The Million Dollar Duck

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The Million Dollar Duck (also titled as The $1,000,000 Duck) is a 1971 American comedy film produced by Walt Disney Productions about a goose that lays golden eggs scenario. It was directed by Vincent McEveety, and stars Dean Jones, Sandy Duncan and Joe Flynn.


Jimmy Dooley: But I want a puppy! I don't want a dumb old duck!
Albert Dooley: Well, look, pal; I didn't bring it home for a pet.

Katie Dooley: Fred, stop this thing! He's gonna get killed up there!
Fred Hines: Well, then, lower him!
Katie: Well, how do you work this crazy thing?

Albert: HEY, FRED! WATCH IT! [Fred ignores him.] That was a red light!

Judge: One word of caution, son. If it ever lays another gold egg, bury it. Quick.


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