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The Nekci Menij Show is a 2012 British animated web series created by David Monger. The show centers on the conflictive relationships of female popstars, and serves as a satire of the public's perception and scrutiny of female popstars, as well as a parody of stan culture.

Season 1[edit]

Trolling Brinty[edit]

Nekci Menij: Hay Brinty.
Brinty Spreas: Hrey!
Nekci Menij: Brinty, yr such a flop.
Brinty Spreas: Nekci, y wud u sey dis to me?
Nekci Menij: U havnt had a hit in yrs.
Brinty Spreas: Dis is upsetin me.
Nekci Menij: Even Rhenna is beter dan u, and luk at teh state of dat.
Brinty Spreas: Nekci, y tho?
Nekci Menij: Brinty pls.

Ladey Gags: Hay Rhenna.
Rhenna: Hrey Gags, wuu2?
Ladey Gags: Jus bin tourin n drivin n stuf.

Da Quen B[edit]

Kety Perr: Hay Nekci!
Nekci Menij: WTF Kety? U luk lyk shite. Try to b orignel nxt tym.
Bayonse: Gooorl! WTF is this?
Nekci Menij: O, hrey Bayonse.
Bayonse: Nekci, this is bayond a jk. U 2 r copyin me.
Kety Perr: Whats--?
Bayonse: W0, wo, wo. Hu is dis?
Kety Perr: Im Kety Perr.
Bayonse: Nvr herd of u Karly. Nekci, hu is dis bitch?
Nekci Menij: Its Kety Perr.
Bayonse: I dnt no any Stacey, she can go suk a dik.
Kety Perr: K.

Bayonse: Im da Quen B.
Nekci Menij: Erm, ders only wun quen, and dats Medoner... bitch.
Bayonse: Um hu?
Medoner: L-V-U, Medoner.
Kety Perr: Not again, OMG.
Bayonse: O shit, not dat bitch.
Nekci Menij: Medoner, dese hoes copyied me.
Medoner: WTF Nekci?! Dont spek to me agen! Y u in my hous?
Bayonse: Nekci, u sed dis was ur hous.
Nekci Menij: Bayonse pls.

Medoner: Spekin of wich, hu wants to buy my new ablum MDNE?
Nekci Menij: How meny do u hav left?
Medoner: Lyk 2 or sumthin. [lots of albums fall on Kety Perr] ...Poor Kelly.


Medoner: Nekci, if ur goin to halp me I need u to undrstadn how I werk.
Nekci Menij: K.
Medoner: U probly havnt seen one of thee bfor. Im told its the newist thing; all the kids r on it. [landline phone appears] I think its cald Facebook. [telehone rings] O, luk, sum1s tweeting me. Helo, quen of pop speking. O Nekci, its for u.

Ladey Gags: Loool!
Rhenna: Gags, y did u say u where me?
Ladey Gags: Rhenna, I dunt undersatnd ur qwestun. Anywey, im stil in a troling mood. Hu shal we cal?

Xtine: Helo?
Ladey Gags: Hi Xtine, I jus got arrestid for spedin.
Xtine: OMG Gags, so interestign!
Ladey Gags: I was goin to fast up the charts, honey. Al sortid now tho. Dey made me lisen to Bionic as comunety servis.
Xtine: I wud giv a wity repons abut ur letist flop album, but I hav nvr lisend to ur werk. Hold on I hav anutha call.

Medoner: Hrelo?
Kety Perr: Hay, its me, Kety. Jus wondrin if u wan 2 c my new flim Pert of Me in 3D--
Medoner: No, I dnt Keisha.

Medoner: So wher wer we?
Nekci Menij: U wer abt to cahnge ur wil and leav all ur muny to Nekci Menij then comit sucide.
Medoner: K, if u sey so Xtine.
Xtine: WTF Nekci? Get out of our convo!
Nekci Menij: Hold on gentelmen, I hav anuthr call.

Bayonse: Bayonse on the line for Gags.
Ladey Gags: Hrey Bayonse, hav u herd Medoners new album is a flop?
Bayonse: Not now Gags, ive decidid to refrom destins child but kely is busy and i cant rember the othr 1s naem. Do u wana b in it?
Ladey Gags: Sure Bayonse, that snds swell.
Xtine: Can I b in it? [Bayonse and Gags hang up] Fyn!

Bron Dis Wey[edit]

Kety Perr: Hay Gags!
Ladey Gags: Wholey shet! The fak do u want Kety?
Kety Perr: Gags, rember wen I visetid te othr dey?
Ladey Gags: Vivedly. I haf sins changd my adres.
Kety Perr: Wel, u sed u wud com to teh premer of my new flim Pert of Me in--
Ladey Gags: O Kety, im v soray. By sum crule twast of fete I haf sceduld myslef to perfrom my "Bron Dis Wey Bal" at the esact sem tym.
Kety Perr: But I diednt sey wut tym teh flim sterted.

Ladey Gags: Up on da stege, a fracshen of her age, nd i luk much betr dan Medoner. She is a flop (flop), her tits hav droped (droped), its bin yrs sins she hed a hit.
Ke@$h₤r: Nekci cnt rap, she luks lyk crap and Destins Child oewn her. Rhenna dusnt rhyme wit anythen, but she is ovesly shit.

Nekci Menij: Wow, Adole is obsesd wiv eatin. How orignel.
Adole: Nekci, dnt be roud.
Nekci Menij: O, sry Adole, ur ovusly prignent. Congretulashen!
Adole: Um yes, dats it. I can heer teh beby kicin alredi.
Kety Perr [in Adole's stomach]: Ders food evriwhar. Dis luks exacly lyk my video fer "Celifirn Gorls"...

Haus Perty[edit]

Medoner: So yeh Jasy J, iv alweys bin v popelar in the unated kengdim.
Jasy J: O, so dats whey Giv Me Al Yur Lufin barly maed the Top 40. Maks senc Medoner.
Medoner: O, sry Jasy i foergot 2 brake my own leg for simpethy sells.
Jasy J: O, dat remends me, cen u sine my cast?
Medoner: Shur thing darling [writes "get a career soon LVU medoner xoxo" on Jasy's cast].

Adole: Hay Gags, whers the bufey? I cent find the buffay.
Ladey Gags: Calm ur tits Adole, dnt writ an ablum abut it. Ke@$h₤r maed anuthr bufet tabel jus for u.
Adole: Tank fuk for dat.
Ladey Gags: Altho loks lyk Merna & The Dermonds is abut to tek the last minic chaseceke.
Adole: Wot? [Merna & The Dermonds eats the last mini cheesecake, which makes Adole cry with "Someone Like You" playing in the background]

Medoner: Hay Xtine, iv got a jk for u.
Xtine: K.
Medoner: Wot wes ur last singel cald?
Xtine: I dnt no Medoner, wot was it cald
Medoner: Wel, if yuo dnt even no its no wender it mised the Top 100.

Ke@$h₤r: Guise, eny requists for teh DJ?
Medoner: Gorl Gon Waild.
Nekci Menij: Pend The Alerm.
Xtine: Not Myslef Tonite.
Brinty Spreas: I wena go.
Ke@$h₤r: Gud idea Brinty.
Brinty Spreas: No, I men I accualy wena go, dis perty is shiter than the remix [Brinty leaves the room].
Ke@$h₤r: O, did I her sum1 requist live perfromans of Blow by Ke@$h₤r? K then.

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