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The Paul O'Grady Show (formerly The New Paul O'Grady Show) is a British comedy chat show on Channel 4 (formerly aired on ITV1) which ran from 2004 to 2015. The Channel 4 show was filmed at the The London Studios in London. Paul O'Grady, the comic from Birkenhead, previously more famous for his female alter-ego Lily Savage, hosted the weekday teatime chat show which is a mixture of celebrity guests, comic stunts and pieces, as well as viewer competitions.

Show catchphrases

  • Evenin' folks!
  • It's fun, fun, fun, fun, fun all the way campers!
  • They've only came in for a warm.
  • Times are hard and friends are few. (usually to competition winners)
  • If I wanted your opinion, I'd slap it outta ya.
  • Believe you, me.
  • Oh puh-lease.
  • Spend it on yourself.
  • Oooh, what? Fabulous!
  • Bert, get your finger out your nose and play the V
  • Live at 5 on 4
  • C'mon Bust, do yer trick!
  • Roll the clip, Bert!
  • put DVD name here> is out now on DVDVDVD.
  • Ooooh, by 'eck Lover Dover Clover!
  • It's time for me to get busy on my organ as we play the 'two thousand pound organ game'. Are you ready? 1, 2, 3..
  • Keep up or I get ratty.
  • So what more d'ya want?
  • Let me 'ear ya
  • I think it's time for my medication!
  • It's the medication!
  • It's the pills!
  • Don't jump Buster!" (when on edge of desk)
  • Buster, go and play in the Blue Peter garden, but don't dig Shep up.
  • On tonight's show it's the one and only...
  • Imagine if an American tourist in a hotel room tuned in now...
  • Oh look it's Windy Miller waving his arm about.
  • In a minute Buster is going to jump off here and drag a pensioner around the studio by the hem of her mac.
  • I will definitely come and see you in. (insert musical/play name here)
  • It was a great read.
  • I'm not gonna do the rules today cos I can't be bothered.
  • Riff Raff. (referring the audience)
  • Behave or I'll chuck / throw / sling me tea over you" (to audience)
  • Raise the roof for (guest name)
  • Oh come on Buster, we're leaving!
  • Now don't go and send me in (random food product Paul mentions he likes)
  • Some of us are born on the sunny side of the bed, some of us on the dark side. ~ On the Paul O’Grady Show, Channel 4 television, 7th Oct. 2009
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