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The Navigators is a 2002 British film about the reactions of five Sheffield rail workers to the privatisation of the railway maintenance organization for which they all work and the consequences for them.

Directed by Ken Loach. Written by Rob Dawber.

Will Hemmings[edit]

  • The days of a job for life are gone.
  • Anyone who stands in the way of change is out.

Bill Walters[edit]

  • [Upon being told to resign or be fired] Choice? What choice?


Gerry: 'Elf' and Safety.
Harpic: What do you mean, Health and Safety?
Gerry: Health and Safety.
Harpic: Yeah, well what about health and safety?
Gerry: That clock—
Harpic: Gerry.
Gerry: —shouldn't be in here; this is our mess room.
Harpic: But that clock is not a health and safety issue!

[Gerry plays chess against himself after the workforce leaves.]
Fiona: Ah. Who's winning?
Gerry: Checkmate.
Fiona: Checkmate? What's that mean?
Gerry: Whatever move you make, you lose.
Fiona: [chuckles] Story of my life.


  • Imagine what happens when a new world economy changes the face of every job and the future of every worker; when it’s no longer enough just to be good at what you do.
    It’s not the future, it’s now.
  • The Navigators, finding their way... in the new world economy.
  • Imagine you are no longer an asset. Imagine your contract is void. Big business has thrown out the rules. It’s not the future, it’s now.

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