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The Neighborhood (2018–present) is an American television sitcom aired on CBS, set in Los Angeles.

Opening theme[edit]

  • Welcome to the block, welcome to the neighborhood
    Welcome to the 'hood

Season 1[edit]

Pilot [1.01][edit]

[first lines]
Calvin Butler: Hey Grover, we're almost there. Check out our new neighborhood.

Welcome to the Repipe [1.02][edit]

Calvin Butler: There's no such thins as a good plumber. I mean, for real.

Tina Butler: Judging from the smile on his face, he liked it.
Gemma Johnson: OK, look at this place. I'm so sick of living in all this mess.
Tina Butler: Oh don't worry, they'll fix the pipe, you'll unpack, and before you know it you'll be enjoying your beautiful home.

Season 2[edit]

Welcome to the Bully [2.02][edit]

Calvin: Hey, Dave.
Dave: Hey, Calvin. I didn't see you there.
Calvin: Hey, so I, uh heard Grover got into a fight at school yesterday.
Dave: Yeah, apparently, this kid Justin has been bullying him. Pushing him, making fun of his clothes, which make no sense, because I spent a lot of time picking them out.
Calvin: Oh, wow. That's... that's rough, man. So, where are you taking him to celebrate?
Dave: What? Celebrate?
Calvin: Yeah, he's one and oh! That's how Tyson got started. The kid's lucky he didn't bite his ear off.

Gemma: Oh, my God, what happened?
Dave: Justin's dad got a little heated, and he punched me.
Gemma: What? Are you okay?
Dave: Yeah, I'm -I'm fine.
Gemma: I can't believe he beat you up.
Grover: No, Mom he didn't! Dad totally kick his butt! It was awesome!
Gemma: Is that true?
Dave: It wasn't what I wanted. But it was pretty awesome.

Season 3[edit]

Welcome to the Movement [3.01][edit]


Announcer: The neighborhood is back!

Welcome to the Rooster [3.04][edit]

Rooster: Cock-a-doodle-doo.


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