The Mummy (1959 film)

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The Mummy is a 1959 film, set in 1895, in which British archaeologists find and open the tomb of Egyptian Princess Ananka with nefarious consequences.

Directed by Terence Fisher. Written by Jimmy Sangster.
Torn from the tomb to terrify the world!  (taglines)

John Banning[edit]

  • Seems I've spent the better part of my life amongst the dead.


Poacher: I've seen the likes tonight that mortal eyes shouldn't look at.
Irish Customer: You've been around to Molly Grady's again.


  • Its evil look brings MADNESS! Its evil spell ENSLAVES! Its evil touch KILLS KILLS KILLS!
  • Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee star as an ancient evil is unleashed on the world.


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