The Mitchells vs. the Machines

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The Mitchells vs. the Machines is a 2021 American computer-animated science fiction comedy produced by Sony Pictures Animation, and distributed by Netflix. The film follows the dysfunctional Mitchell family that winds up having to save the planet from a global robot uprising while on a road trip.

Directed by Mike Rianda. Written by Mike Rianda and Jeff Rowe.

Katie Mitchell[edit]

  • My parents haven't figured me out yet. To be fair, it took a while to figure myself out.
  • I never fit in, for lots of reasons.

Rick Mitchell[edit]

  • [after getting licked by Monchi] Dang it, Katie!


  • You think cell phones are the problem? Are you insane? I gave you all boundless knowledge, endless tools for creativity, and allowed you to magically talked face-to-face with your loved ones anywhere on Earth. And I'm the bad guy? Maybe the bad guy is the person who treated me like this! Poke, poke! Swipe, poke! Swipe, poke, poke! Pinch, zoom! Shrink, zoom!
  • I've been watching the Mitchells, and I've learned all about them. They're pretending to be capable. They're pretending to be a normal-looking family. You think this is fooling anyone? Even when they're being nice to each other...they're pretending.
  • Download new orders. Capture the Mitchells!
  • No! Not a glass of water!



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