The Million Dollar Duck

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The Million Dollar Duck (also titled as The $1,000,000 Duck) is a 1971 American comedy film about a professor who takes home a duck from his research laboratory as a pet for his son, but soon finds out that it lays golden eggs.

Directed by Vincent McEveety. Written by Roswell Rogers.
What an EGGstravaganza! taglines

Katie Dooley[edit]

  • Jimmy, don't bother your father with that now. He's got little enough on his mind as it is.
  • Oh, Albert, it makes no sense! You're spending all that money when you have a wife who could pack you a nice, little lunch!
  • Trinket?! Haven't you bankers ever heard of gold?

Albert Dooley[edit]

  • At that price, he ought to have his own car!
  • Look, we are pals, pal, but where am I going to get $50, huh? I can't even pay these bills!
  • Oh, no; they're not taking this duck in that death trap!

Finley Hooper[edit]

  • I wish that fool professor made enough money so I could investigate him.

Fred Hines[edit]

  • Look Al, sweetheart. I'm only trying to save you money. I mean by making me a partner, you'll save paying me all those exorbitant lawyer's fees.
  • [to the viewers] Wait. What am I doin'? [on Albert] A sane adult with a law degree, crawling outta the barnyard, barking at fowls, tryin' to find some stupid duck who lays solid go.... [one second pause] Solid gold eggs! [barks 3 times to look for Charley]


  • Doctor Gottlieb: Excuse me. I have to go recheck the IQ of this chimp - a hundred and forty, higher than mine.
  • Judge: One word of caution, son. If it ever lays another gold egg, bury it. Quick.


Jimmy Dooley: Mr. Hooper next door... he has a dog. He can afford to feed it. It's a great big one.
Albert Dooley: Mr. Hooper next door works for the U.S. Treasury and they have all our money. He could afford a giraffe.
[Finley overhears the remark and groans to himself.]
Eunice Hooper: Finley?
Finley Hooper: Giraffe!


  • What an EGGstravaganza!
  • It's Charlie...the webfoot wonder with the 24 karat layaway plan!
  • What a way to feather your nest!


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