The Mystery of Edwin Drood (1935 film)

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The Mystery of Edwin Drood is a 1935 film about an opium-addicted choirmaster who develops an obsession for a beautiful young girl and will not stop short of murder in order to have her.

Directed by Stuart Walker. Written by Leopold Atlas and John L. Balderston, based on the novel by Charles Dickens.

Rosa Bud[edit]

  • [about Jasper] When I'm dressed, I feel as if he were looking through the wall at me!


  • Miss Twinkleton: [addressing her students] Ladies, a crisis is a test of breeding. Remember you're Britons!
  • Mr. Septimus Crisparkle: [to Neville] Tomorrow you're my pupil, but today you are my guest.


Rosa Bud: Oh, Helena, I'm frightened!
Helena Landless: Mr. Jasper?
Rosa Bud: He haunts my thoughts like a dreadful ghost!

John Jasper: [Awakening from his stupor] What was I doing?
The Opium Woman: Stranglin' me! You can't go around stranglin' people without payin' for it!

John Jasper: Mr. Neville, In my presence two nights ago did you or did you not raise a knife against my Ned?
Neville Landless: I did.
Mayor Thomas Sapsea: A knife? Mmmm... most un-English!

John Jasper: Captain, there's been a miscarriage of justice!
Mayor Thomas Sapsea: Impossible. I've never left my desk.


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