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The Most Extreme is a show on Animal Planet.


  • Earth is a planet of extremes... Extreme places, and extreme animals. But some animals are more extreme than others. Join us as we count down to find the most unusual, and the most extraordinary, on Animal Planet's The Most Extreme.
    • (Said at the beginning of every episode.)

Season 1[edit]

Cheats [1.5][edit]

Narrator: The Cuckoo Capone really are THE MOST EXTREME! (from Most Extreme Cheats)

Builders [1.8][edit]

Narrator: All it cares about after maturity is sex.

Biters [1.11][edit]

Narrator: That's why, when it comes to biting, the cookie-cutter shark really is The Most Extreme!

Season 3[edit]

Best of the Best [1.6][edit]

Narrator: That's why the cookie-cutter shark really is--The Best of the Best. (From The Most Extreme: Best of the Best)

Season 5[edit]


Green Computer Animated man: (Sticking to window) Huh? Whoa! (Falls off building) (From the Most Extreme Inventors)

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