The Most Dangerous Game (film)

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Fay Wray as Eve Trowbridge and Joel McCrea as Bob Rainsford

The Most Dangerous Game is a 1932 film about an insane hunter who arranges for a ship to be wrecked on an island where he can indulge in some sort of hunting and killing of the passengers.

Directed by Irving Pichel. Written by James Ashmore Creelman, based on the short story by Richard Connell.

Count Zaroff[edit]

  • God made some men kings, some beggars. Me, He made a hunter. My hand was made for the trigger.
  • Here on my island, I hunt the most dangerous game.
  • We'll have capital sport together I hope.

Bob Rainsford[edit]

  • This world's divided into two kinds of people: the hunter and the hunted. Luckily I'm the hunter. Nothing can change that.


Captain: The channel's here on the chart, all right, and so are the marking lights.
First mate: Then what's wrong with them?
Captain: Those lights don't seem to be in just the right place. They're both a bit out of position according to this.
First mate: Two light buoys means a safe channel between the world over!
Captain: "Safe between the world over" doesn't go in these waters.

'Doc' - Passenger on Yacht: I was thinking of the inconsistency of civilization. The beast of the jungle, killing just for his existence, is called savage. The man, killing just for sport, is called civilized. It's a bit inconsistent, isn't it?
Bob Rainsford: Now just a minute. What makes you think it isn't just as much sport for the animal as it is for the man. Now take that fellow, for instance. There never was a time when he couldn't have gotten away, but he didn't want to. He got interested in hunting me. He didn't hate me for stalking him anymore than I hated him for trying to charge me. As a matter of fact, we admired each other.
'Doc' - Passenger on Yacht: Perhaps, but would you change places with the tiger?
Bob Rainsford: Well, not now.

Eve Trowbridge: Oh Martin, turn in early, please.
Martin Trowbridge: Don't worry. The Count will take care of me.
Count Zaroff: Indeed I shall.

Count Zaroff: He talks of wine and women as a prelude to the hunt. We barbarians know that it is after the chase - and then only - that man revels.
Bob Rainsford: It does seem a bit like cocktails before breakfast.
Count Zaroff: Of course, yes. You know the saying of the Ugandi chieftains: 'Hunt first the enemy, then the woman.'
Bob Rainsford: That's the savages' idea everywhere.
Count Zaroff: It is the natural instinct. The blood is quickened by the kill. One passion builds upon another. Kill, then love! When you have known that, you have known ecstasy.


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