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The Mighty B! was an American animated television series that was aired on Nickelodeon.

Season 1[edit]

So Happy Together [1.1][edit]

Ben: [hopeful] Every superhero needs a sidekick!
Bessie: I'm not the Mighty B yet, Ben, I still have 4,584 badges to go!

(Bessie goes up to the audience, bumps her head on the microphone, then lowers it to herself)

Bessie: H- Hi. My name is Bessie Higgenbottom. And Happy sends his sincere regrets....but we have mutually decided to part caring friends.

(audience gasps, then Bessie hears barking)

Bessie: Happy?

(Bessie tries to find Happy in the audience, then finds out it's just a bulldog barking at a smaller dog)

Bessie: And...he...(her eyes tearing) no dog. (runs off-stage)

Bessie: [listing reason for a dog] One: I've always wanted a dog. Two: If I get a dog, I can put it in the Honeybee dog show and win the Animal Appreciation badge, and that is the badge that I really really really really really really really really really really want.(later) Forty-five: If we got a dog, it could guard our apartment! Forty-six: Dogs are nice. Forty-seven: Dogs aren't cats. Forty-eight: When your tired, you can rest your head on it like a pillow! (later) Seven- hundred twenty-nine: If I got a dog, I would rescue it, and there are over 1682 homeless animals in the city of San Fransisco! Go would it be great Mom? Would it be great if I rescue a homeless dog?
Hilary: Yes! Bessie! Yes go! Rescue a dog.

(Bessie gets excited)

Hilary: But you have to take your brother.

(Bessie's excitement fades)

Portia: (about Happy) Well, that's a filthy thing! Where'd you get him? A shelter? With all the dirty people and all the dirty things?

Bessie: Hey Rocky!
Rocky: Hey Bessie! Want to hang out with us?
Bessie: (grabs Rocky's skateboard) I wish I could but I can't but, I'll see you later! (runs off with Rocky's skateboard)
Rocky: Oh, no.....

(Bessie flies through air after jumping a hill)

Bessie: Well, that's gravity for you!

Mr. Wu: So, Mighty B, it appears you have defeated me. I honor you with a fresh dumpling! (feeds Bessie dumpling)

(Bessie grabs the microphone after losing the dog show)

Bessie: Just so you know, I'm fine with losing. Happy's one of a kind and he's my friend and I love him! Always tip your waitresses

Bessie: Bessie Higgenbottom reporting for duty! (trips)

Bessie: I made up this whole training schedule. It's color coded and I used those markers that smell like candy but, they don't taste like candy....

Bessie: (sees dog lying on street and walks up to him) Hi! I'm Bessie Higgenbottom and- (gasps) Look at your torn ear! Awesome! I hate perfect ears! I hate perfect anything! (smiles widely)

Ben: [about Happy] I can't believe it! He's the worst dog I've ever met!
Bessie: You're six! How many dogs have you met?!
Ben: Are you going to your troop meeting? Can I come?!
Bessie: (sings) Noooooooooooooooooo!
Mr. Wu: So, Mighty B, we meet again.
Bessie: (in Mighty B form) Prepare to face the awesome sting of the Mighty B!

The Sweet Sixteenth [1.2][edit]

Roller Operator: Keep your hands inside the car at all times, don't disengage the safety bar, you puke you clean it. Have a nice ride!

Bessie: [to the girls in line] Hey you guys! Are you ready to rock this bad boy?
Portia: Ready? I'm wearing double scrunches, aren't I?
Bessie: (looking at a blimp wearily) I'm so tall, I could touch that balloon if I really wanted to!
Roller Operator: Sorry, dude! This just is much more stressful than it looks with all the ticket taking and lever pulling...
Bessie: Here it is, Happy. The moment we've been training for. Now we're probably gonna do a lot of screaming, so let's do some vocal warm-ups. AAAAAGGGGHHHHH!
Bessie: Whoooooooaaaa! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
Happy: Ruff! Ruff! Ruff! Ruff! Ruff!
Bessie: ...Meow.

(Happy growls)

Bessie: (hanging on jungle gym with Ben and Happy pulling her) Come on! Put your back into it! (the jungle gym falls on them) Ow.......

(walks up to girls in line)

Bessie: Hey you guys! Are you ready to rock this bad boy?
Portia: Ready? I'm wearing double scrunches, aren't I?
Bessie: Happy, if anything happens, I give you the hive. (turns to Ben) You can have my flip-flops.
Ben: Yes!
Bessie: (shouting into mirror) Who's tall enough!?! Who's tall enough?!? Yeah, that's right! Me!

(fake vomits into a bucket, Happy stares)

Bessie: This is practice for the highly unlikely event that I might have a vomiting episode.
Bessie: (vomits after riding roller coaster) Awesome!
Bessie: I have rights! I demand to ride this ride! (she notices the man isn't listening) Come on, Happy, lets go ride the stupid teacups!
Bessie: Please, sir. I need this!

