You fixed mah back! I'm a new man! [runs away in joy]

[Flapjack knocks on the door outside of Slippery Pete's then hides on the side - Slippery Pete answers it]
Slippery Pete: Hello?
[Flapjack shoves Slippery Pete from behind, Pete just sliding along the dock for a while]
Slippery Pete: I guess that's why they call me Slippery Pete. [slams into the bow of a ship and lands in the water] [angry voice] Whoever did this to me is gonna be my... [two mermaids emerge from the water and hug Slippery Pete] [over-joyous voice] NEW BEST FRAND! [gives a thumbs up]

Captain K'nuckles: Make any enemies yet?
Flapjack: No... everyone wants to be my friend...
Captain K'nuckles: Don't worry, I didn't make all my enemies all at once. It took me at least a couple of days.

Ugly Shipmate #1: Hey, he was cleanin' ships, now, he's cleanin' boots! We got a bone to pick with you!
Flapjack: Oh, no! Did I miss a spot?!
Ugly Shipmate #1: Did he miss a spot, haha! Miss... ha, so cute, THAT'S THE PROBLEM! You didn't miss any spots!
Ugly Shipmate #2: We can't even look at our ship without seeing our own reflections!
Ugly Shipmate #3: And we don't like what we see!
Ugly Shipmate #4: How am I supposed to work... [points to self] lookin' at THIS?
Ugly Shipmate #5: You even made Dashing Danny cry!
Dashing Danny: [turns around revealing a baby morphing out of his back] [sobbing] I'm... hideous...
Flapjack: I'm sorry, friends...
Ugly Shipmate #1: Friends?! We're not friends! We're... enemies! [echo] Enemies! Enemies! Enemies!
[Flapjack smiles ecstatically at the fact he now has enemies]

Oh Brother [1.12-1][edit]

Flapjack: [in song] Do you see, do you see, do you see seaweed - making babies for me and my family? Do you see seaweed seas breeding in the sea - making sweet little brothers for me?

Flapjack: Hey, K'nuckles! Wanna play a game? Whoever giggles first, loses! [giggles] You win! Wanna play a bathroom game? Whoever goes to the bathroom first, loses! [pause] You win! Now, how about both? [giggles] You win! [giggles again] You win! [giggles] You win!
Captain K'nuckles: Raah, you need to grow up, Flapjack!
Flapjack: But Captain K'nuckles, you taught me those games.

Flapjack: [to the duck in his arms] You're a full time job!

"Little Kid": [laughs] Wet's pway a baffroom game! [gasps] You win! [laughs again] You win! [laughs] You win! [laughs, then laughs again right after]
Flapjack: You need to grow up!
"Little Kid": [deep, raspy voice] Gwow up? I'm thawty-eight yees old! [close-up of the guy's old, decrepit face - he then smiles with many of his teeth missing, a freakish sound of thunder is heard in the background]
Flapjack: [stares in terror, then quickly whistles nervously and walks away]

[ending - the "Little Kid"'s laughter is heard in the background while the screen is black. He then appears with his old, decrepit face again - he smiles as thunder again is heard in the background]

Panfake [1.12-2][edit]

Pancake Puppet: I wish I could give this day a hug! [runs into the puppet theater wall and falls over] Cannonballs!
[audience laughs, even Captain K'nuckles]
Captain K'nuckles: [to Flapjack] Just like you!
Pancake Puppet: Adventure! [dances] [melodically] Hm-hm-hmm-hmm-hmmm!

Pancake Puppet: Isn't that right, Captain K'neecaps?
Captain K'nuckles: (stops laughing) Hey!
Captain K'neecaps Puppet: Yar! How're we supposed to get home?!
Pancake Puppet: In our big, fat talkin' boat! See?
Big Fat Talking Boat Puppet: Did somebody say, "boat"? Toot, toot!

Bubbie: He said what?
Captain K'nuckles: You should have seen how big they made my nose!
Flapjack: Don't worry, Bubbie. I'll find a way out of this mess. Even if it means never going to sleepys.
[The Next Day]
Flapjack: THAT'S IT! I just need to stop having adventures. Then Larry will have nothing to copy. And everyone will stop liking Pancake. I just have to stop having adventures!
Bubbie: But, muffin, you love adventures.
Flapjack: Used to. I used to love adventures.
Captain K'nuckles: You mean to tell me that if I go on an adventure, you're not gonna follow me?
Flapjack: Nope.
Captain K'nuckles: ...I-I'm sure you'll follow me. [chuckles a bit] I'm too hard to resist! [pause; K'nuckles then starts walking away, occasionally looking behind him to see if Flapjack follows]
Flapjack: I'm sure gonna miss him.

Diamonds In The Stuff[edit]

Captain K'nuckles: You're angry 'cause you're poor, right?
Flapjack: I'm ANGRY because that rich kid made fun of us!

Police Man: This is rock-salt.
Flapjack: Rock-salt?
Captain K'nuckles: Maybe if you squeeze it real hard, it'll turn into a diamond.
Police Man: Don't bet on it. [horse licks it]

Season 2[edit]

Jar She Blows[edit]

Knuckles: I know strip down to your unders and grease up.
[With that, knuckles reaches into his coat, pulls out a tin of fishy grease, and tosses it to Flapjack]
[Flapjack catches the tin. But he seems a little nervous.]
Flapjack: But-But...Captain. [he stands up and gets near Knuckles's ear] Everyone will see my... [whispers] ...purple undies.

Season 3[edit]

Fish Out of Water[edit]

[last lines of the series]
Bubbie: I guess we will, baby. I guess we will.


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