Roller Coaster Man: Sorry, small fry. Hey! Fries....

Bessie: You better take a mind picture, ladies because, this is a day we will never forget!
Bessie: (on torture rack at museum, noticing a crowd is watching her) Oh, hello people! Just... you know, stretching the old legs!
Roller Operator: Keep your hands inside the car at all times, don't disengage the safety bar, you puke you clean it. Have a nice ride!
Roller Operator: Look, if you're not going to offer me any of your fries, stop talking about them.
Bessie: (after man rips off her Japanese shirt) Please! Please, you can't dismantle my national custom!
Bessie: Now remember, Happy, we are from Japan, we are from Japan.
Bessie: (on roller coaster) Sir! I think someone left their chewed up hot dog pieces in...

(Happy eats the hot dog)

Bessie: Never mind!

Bee My Baby/Bee Afraid [1.3][edit]

Penny: [nervous about babysitting] Bessie, maybe we shouldn't.... There are four of them, and two of us. We're outnumbered three to one!

Portia: If babysitting Gwen's little brothers right now while me and Gwen go to the store is your dream, who are we to stand in your way?
Bessie: Exactly! I think.
Portia: (sitting on couch reading magazine) Babysitting is like so hard.... I don't know how you live like this.
Gwen: What life? Babysitting is sucking the best years right out of me!
Rocky: (shouting to Bessie who is on top of a bridge) Tell the baby to do a kick flip and slide his way down.
Fish Seller: Use anchovies as bait!
Bessie: I blew it! I don't deserve the "Brat Wrangler" badge...
Gwen: Good. Cause there ain't one!
Portia: Some people just can't wear pink and they totally can't. It upsets me on a fundemental level.
Bessie: (talking like a man to baby) You can put a diaper on it but your butt is still mine!
Bessie: (pulls baby out of couch) Hey! Look! A bonus baby!
Penny': And I found a peanut.

(Penny sucks the peanut up her nose and eats it)

Bessie: I love babies! I love their little soft spots on their little heads!
Penny: I have one of those! (pushes down soft spot on her head) Look! Squishy!
Penny: (about babysitting) Bessie, maybe we shouldn't.... There are four of them, and two of us. We're outnumbered three to one!
Hippie: (looking wise) If you love something, set it free.

(Happy puts Gwen's little brothers to sleep with a relaxing tune)

Little Brother #1: Mr. Happy, it's only three-thirty.

(Penny and Bessie fall out bike and into a big pile of fish)

Portia: What was that?
Gwen: Nothing. A fish just fell of its bicycle.
Portia: If you have red hair, just live in a hat!!
Bessie: I think babysitting would be awesome! You get to be in charge of everybody, and you have a list of numbers incase something goes wrong, and you get to put people to sleep, and play with babies!
Bessie: I don't know what to do! I'm only nine and three quarters! Someone, HELP ME!
Portia:(walking through woods) I hate walking. Walking is for the Amish!
Portia: (looks snobby) Ok, I'm the prettiest so I'll go first.
Bessie: I've been through some pretty intense stuff! Has everyone forgotten I rode the haunted house ride and I only barfed once? (looks insulted)
Bessie: (looking brave) I love the great outdoors!
Portia: Yeah, until the great outdoors gets dark.
Portia: I just feel like, I'm having a really pretty week right now. I feel so pretty!!
Hippie: (flying through air after being knocked off his bike by Bessie) Wow! It's happening! I'm flying! My father was wrong!


Penny: Wow! It's happening! I'm flying! My father was wrong!

Something Wrong With This Taffy/Name Shame [1.21][edit]

Benjamin: (tied to a chair) No, I won't do it!
Gwen: (certain) Oh yes, you will.
Porita: What is Bessie's middle name? Finish this word: Ka-ka...
Benjamin: (anguished) What would happen if I tell is worse than anything you can ever do to me!
Porita: Oh, we're not gonna do anything to you. But I can't say the same for your stupid bear-doll. (holding the bear)

Porita: (her hair falls out after she says's Kajolica) My hair! Some of these aren't even extensions. What is going on?
Gwen: (laughing) Can't stop saying it. Kajolica! Ha ha, ha ha- (wallpaper peels and wraps over her mouth, silencing her, then snatches her)
Bessie: (as Penny is about to speak) Penny, no! Everyone, it's time your heard the truth. Some years ago, Ben and I discovered that my middle name is not only very embarrassing, it is cursed. You heard me, cursed! When ever somebody says it out loud something bad happens, usually immediately like just now.
Benjamin: See, told ya it would be worse if I told ya!
Porita: Um, I like sent it to everyone in my bee-berry. Is that bad? (bee-berry explodes)
Bessie: Ben, we gotta go! (rushes out of the house with him)

Bessie: (after coming back to The Hive) Ben, shut the window. I can't listen to that song anymore.
Ben: (with the singing outside) Well it's better than everyone saying Kajolica. (The Hive explodes)

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